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I expect that’s the approach Trump and Cohen’s lawyers will take — some combination of shaming her for being a porn star and claiming that calling her a liar isn’t harm because all publicity is good publicity. We’ll see how that goes in court. I’m skeptical that a judge is going to go along with the theory that a person cannot claim that accusations of dishonesty are defamatory, simply because that person is a porn star. Without the secret sauce of misogyny that your comment is marinating in, it’s just kind of a silly non sequitur. Her job as a porn star doesn’t reduce her legal rights here one bit.

More interesting is whether Trump and Cohen’s lawyers try to assert the most fundamental defense against defamation claims — that the speech in question wasn’t defamatory because it was true. In other words, will they try to assert that Trump was telling the truth when he claimed that Daniels was lying about the alleged affair? My guess is they don’t even try to make that defense, for obvious reasons.

Really though what does Stormy Daniels expect if she just opens up for anyone…… Seems like her type would be the ultimate answer for sex addicts who end up becoming rapists…….you can get to them before they commit a rape by offering up somebody who already likes to take it in…..

So just pay the would-be rapist ahead of time so it can go get some sex from a whore…… It would resolve the issue by nailing two skanks with one stone…… Monitored of course you don’t want some psycho killer who hates whores to go get the subsidized hook up just to go kill her…..

In America it’s only socially acceptable for most people to do their whore hiring through a process called dating where you pay for the dinner and the pleasure comes later….. And you don’t have to fill out any licenses or state paperwork or be held accountable to go get doctor check-ups because it had every dick known to mankind stuck inside her…..

Recently there was a senior housing facility that had been under investigation because apparently the horny seniors were getting it on with each other and spread and a bunch of diseases….. Then some story about some former model actress senior citizen in one of these facilities that died from scabies….. Little League eaten alive by these little bugs that bored into her skin and ate her alive……

The WHCD was a bust. That comedian gal with the obnoxious voice bombed. She was just an AH bully for her comments on Sanders looks. Crude, rude, and socially unacceptable. She’s no Dave Chappelle or Cecily Strong! But she did make some interesting comments about the media.

As to Stormy Daniels and her ambulance chaser type lawyer, that used to work on political campaigns ……………………. so what. Eric you seem to have it wrong. I watched her interview on 60 minutes – she said ….. She did not want to have sex with him, but she did anyway. That the sex was consensual and unprotected, and she wasn’t attracted to him ?! So she is not a prostitute or a courtesan. Whore might be the correct term, current/ex-porn star or not.

Even if it is true. So what? Sex between to consenting adults! 12-13 years ago! Not for money !? I can see how his wife would be pissed off, assuming it’s true, but ……… This is the best the far left toads can come up with ? Really? Is this what Maxine Waters is going to impeach 45 with ?