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In the 1930s, Snohomish County Airport was built with the idea it would become one of the biggest in the nation. Then World War II happened, the airport was taken over by the armed forces, and commercial flights ended — only to return this week, seven decades later, with Paine Field’s reopening to scheduled traffic as the “other” Seattle airport.

The newly-built passenger terminal, which opened on Monday hair electricity song at Paine Field, is intended to serve as an alternative for people living north of downtown Seattle. Residents in Snohomish County and surrounding areas, prior to the this week, had no other option but to drive nearly 40 miles south to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Now, Snohomish County residents can gas efficient suv 2008 reach an airport in a matter of minutes.

Another passenger, who said his name was Teddy and that he lived in Everett — the city where the airport is actually located — usually flies out of Sea-Tac, but preferred his experience with the new terminal in part because it’s just 10 minutes from his gas ninjas apartment. With 800,000 people in Snohomish County and big employer Boeing right at the airport — where most of the company’s twin-aisle planes are built — there clearly seems to be demand for flights at PAE.

So far, only Alaska is flying out of the airport; United will follow later this month. Alaska serves Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego and Portland, Oregon, and will add soon Orange County, San Francisco and electricity generation in california San Jose. United will fly to Denver and San Francisco beginning on March 31. Both are using 76-seat regional jets on those routes, ensuring that PAE will never be too crowded.

The departures area felt like a business-class lounge that a European airline like Swiss or Lufthansa would operate at one of their hubs. The center atrium that separates the two gate areas has ample seating, including leather lounge chairs, couches, and traditional bar seating, plus restaurant-style seating. Almost every single seat in the departures area has one or more power outlets.

Since it was the first day of operations, the concessions operator, Seattle-based Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, was offering passengers complimentary brunch including muffins, scones, and egg and cheese sandwiches — the same offerings that will be for sale regularly. Everything was fresh and flavorful. Only the bar was m power electricity open, as Beecher’s Handmade Cheese’s next two concessions are still under construction. (The post-security cafe should open by the end of the month.)

Onboard the final departing flight of the first day t gasthuys of operations, the crew members were in an upbeat, almost celebratory mood. Each passenger received some items to commemorate the flight, and the plane even got a water-cannon salute from the fire department, just like the previous two flights. (Don’t expect that on a regular day — they’re reserved for big events and, on occasion, the last flight electricity in human body wiki of a retiring captain.)

During the flight I overheard a fellow passenger tell a flight attendant that the new terminal was amazing, and that he lived “up north” — another perfect example of the customers that PAE wants to go after. (The airport might have to work a bit on name recognition, though: The flight attendant replied that she wasn’t sure what Paine Field was until she landed there on the plane’s ferry flight from Seattle the night before.)