Why this impending bailout for ohio coal plants is bad news for america _ environmental defense fund

If the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission should side with Ohio and the two utilities, it could set off a domino effect of fossil fuel plant bailouts that will hurt the environment and consumer pocket books. Gasco abu dhabi contact There are indications similar utility subsidy deals are on the horizon in Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Texas.

In essence, the Ohio deal forces power customers in the state – including those serviced by other providers – to buy electricity from FirstEnergy’s and American Electric Power’s uneconomical plants, and regardless of cost.

Here’s how the scheme works: FirstEnergy and AEP’s plants can’t compete in the marketplace because the power they produce is too expensive. Inert gas definition chemistry So the utilities convinced state regulators to guarantee the purchase of the electricity, and to pass on the cost to Ohio ratepayers. Gas in babies home remedies The bill to consumers comes to $6 billion over the life of the contracts.

The power companies have defended the deal, saying their coal and nuclear plants need to keep running to maintain a reliable supply of electricity, steady market prices, and job security for plant workers.

The truth is, the Ohio utilities made some bad investments years ago and have since been slow to adapt to change. Electricity magnetism Their plants became uneconomical when natural gas prices dropped and energy efficiencies took a bite out of power sales. Gas bijoux discount code They’re now at risk of becoming stranded assets.

We don’t think consumers or the environment should pay for these companies’ mistakes. Electricity production by state This is not the time to keep dirty power plants on life support – in Ohio or anywhere else.

Wind and solar and batteries do not have enough energy to power the grid. Electricity distribution companies Only those who live in a pipe dream, or believe those with an agenda of one sort or another, believe so. Gas quality comparison Nor are the baseload technologies. La gasolina lyrics translation Simple rule of physics: On an AC power system, generation must be constantly matched to system load to maintain voltage and frequency stability. 9gag instagram videos In order to accomplish this, fully controllable generation sources are needed.

Wind and solar are not fully controllable. Gastric sleeve scars This is the reason for the roughly 90% capacity credit d-rate. Electricity research centre What is that? Basically, it says that only about 10% of a wind farm’s rated output can be used (solar fares slightly better). Gas oil ratio formula Immense battery banks are being installed in an effort to improve this, bringing with a whole host of environmental issues of their own, and they are only marginally successful.

Now, back to voltage and frequency stability, what happens if you don’t maintain these? Well, instability, which results in massive large scale black-outs. Gas station car wash Instability wasn’t the root cause of the August 2003 blackout in the North East, but an unstable situation was caused by the events of that day which greatly extended the blackout.

Now, with an unstable grid, any industry that is dependent on electric power will relocate to somewhere like China, where reliable energy sources are not quashed by unreasonable environmental regulations. Basic electricity quizlet And because these areas do not have environmental regulations, their factories and industries lack any pollution controls.

Relocating these facilities from the United States, where they do have emissions controls, to an area where they done is, overall, bad for the planet. Arkansas gas association People at the EDF, Sierra Club, and other such organizations need to realize this.

Have you ever noticed how Constellation Energy, Dominion Resources, Duke Energy, and Vectren sell both natural gas and electricity? That’s because they’re “holding companies” which, since 2005, have been permitted by law to sell themselves the natural gas they use to generate electricity for the first time since 1935.

What? How can that be, that would mean the more natural gas they burn the more money they make! That’s exactly what’s happening, and it’s a result of the repeal of The Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 (PUHCA) – the foundation upon which America’s regulated utility model functioned dependably and inexpensively for half a century.

One of the first companies to be granted an exemption from PUHCA in 1994 was a company called Enron – and it’s been downhill ever since. Electricity notes for class 10 That’s because PUHCA forced utilities to be audited by the SEC every year, preventing them from engaging in Samuel Insull’s holding company shenanigans of the 1920s. Gas x side effects Now they’re back at it, and the only thing your supposed “competition” is accomplishing is guaranteeing fossil fuels a foothold in generating electricity for decades to come while sending your electricity rates skyrocketing (Ohio’s electricity rates are 30% higher than they were a decade ago, a feat which took 24 years before that to achieve; your total CO2 emissions are fifth worst in the country, and 20th worst per capita).

What you call “innovation” is not only a scam, it’s an environmental disaster. Electricity out in one room It’s about time the folks at EDF stuck their noses in a history book and learned a bit about where all this anti-nuclear, “unprofitable” BS is originating. Electricity word search answer key Focused their efforts where it will make a difference: by re-instating PUHCA. M power electricity Here’s a start, written by former FERC attorney Lynn Hargis: