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Darren and Dubin (sorry if it’s misspelled) took personal… Me: 15 dives, beginner, underwater photography enthusiast. Did 11 reef dives from dive shop electricity worksheets high school in West Bay 3 years ago. Reef near West Bay area is much more damanged than here, on north side. The facts: -phone call rep. friendly helpful (Darren, manager) -emails responded to in 1 days’ time. -lots of helpful tips when we checked in (don’t put sunblock on your face) -very thorough about our PADI certificiation -manager Darren gave us an introductory tour of the place, clearly stated safety commitments and their expectations of us, apologized for delay, asked if any health problems needing assistance were present. -Dubin, our dive master guide, very kind–his English was so so (not important) but he stayed with me as I descended since I have equalizing issues -Dubin, our dive guide never scolded youtube gas pedal us for accidentally wandering off, he always waited and pointed cool stuff out to us -we went to the reefs on north side of island–corals in better shape than south side and fish don’t seem spooked electricity kwh cost calculator by us (great for photos)(not the case in West Bay area reef) -visibility good -Turqoise Bay resort next door for lunch -isolated location, in my opinion, is the reason why we had a nice small group of 4 people -wasn’t able to pay by credit card, no electricty Summary: information was always communicated to us clearly, no ifs, ands or buts Darren and Dubin (sorry if it’s misspelled) took personal care of us-a reason why we’d go back -serving us pineapple at the end of each dive is, hands down, an excellent idea. It was electricity schoolhouse rock good! *Make reservations in advance, they do get full Cons: -lunch buffet at Turqoise Bay is, in my opinion, over priced for what you get ($17US pp) but friendly staff (not a con of the dive shop obviously but you need to eat while there) *Just so you know, electricity often goes off in Roatan, it has nothing to do with the dive shop. Something travellers to Roatan should be aware of. More Show less

This full service, 5 star PADI dive center is top-notch! Darren runs the dive operation and does an incredible job! Everyone on his staff are true professions in the dive industry and work extremely hard to ensure everyone in your group has a great time! Upon arrival for your week stay gas in babies at night, Darren meets with your group and conducts an overall briefing of how the week will go. He emphasizes safety and introduces the staff. Many of which have been DM’ing for more than 25 years. The longevity of the staff with Subway speaks dividends for the quality of the operation. We were fortunate enough to be with Captain Bruce and Dive Master Osman all week. Both of these gentlemen worked very hard for our group. Osman is an incredible DM and takes his time and values input from the group on where to dive each day. This has easily been the best dive operation we have used on Roatan and have already planned z gas el salvador our return trip in 2018! Thank you guys for a great week of diving and the CSI Ohio crew can’t wait to see you again next year!

Each year my girlfriend and I run an international electricity and magnetism review sheet dive trip for our large dive club out of Chicago. This year we took 30 people to our favorite place, Roatan. We stayed at Turquoise Bay Resort and as Subway is the onsite dive shop we arranged an all inclusive dive package and stay. With such a large group we more or less take over a small resort and dive operation and require multiple boats and many staff. Daren and the staff at Subway went above and beyond for 4 main gases in the atmosphere us! As myself and my girlfriend have been to Roatan multiple times we had specific dive sites we wanted all our trip goers to expeience and the staff made this happen. They worked with our pre-arranged off site trips and accomdated the boat schedule and location to suit. All of the captains and divemasters are fabulous and a few we knew from other resorts where we had been and the staff had worked previously. This operation is run fabulously and the staff is assembled from the best on the island. As a professional diver and avid dive destination traveler, I can say without question- you will be hard pressed to find better service anywhere. From Chicago Scuba Meetup to all the staff at Subway Watersports, Thank You for a great week of awesome gas variables pogil worksheet answer key service and incredible diving!

We apologize for the weather conditions on the day of your excursion, but to be fair, we cannot control the weather. Unfortunately, when operating a dive shop in the Caribbean, sometimes we experience winds and electricity vs gasoline rain that are less than ideal for guests who are here to enjoy the island for only one day. We can, however, firmly state that we never take our guests out in conditions that are at all unsafe. The kayak and snorkeling tour is recommended for guests that are physically fit, competent swimmers and comfortable with snorkeling. It sounds like perhaps your wife did not fall into that category. However, our guides are very experienced and cater to guests of all capabilities, ensuring that even the weaker swimmers still enjoy their excursions safely. This sometimes means that a Divemaster guide will need to offer a free ride to weaker swimmers in the form of towing them around o gosh corpus christi on a safety tube. This was actually something that was done to ensure your wife still enjoyed her tour, despite her physical constraints. The day of your excursion was one where all dive shops on the island, if capable, moved their operations to the south side and continued with diving and snorkeling uninterrupted. The conditions were very typical for south side diving and snorkeling in Roatan, and everyone else enjoyed their day without incident. You are correct about electricity will not generally cause how we advertise our typical snorkeling and kayaking excursion. However, we also provide more details in our advertisement about what we do in the event of less than ideal northern wind conditions. We fully disclose that sometimes the weather is too rough to safely run our excursions on the north side of the types of electricity tariff island. We also explain that we have a second location on the south side of the island, and on rough north days, we move the operation to our other shop, which provides shelter and calmer conditions. We don’t like to cancel our tours due to rain, and find that most guests are appreciative of our efforts. We fully inform all guests at the cruise ship port of the gas stoichiometry worksheet changes in the excursion location and of the weather conditions. We then give them the option of joining us or not. If they don’t want to join us, they are provided with a full refund. Although rain is not ideal, lots of guests appreciate the effort we put into ensuring they can still enjoy their excursion day, if they wish, even despite some tropical rains. We apologize again that the conditions were not up to your standards, and we hope that you got some better weather at the other ports along your cruise ship route.