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Click to expand…So 30 years of caring for hospice patients when cannabis was only legalised fairly j gastrointest oncol impact factor recently for a few states and countries, how did you not notice that it was at least beneficial in alleviating the suffering. When used in conjunction with chemo, it has proven to be very successful. It’s not a cure all….but people should have the right to try it. No one is advocating smoking it as a recreational drug, though tobacco and alcohol are freely used for that purpose.

When you see children racked by seizures, and orthodox medicine has not helped but in many cases made them worse…..and then cannabis oil is introduced and the electricity invented or discovered seizures are eliminated altogether in a lot of cases….don’t you have to wonder why it’s still treated as a schedule 1 drug, when it was never, by legal definition, in that category in the first place. Treating cannabis as a dangerous drug when tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs are proven killers, says it all IMO. There is not a single recorded death by overdose of cannabis….ever. It is not addictive and can be used electricity history timeline to help addicts to get off addictive substances. Not like substituting methodone for heroin.

Click to expand…It’s certainly not a cure-all…..but there are NO real drawbacks with c gastronomie vitam cannabis, compared with what is legal and freely available. Banning such a beneficial medicine, used effectively for thousands of years, (when others are clearly life threatening, and with horrendous side effects,) is based on nothing but greed and control. Supporting the orthodox approach when it has been shown to care more about its bottom line that in people’s health and well being, is nothing short of brain-washing.

Don power quiz questions’t you have to ask why there is such reluctance to use cannabis as medicine when it has proven itself so effective, especially for kids with epilepsy. All the stalling….decades of demonization….trying to synthesise the components of the plant so that they can patent the medicine and still make their exorbitant profits. The end product will be far from the God-given medicine it was meant to be….an artificial substitute like all the rest.

So many could have had their suffering alleviated all this time…..it’s criminal IMO. It should never have been made illegal in the first place. No one was ever electricity word search pdf going to stop people using it recreationally, so why not medicinally? It has never killed anyone as a result of overdose…..compare that with the current epidemic of opioid addiction.

Click electricity voltage in canada to expand…Most medicinal cannabis is usually taken in liquid form in an oil base, usually MCT oil which is a refined coconut oil…and taken sublingually. (under the tongue) Medicinal cannabis produces no high if it is low in THC, but high in CBD. It can even be applied topically for pain management and has hundreds of other beneficial components. The high THC strains have been shown to help with cancer and neurological conditions. Israel is leading the world in cannabis research. It’s easy to research.

If Cannabis had been used in medicine all these gas efficient cars 2010 decades where it has been demonized, we would have seen a lot more cures and a lot less suffering. It does not fit the legal definition of a schedule 1 drug and never did. People are now coming to realize how despicable it was to keep it away from people who could have gas and water company benefited from its healing powers. Imagine how many kids with epilepsy could have been saved, when the pharma drugs didn’t work or made patients so dopey that they couldn’t function. Cannabis does not do that.

Click to expand…There is no excuse NOT to know how beneficial cannabis is when used medicinally. They have known all this time, but never did any published trials because they knew what would happen. It would put the gas out majority of their drugs out of contention. Who would choose synthetic drugs with awful side effects if there was a safe and effective one that could be extracted from a plant that someone could grow in their own garden. I have seen people online in legal states using the leaves in their morning smoothie with wonderful health benefits.

Any eon gas card top up substance can be dangerous if you overdose on it….even water. Used the way nature intended, this God-given medicine could have changed the world….but the medical profession became big business and greed then drove everything they did. So many doctors are brainwashed by the system that taught them so that dispensing drugs is all they know how to do. You tell the doctor your symptoms k gas cylinder, he may or may not send you for expensive tests and then prescribe either drug therapy or surgery. Either way your money is what drives the procedure.