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Like most air conditioning units this particular model has three modes of operation: fan, air-con, and dehumidifier. The fan mode simply blows room temperature air into the surrounding area. It is recommended to use the fan mode if the temperature is not too hot – you will save electricity in the long run.

Additionally, the ARC-14S has a high quality Carbon filter which filters out dirt from the air – it can even help remove odors from the air as well. In other words, if you want to freshen up a room, place the ARC-14S inside, and either turn the air con or the fan on and the room should air out in a relatively short period of time. The air-con mode consumes a considerable amount of electricity but it can cool down a room in a matter of minutes of the power level is set to max.

Each mode of operation has 3 levels – 3 is the max level. You can schedule each of the modes for a 24 hour cycle if you want; there are many different ways that you can configure the ARC-14S. Additionally, the dehumidifier mode is exceptionally useful when it comes to absorbing moisture from a particular room.

Atmospheres with high levels of moisture can be very uncomfortable and they can cause mold to grow on clothes or walls. The dehumidifier mode will efficiently absorb up to 101 pints of water from the air per day. You can configure each of the modes by using the remote control that is shipped with the device or by tinkering with the buttons on the device itself.

It is generally recommended to use the remote control instead of tinkering with the buttons on the device. You can choose to set the machine to automatic settings (automatically detects which settings are optimal) or manual settings (you have to configure all the settings individually).

Each mode of operation has three fan speeds. It is very easy to switch between fan speeds and modes if you use the remote control that is shipped with the machine. The vents will also bend in different directions. The device automatically shut down once the room temperature is at the desired setting. Coverage Area

As I mentioned earlier this particular model was specifically designed for larger rooms. It has a BTU capacity of 14000 and it utilizes a dual hose air conditioning system. The vast majority of portable air conditioning units use a single hose system – dual hose is much more effective.

The coverage area is approximately 500 square feet; in metric units that is around 46 square meters; the average size of a living room or master bedroom. The ARC-14S has excellent coverage and when the air-con mode is set to max fan speed cold air will blast out of the vents and cool down the area in a matter of minutes.

The noise level in this particular unit is not much different from most portable air conditioning units. You would expect that it will be much louder than regular units but that is not the case. The fans are built with state of the art noise reducing technology which allows the machine to produce large amounts of cold air will operating at a quiet noise level.

If you have never slept with a portable air conditioner in your room it may take some getting used to. The machine is at its loudest when the dehumidifier turns on. You can program the dehumidifier to turn on during the day time so you don’t have to worry about it disturbing your sleep. The noise level has been rated at 56 decibels. Power Consumption

Since this portable air conditioner is quite powerful it requires a considerable amount of electricity. The most demanding mode of operation is the air-con mode. The other modes are less demanding but still require a significant amount of electricity. The maximum amount of electricity this unit consumes on max settings is around 1250 watts.