Wi britain stays neutral alternate history discussion electricity in india ppt


British involvement was not inevitable, the German invasion of Belgium in an effort to attack weakly exposed northern France and win a speedy victory gas density and molar mass prompted the British to declare war on the Germans based on their historic agreement to defend Belgium from enemy invasion. Had Germany for instance focused on their Eastern Front against Russia, Britain may very well have remained neutral in the conflict.

So let’s consider what would have happened. The guys from Glasgow, London, Manchester, and all parts of the British empire would remain in their electricity physics definition low paid jobs, mining or building or fishing rather than digging trenches and searching for German sea mines. With none of their ships being sunk by German submarines the Americans would prefer to look the other way

With the full force of the German army directed against Russia, it is likely their weak armies would have collapsed even quicker than in reality. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin would bring about revolution in similar conditions. Russia would have exited the First World War and collapsed into its own Civil War even faster, after signing away large grade 9 electricity module parts of eastern Europe in exchange for peace, which would be incorporated into Germany or ran as German puppet states.

With the wealth flowing from their new empire in Eastern Europe the Germans could finally switch to the offensive against the French, now fighting alone, outnumbered and outgunned. They might hold out for a year or two, perhaps surrendering in 1918. A peace electricity videos for students conference may then have been held at Versailles, where the French would have terms dictated to them.

The popular uprisings caused by the weakness of the old empires fighting each other being avoided, Britain could maintain a firm hold on Ireland, the events of Easter youtube electricity Sunday in 1916 likely avoided. Wary of a communist state on her new borders, Germany would likely have intervened in the Russian revolution and crushed the communists, setting up a pro-German puppet regime with a new Tsar.

A victorious Germany would have never had the discontent that led to the rise of Hitler, if he even survived the war, he would have been stuck making paranoid speeches to fellow German troops occupying northern France. America would remain weak, and although it would become more powerful, it would never experience the growth it gained from large loans to Britain. Russia gas bloating nausea falling under a fascist regime and half destroyed would never become the superpower that was the Soviet Union.

Instead the 20th century would have avoided the second world war altogether most likely, and would instead be a Cold War between the British and German Empires, both of whom would likely acquire nuclear weapons at some point. Anybody who likes the Beatles or Rammstein would be disappointed by the fact that both states would remain conservative and reactionary, lacking the j gastroenterol hepatol impact factor upheavals of the twentieth century.

The Liberals and Conservative would remain dominant in British politics, if you like electricity balloon experiment the idea of an NHS you might have to move to Germany, Labour would be about as relevant as the Lib Dems today. What about an independent Scotland? Don’t be silly, there’s no-one politically strong enough to fight for it. The Irish of course had their own devolution, but the British already had a proud tradition of ignoring Irish calls for independence. You might however see 70-odd Sinn Fein MP’s abstaining from Parliament rather than just 6 however.