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A) The nitrate test performed on LHO by the FBI did not find any evidence of nitrates on his cheek. The Mannlicher Caracano rifle was notorious for having a poor gas seal. Without a positive facial nitrate test it is difficult to argue that Lee was the assassin.

E) The testimony of Victoria Adams, who was watching the president from the 4th floor of the Texas book depository/according to her Testimony to the Warren commission she went to the stairs 15 seconds after the third shot, where she did not see LHO running from the 6th floor down the same stairs.

Weather this would be enough to avoid a conviction is in my view doubtful considering the media storm that would descend on Dallas. However the discovery Process itself would be interesting probably leading in itself to several court cases going all the way to the supreme court – the request for another examination of the Presidents body would in itself go all the way to the supreme court in my opinion.

d) The fact that the FBI could not identify the voice on the Mexico city Tape (an intercept on the phone line of the soviet embassy in Mexico) as Lee Harvey Oswald. (The agents had been interrogating Lee so they should have been familiar with the sound of his voice.)

Click to expand…I’m not certain ‘They’ did. Not kept up on the literature. My father did return from WWII with a Cacarno rifle of the same model in his his personal arsenal. We did have a box or two of ammo for it in the late 1970s. I & two accquantaces did try to recreate the shots in terms of range & timing, the angles & moving car thing was beyond us. I did have the same USMC marksmanship training as Oswald using semi auto rifles. (My training was 1974-1976.) Both I & my friends reproduced tight groups on target inside the time claimed for the shots hitting Kennedy & Oswald.

The range of approx 85 yards was half the initial 200 meter course we shot for USMC qualification. The other two courses were at 300 & 500 meters. We used a eight meter range for initial sight adjustment on the first day of the qualification course, but other wise were were firing at the long ranges with iron sights. We also fired a rapid fire string on the 200 & 300 meter range. Ten shots in sixty seconds with a magazine change was the requirement. Only bracing allowed were arms on the ground in the prone position. Otherwise a sling brace was it.

Wish I had been able to accquire more ammo for the Cacarno. It was in excellent condition and a fair varmit & midsize game rifle. Reasonably balanced & slightly lighter than the Mausers, or the long Austrian rifle. When I went looking in the 1980s the local guns dealers were unable to locate ammo & eventually I let the thing go.

Even if it happened exactly as the report stated, with out the internet conspiracies were harder to start and continue. I asked my Mother about the report when I was 15. I asked how could you not question this? Her reply was we trusted the Government and my parents had discussed it with friends. Today it is easy to start a rumor. I don’t know, who if anyone other the Oswald shot the President. The Government did a bad job putting out the report when only 56% of the people only got 56% of the public believed in the lone gun man less than a year after the Assassination.

"When the Warren Commissions Report was first released to the public in September 1964, polls showed that only 56 percent of Americans agreed with its “lone gunman theory.” But within months, critics began to poke holes in its conclusions and methodology, and conspiracy theories cropped up alleging the involvement of everyone from the Mafia to Lyndon Johnson himself. By 1966, a second poll would show that only a meager 36 percent of people still had confidence in the report. Today, studies show that around two-thirds of Americans believe in some form of conspiracy surrounding the assassination."

Unless TX law is different from CA & LA law, both the prosecution (1) and defense are limited to the number of peremptory challenges (2)(3) that they can make. After they are exhausted, the judge has to be seriously convinced as to whether the prosecutor or defense counsel have a legitimate reason to object to the presence of a particular potential juror from being selected.

1) I doubt the DA office would make many such challenges, as everybody from the CPUSA to the KKK is going to want to get on that jury. For the Communists, to prove their loyalty to America [and at the insistence of Moscow, who will want to see Oswald going to Old Sparky themselves (4)]. For the KKK, to nail the commie that killed a president (whatever the Klan might have thought of JFK personally).

2) I’d expect the defense to go through their supply of peremptory challenges at warp speed, as it will be obvious the degree of hostility they face during jury selection. Thus it was during jury selection for the prosecution in the first OJ trial. The further Marcia Clark got into the jury pool, the worse her choices became.

3) For those who don’t know, there is the process in American law for jury selection called "peremptory challenges", in which either side of the two opposing counsels (criminal or civil) may make X number of challenges to dismiss a particular potential juror from serving without requiring explanation. The trouble being, once they are used up, counsel is stuck with whoever is next coming down the pike, short of genuinely objectionable persons showing bias to one side or the other.

4) The Soviets seemed very upset at JFK’s assassination, especially for them looking at the prospect of having to deal with LBJ as president. Racist, Texan, oil man. A trifecta of horror for Moscow. Krushchev once said of him "He smells oily". Soviet flags flew at half-mast for as long as US flags did IIRC.