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Bill Beck I just loaded a set of your ‘Keystones’ into my strat plugged it into my amps (Dr Z Maz 38 Snr a modded electricity cost in california Fender Bassman) and wow. These are the best kept secret of the guitar world. I’ve been playing 40 yrs and tried a whole plethora of pickups brands and I cannot believe how good these are. I’m still laughing at the price $73 and I’ve paid five times that for boutique pups and for me the ‘Keystones” kill em. I’m your new fan, Terry AUSTRALIA

Hi Becky -The Keystones in my partscaster tele (with a Fender Highway 1 body) make every note count! There are no missing or muddy tones,even when the neck pup is turned way down low on the tone knob for a mellow, jazzy sound . The bottom strings still ring true and toneful, nice and evenly balanced with the top strings. The bridge pup is bright and sparkly, so I usually have to tone it down — buts that sparkle there when I need it. The two pups together are truly Tele heaven — and all this through gas in babies a Fender G-DEC Junior, though you have to find the sweet spot (it’s there, lurking in those digital circuits!). Once the amp’s sweet spot is found, the guitar now has all the tones I need, from soft Jazz gas stoichiometry lab through finger-style folk/country/bluegrass to blues. I play almost everything finger-style. The Keystones pick up the lightest brush of the string and still deliver an accurate note. Goodness knows how good they are through a valve amp — I will find out soon. I must try them in my Strat….Martin

bill, becky, and all others at the factory: i just wanted to say how much i love my new keystone telecaster pickups and how genuinely happy i am with them. i just recently installed them in my new partscaster and the guitar truly sounds amazing. it’s about perfect i’d say. it’s exactly how a telecaster should sound! i will be sure to make great recommendations about the pickups. thanks for making such a great product. your products are so well appreciated among the guitar community so keep up the fantastic work. also, thank you for your contribution to electric guitar electricity physics technology. i’m glad i purchased your product. a quick question: are the tele keystones humbucking in any way? or are they wound as traditional single coils? thanks for your time. wes

tele pickups yesterday. I installed them today on my partscaster (replaced MIM pickups) and I love them specially the neck pickup. The difference between the Keystones and the MIMs is chalk and cheese e payment electricity bill maharashtra. I have another Fender tele which is a 1968 original (not a reissue) and I think your pickups are better than the originals. Thanks again. Regards, Lindsay

These pickups are a work of art – believe me, I am pretty cynical when it comes to changing things on guitars – my motto is If you dont like it the way it is, then dont buy it in the first place. However, the difference these pickups have made to my Nashville Telecaster is astonishing. I only use a little Blues Junior amp and up until last night I thought the reason I couldn’t get that low end twang out of it was a fault of the physics of a small cabinet, a single 12 speaker etc – BUT Duane Edd eat your heart out. I simply dont have enought superlatives but all of you have done a great job – and it wasn’t just me – everyone in the band could hear the difference and they all came out with the same description as me without being prompted. Its all together a fuller, richer more musical experience and for the Western Swing songs that neck pickup is sooooooooooo on the money. So I will definately tell all que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje my friends and you will certainly be hearing from me again, probably towards the end of the month regarding a vintage sounding set of pickups for my strat. Keep up the great work Best Wishes Chris

Thank you for making the Keystone tele f gas regulations r22 pickups. They are the best value in pickups I have ever seen (not that your other sets aren’t a good value!). I absolutely LOVE these pickups. This set with a 4 way switch covers A LOT of ground, and the price was just ridiculously great. I was messing around with my little crappy recorder and whipped out a quick little version of Take 5 on the neck pickup that I posted on the TDPRI ! Man, what a breath of fresh air your company is… KUDOS to you! Take care, John