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It is not if I can swing the diesel but based on reviews there seems to be little advantage to going with the Nissan Diesel -simple math is I would need to tow 30K or more per year to begin to realize a financial advantage. I really wish Nissan would have had Cummins build a unit with more Hp and torque-I wouldn’t necessarily use MPG as the measure of viability of a diesel either. It does get better MPG, but longevity is also greater when towing. Many folks switch to diesel, not only because they get slightly better mpg, but the engine simply doesn’t work as hard to tow the same load. Transmissions also tend to be more robust. I’d test drive both to decide for yourself. If you have a decent dealer, you could even bring your camper and tow it with both. A lot of work, but worth while if it’s really a concern. Personally, after towing with a Tundra, I’d never tow without a diesel or turbo again. An Ecoboost would make a tundra or titan engine look like a fool while towing something, MPG aside. The XD’s have the weight and wheelbase to make the stability far better than a 1/2 though

It would probably be to your advantage to drive both and not rely solely on the reviews of others as most people are biased one way or the other. Myself for example, I prefer a diesel, you may not, and anyone who says they cant tell a 9000# trailer is behind theyre truck has obviously never pulled a 9000# pound trailer behind theyre truckThis guy gets it. My own toyhauler is around 9k fully loaded (and 30ft high it seems like). Truck forums are littered with liars, and even the Tundra forums had people claiming "can’t tell it’s even there!".

I honestly hate the stuff that goes along with diesel… emissions, maintenance… even the nasty pumps. I’m not a truck person either, so to me it’s a better hammer for the job. But the motor doesn’t stress towing the same load on the highway, doesn’t hunt for gears, and can maintain 75mph in 6th with cruise control, and gets between 2-5mpg better while towing the same stuff. Something the Tundra couldn’t dream of It also won’t spend a good chunk of it’s towing time at 4k rpm or higher, so longevity of the motor should be far better.

I’ve pulled my travel trailer for 2 years now with my 16 Pro4X gasser, typically 8 to 9 trips a year, TT is 6000 pounds, 10+ft. tall, most of the time I have a 1000 pound golf cart in the bed. I cruse at 68 mpg, 2200 rpm, 9 mpg. Truck rides and handles like a dream. The truck has plenty of power to kick it in and pass with no issues. On some moderate hills in GA, the truck never had to maintain an rpm over 4000, just to get up to speed then upshift. Headwind is the biggest MPG factor with my tall trailer. I have made numerous trips with 2000+ pounds of payload in the bed and 3 guys with gear, 80+ mph, 16.5 mpg.

I chose the gas because here in FL diesel fuel runs 10 to 30% more than gas, that makes the added fuel mileage of the diesel a wash, when you factor in the added cost up front, maintenance, parts etc. it just wasn’t the best economical choice for me. When I’m not hooked to my TT, I’m usually pulling my 19ft. Bay boat, now other than the occasional bounce of the trailer, I do sometimes forget it is back there.