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Well, as we discussed in the book, following the primary season and before the convention, there was a Unity Reform Commission which has now put forward a series of reforms that are under active consideration by the Democratic National Committee. Tom Perez, the current chair, to his credit is supportive of those reforms, as is the vice-chair. We are very hopeful that these reforms can be passed and that they will make important, substantive changes to the primary and electoral process and can also help build a confidence among voters that, in fact, the process will be done fairly in the future.

One hundred percent . I was on the reform commission, appointed by Bernie Sanders. There were Clinton appointees on the commission. There were committee members appointed by the DNC chair. We came out with unanimous recommendations for reform, including reducing the role of superdelegates in the process and other measures which would open up the process to more voters. . . . I think it will go a long way toward helping to heal some of these breaches.

You mention a speech given by Franklin D. Roosevelt in January 1944, the section of his State of the Union address called the Economic Bill of Rights. One of the points you make is that when people referred to Sanders’ "democratic socialist" ideology, they made it seem like it was something new to the American scene. As you point out, these ideas have been promoted by many American leaders, including one of its most revered presidents. Why do you think this isn’t more widely known?

Well, let me say this. In many ways, what Bernie Sanders is trying to accomplish nationally is the unfinished business that FDR pointed out in that State of the Union speech. This is really a foundational document for the modern Democratic Party and the unfinished business of the party as we move forward. What happened in the 1990s is that we went on a right-wing deviation from that historical trajectory that came out of the New Deal administration, to a pro-corporate, much more conservative Democratic Party.

In many ways, as the book discusses, the 2016 race was a playing out of the conflict within the party between a majority who want to see the party return to its historical mission and those who want to cling to the failed neoliberal experiments of the 1990s. A lot of people have been raised in the DLC [Democratic Leadership Council] Democratic Party since the 1990s. As you know, the Democratic Party prior to that had not held the presidency since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

For many people, what they see in the Bill Clinton era of the Democratic Party is their experience of it. But that is not the reality. This party has a proud history and a proud tradition and has a lot of work left undone, as articulated back in 1944 by FDR. There are many of us who want to see that work completed.

Anybody who follows Bernie Sanders for one day and sees his schedule, and how rigorous it is, and how he drives everybody around him, works them into the ground with the amount of work and energy he has, I think they would understand that his chronological age is just not really a measure of his true age.

I would say this was true back in 2016 when the campaign started. A lot of reporters had a story in the can about how Bernie couldn’t keep up and wasn’t able to carry out a regular schedule. Within a week, those stories were thrown in the trash can because he was putting those reporters, many of whom were much younger than he was — in fact all of them were — he was wearing them out with the intensity of his campaign schedule.

In fact, I remember early on, one of the reporters asked me, “When do we stop for lunch? I don’t see it on the schedule.” I said, “Bernie doesn’t stop for lunch. He works at lunch. If you want lunch, you better bring it with you.” That’s just one example. Bernie Sanders is an extremely energetic and vigorous person, and has more energy, I would say, than people half his age.