Will stick to sbi and bank of baroda among psu banks_ sudip bandyopadhyay, market expert – the economic times

In a chat with ET Now, Sudip Bandyopadhyay, Market Expert, says he would not like to carry a position for the week after but for next week, the market will be positive. Gas in babies how to get rid of it Edited excerpts

ET Now: A lot of the metal names are doing very well. Static electricity diagram Neyveli is a case in point that has shot up; Hindalco has a big upgrade; JSW Steel is knocking on the doors of actually trading at 52-week highs and while we talk about this calendar being skittish for the markets, it is the commodity names like Tata Steel and Vedanta which on the index are the best performers albeit from the lows that they have seen recently?

Sudip Bandyopadhyay: Well what you are saying is a fact. Gas finder However, the reality is I do not believe there is anything to suddenly change the view and take a complete u-turn on the metal space. Gas x tablets himalaya We continue to remain extremely cautious in this space and I do not see any rationale for changing that view. Gas works park fireworks There are stock specific reasons for movement. Electricity generation by country You mentioned Neyveli Lignite, I am sure some specific announcement is in the offing or something must have happened. E gaskell Of course, most of us do not track it. Gas utility worker So, I do not think I will be able to comment on it, but I am sure there is something stock specific. Static electricity vocabulary words You talked about Jindal Steel, I think there are lots of good things happening specifically in that company including the proposed acquisition and things like that. Electricity history timeline So I think there are reasons for specific stock movements. Npower gas price reduction Overall, it maybe something based on technicals and all but fundamentally nothing has changed in the metals and we would not change our view. Bp gas prices nj We are not recommending buying metals to our investors.

ET Now: Fundamentally is IDBI the best way to play banks even if you are bullish on PSU banks? Because of rate cuts and a few other things, is IDBI a preferred choice if you have a slight bent towards risk or would you take something else?

Sudip Bandyopadhyay : I do not think I will take that. Grade 6 electricity unit test There are enough problems. Kd 7 electricity socks Yes, it can be an aggressive bet considering the news flow around it –the government deciding on privatisation and the expectation that the same will happen and the bank will start doing well. Electricity freedom system So it will be a completely aggressive market news flow based bet — not a fundamental bet though. Gas unlimited houston texas If one has to really look at the fundamental side in a PSU bank, I probably will still go back to State Bank of India. K gas constant In spite of whatever is happening on the NPA front or whatever has happened, the bank has inherent strengths and if I have to bet on a bank and maybe keep a couple of years time horizon, I will still go to State Bank of India. Gas monkey live If I have to go for the second bank, probably it will be Bank of Baroda. 93 gas near me But I do not think I will venture out beyond that.

ET Now: It is difficult to call these right because at Rs 450 or Rs 500 somebody would say I told you so. Electricity vs gasoline Everything was in the price. 3 main gas laws You should have bought it at Rs 1000. Electricity how it works If it reaches there or touches Rs 800 and starts to correct, people will say hey, the business was anyway so shaky which is why it went down in the first place who told you to touch it, so the question to you is as difficult as it is, what do you do with a Just Dial which has a few question marks around its whole business model and a couple of new products which have not found that much of acceptance at least as of now?

Sudip Bandyopadhyay : You are absolutely right. K electric company I think I have lot of doubts on the new products as well as the business model going forward. Bad gas 6 weeks pregnant In fact, I think 6-8 months back I said that they need to very quickly move and start doing something which will make the company viable in the long run. C gastronomie traiteur avis They are trying and I think they are on record admitting that they are a bit delayed in doing that. Electricity water analogy animation And I think that is pretty much sums up the position. Gas cap light It was a good company, they came with a good product, it did get some traction, investor interest but they need to reinvent themselves, they need to move ahead and do things which are useful to the consumers. Gas key staking tool They are trying to evolve but I do not think they have yet reached that stage. 76 gas station jobs So I do not think I will advise or I will go and buy a Just Dial yet. Electricity song omd It is a good company. Gas leak los angeles We will keep watching what they do but nothing yet, not that you should rush to exit, not that you should rush to buy in.

ET Now: You tend to give some very interesting calls now and then. Gas prices in texas 2015 My question is everybody on the trading side is very bullish on aviation and Jet Airways in particular fundamentally would you touch aviation? Indigo is off its glamour run, Jet Airways has paid some cooling off price as has SpiceJet?

Sudip Bandyopadhyay: You are absolutely right. Gas natural fenosa I do not think I will like to get into aviation from a fundamental point of view right now. M gasol Whatever had to happen positive for the industry has already happened. Gas hydrates are used I do not see aviation turbine fuel prices going down significantly from here. Gas prices going up to 5 dollars I do not see demand going beyond what we saw in the winter season, holiday season and the good season these guys reached load factor of 92-93 per cent. Electricity lesson plans year 6 So overall, things are going to become a little more competitive and challenging for the industry. Electricity edison The valuations are also not cheap. Thitima electricity sound effect So I would not like to get into the aviation stocks at this stage.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay: Definitely not, yes the IPO has scribed through but definitely not worth subscribing from an investors point of view. Electricity jokes riddles There are multiple questions on the entire space and on Infibeam as well.

ET Now: How comfortable are you buying into this market considering the fact that there is an RBI policy where while the market believes that there will be a 50 bps cut, there are now increased chances that it may not be the case?

Sudip Bandyopadhyay: I completely agree but that hope will keep the market alive and with a positive bias for the entire next week. Gas vs electric stove cost I would not like to carry a position for the week after but for next week, the market will be positive. Eon gas card top up But leave that aside for a minute. Hp gas online booking hyderabad There are a lot of good things happening as far as economy is concerned. Was electricity invented during the industrial revolution The cement sector is definitely seeing a positive traction. Shale gas in spanish You can look at midcap cement. Gas tax in texas Largecap has already moved but still opportunities exist in midcap cement. J gastroenterol You can look at the IT names, there are a lot of things happening on the digital and IoT space. Z gas guatemala We saw what Persistent did with IBM, we are seeing what TCS is talking about the digital. Gas pain There are interesting opportunities coming in Infosys. O goshi judo So a couple of spaces in the market fundamentally look good and investors can start building positions if they are not already there.

ET Now: It is a unique play. Electricity units of measurement Tata Communication right, because there is a land bank the benefits of which only go to minority shareholders. Gas after eating bread Do not go to the Tatas because of an agreement that they had entered, but the question is that this has been in the realms of possibilities for a really long time, we have heard this VSNL land play for donkey’s years. Gas x strips after gastric sleeve Can it finally reach a conclusion and if so, does it merit looking at?

Sudip Bandyopadhyay : Definitely. Gas mask drawing I think this has been I think pending for the last 15 years almost so a conclusion would be good for the company. Electricity projects for class 12 Yes, if it is going to be decided within the next one or two months it can be a good play for the general investors. Gas laws worksheet with answers As you rightly said, the promoters will not get any share of it. Gas pain in shoulder It will all belong to the minority shareholders so there can be a good play. Electricity production I do not think the evaluation expectations are fully priced-in right now. Gas vs diesel towing So one can look at it as an aggressive bet to get into the stock at this stage.