Will the chicago bulls make the right choice on draft night emitra electricity bill payment


Where has the safe pick taken them? To be blunt: nowhere. The Bulls were a playoff team with no hope of a ring in their future, so they decided to blow things up by trading Jimmy Butler. They were hoping a successful season of losing would get them one of the first picks this year. Unfortunately, they even failed at losing.

It’s the reason why I was okay with not winning the lottery. I didn’t think DeAndre Ayton was the way to go. Big centers get you nowhere in the NBA today. Yes, he’s the strongest, most athletic to come around in like…..forever. Who cares? Is he better than Boogie Cousins was coming out of Kentucky? Where did that get Sacramento? Let me tell you. They had a permanent reservation the week of the NBA draft lottery while he was with the team.

Bigs are ancient history and I don’t want them. Name me the team winning because of a center. So keep your arrogant Mo Bamba and let some other sucker take him. He actually had the audacity to tell the New York Knicks they shouldn’t be talking to him unless they have a chance for the top pick.

If he didn’t have a 7’9″ wingspan, nobody would be talking about him. If you watched him play, he blocks shots occasionally because of his length. It happens by accident. He cannot guard anyone one-on-one. Rebounds come to him. He doesn’t go up and get them. In other words, he barely jumps. That might work in college, but not in the NBA.

Jaren Jackson Jr. is not expected to be at No. 7, but if he gets there, is he the right player for the Bulls? He’s athletic. I would rather have him than Bamba or Carter, but he languished on the bench for Michigan State when they were eliminated in the NCAA tournament. He can allegedly shoot the three, but he did it on a limited basis. Plus, is the college three going to translate to the pros? I pass.

Michael Porter Jr. was supposed to possibly be the first pick in this draft before his back issues. Now he’s a risk. I would take that risk. He has star written all over him if he can come back from back surgery. Scottie Pippen had back surgery after his rookie year and turned out okay. Who said it can’t work again for the Bulls?

And now comes my first choice. Unfortunately, I think he doesn’t get past Orlando. They need a star and there’s not a point guard worth talking about on their roster. On the right team, this player can be a difference-maker. On the wrong team—Orlando, he may never ascend to the career his skills can take him to.

Young would open up the offense for the shooters with his unlimited range, and he can go to the basket. I know everyone says he’s small and not athletic. If that’s the case, how come he led the nation in scoring and assists without one player on his team that can make the G League?

He has great court vision and is an incredible passer. Young changes speed on his dribble and confounds defenders. I know his second half of the season wasn’t as good as the first, but that’s because other teams realized he was the only player they needed to guard on Oklahoma.

Plus, with him in Chicago, the Bulls become desirable for free-agents in the future—assuming I am right about his projection. There’s a player who can opt out in three years who is very familiar with Chicago. I wonder if he would want to come home.

I see Golden State Midwest, and with the Warriors getting long in the tooth by that time, the power in the league will be in the East. Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago will be the premier teams, and the Bulls might just acquire some more hardware.