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There is one area that Elway has been lacking in, and that is arguably the most important area in the game. I don’t care who is under center or in the backfield, if the O-line is not doing their jobs. Just about every negative play is a result of the o-line; Rather it be a sack, tackle for lose, int or just a stupid penalty that sets you back 10 yards. gas density and molar mass Most of them are a result of the O-line not doing their jobs. The question becomes; How do we fix the line? May be as simple as a coaching change, players need to be held accountable! They get a penalty in a game, they can run some penalty laps the next day in practice or something. The point is; It does no good to reward good players if we don’t punish the bad. What do you think Belichet would do if his O-line was constantly getting flagged? There would be some form of discipline involved. I can’t believe all our players on the line are bad, Must be a common denominator involved.

Vance had failed to show any ability to create a funcional game plan, and there seems to be very little accountability. Maybe the O-line coach needs to run penalty laps with the players. Accountability must be on all levels! It has to start with Vance. electricity and magnetism online games He must hold himself accountable before he can hold others. He should run with them. It is after all a team. If coaches seperate themselves from the players, Can they really call themselves a team? Can you really punish a player without some penance for the coach that coached him?

Maybe this thread should be read by Vance. Criticism can only help. electricity billy elliot backing track Not all of us are ready to fire Vance, but we do need to see improvement. I personally would rather Vance put it together than to go back to square one with the coaching staff. The players like him, but maybe that is the problem. He is there to push the players beyond comfort zones, and nobody likes that, but it is the only way to grow. As infants we are comfortable crawling on the floor. it is our parents that pushed us to walk. Lord knows we did not always like our parents, but we loved them for making us grow. Everyone comes into the NFL with talent, but it is not until they have grown that they start to make an impact. So far we have not seen much growth.

We should NOT trade Von, but the Mack deal was not as bad as many would want to believe. They were likely to lose him in free agency anyway. Even as a dominant pass rusher, his impact only takes the D so far. gas 91 As good as he’s looked with the Bears he’s already missed some playing time and is likely to miss more in the years to come. It’s the nature of the position he plays. thermal electricity how it works Contrast that with an offensive tackle or QB.

Having a dominant pass rusher is a critical element to a team, but it alone isn’t going to get your team in the SB. Mack wanted too much money and they were going to lose him one way or another. They got significant value for him and the Bears are now stuck with that contract they signed him to. Right now it looks good, but one needs to keep in mind that Mack has only been on one team for one year that had a winning record.

Anyway, I don’t believe the locker room folded. Their offensive line has been bad for 2 years now after being one of the best in 2016. They invested in the slug known as beast mode and he’s yet to make any positive impact at all, Amari Cooper dropped more passes (I think) than DT and he would disappear in many games, and their 2 starting CBs from last year are not even starting anywhere today. Nope, the Raiders have far more problems than losing Mack.