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The School was redeveloped in 2005 to become a model for environmental education. The campus is the electricity production in usa first high school in Victoria to receive a 5 Green Star rating by Green Building Council of Australia and has won several awards for its sustainable and clever design. While the schools’ design was built with sustainability as its main factor, the curriculum to students is also heavily focused on the environment. The Jawbone marine sanctuary is located behind the school and plays gas x ultra strength directions a key role in the Marine education centre located in the school. The marine centre is staffed by a marine biologist and features 9 habitat displays, its role is to promote awareness to the delicate marine gas dryer vs electric dryer operating cost ecosystem. [4] Some environmental features of the school include 57 solar panels, rainwater collection system for flushing toilets and irrigation, vegetable gardens, composting facilities, wetland area, built using plantation and recycled materials and a unique design layout for natural cooling/heating without the use of electricity. [5] [6] [7] Pasco Street Campus electricity 24 hours [ edit ]

Year 10 students are given the choice to choose all their subjects in preparation for VCE. This excludes the compulsory subjects English, Math (Advanced or Standard), one semester of humanities (out of six subtopics) and one semester of core science. Year 10 students are also invited to apply for a VCE unit 1 and 2 subjects if they are recommended do so. [9]

In the 2015–16 School Improvement fund (state budget), $10 million was allocated to the school by the Victorian Government. The budget allocated $500,000 for the delivery of the school’s Centenary Theatre project. [12] [13] Along with the fund from the (labor) government f gas logo the school has been raising funds through community donations and fund-raising since 2012. It is estimated the school community to have raised $500,000 since August 2012. [14] [15] In 2013 and 2014 all new year 7 students received a reusable 76 gas card login money donation box to collect loose change to help build the theatre. These red and blue boxes resulted in a competition for students with the chance to win a prize for the heaviest box. [16] [17] Building of the theatre commenced in 2015 and the project was wireless electricity how it works completed and opened at the end of May 2017, in time for the yearly school production. The opening was held by Minister Noonan, the local MLA, School Council President Andrew Egan, and Principal Gino Catalano. The event was accompanied by entertainment by school students. [18] The theatre 8 gas laws or ‘performing arts centre’ seats 300 people, includes a dance studio and art gallery. The theatre sports the school colours (red, blue and yellow) at the front with large steel letters that say ‘CENTENARY THEATRE’ round the side. The seats in the auditorium are purple flip-up seats such as those in cinemas. The floor is carpeted grey in the seating areas and is complemented with the grey e85 gas stations florida walls that are painted with different shades in a plain geometric pattern. The theatre is fully equipped with lighting, bathroom and kitchen facilities, full backstage rooms, curtains and more. There is a dungeon that is used to store large equipment. Behind the stage, there is a corridor with large open windows for reasons unknown, since darkness electric zap sound effect free is generally the standard in terms for the minimal light bounce in theatre. Tut Tut Tut looks like rain [19] [20] [21]