Windows error codes support la gastronomie


If you’re experiencing an error during the installation of VIPRE that reads "Drivers could not be installed" this can mean that the Operating System is failing at finding the instructions needed to install the drivers properly. This can be due to a problem with the instruction file that Windows reads in order to accomplish this task. the simplest thing to do to fix this problem is to allow Windows to recreate the instruction file:

The INFCACHE.1 file is located in a different directory and is blocked from editing due to permissions. So the above fix does not work for Windows Vista and 7 machines. However, the error is likely being caused by a default limitation that is set on Windows Vista and 7 machines. Windows Vista and 7 are configures via the registry to allow 8 filter drivers maximum by default. These means that if at any time or if presently there are other filter drivers installed that reach this max, VIPRE will not be able to install its own filter drivers. You can adjust the amount up to 14 or delete this key and it will be set to hard coded max of 14. Here’s how you can do this:

If you are having this problem, attempt to run the same steps as indicated above for instances where this error is encountered during the install phase. After rebooting, attempt to uninstall the product again. If this still fails, an attempt will need to be made to remove VIPRE by using a specialized tool. Please contact our support team for further assistance on obtaining this tool. Submit a Case

This error nay also occur if there is a problem with Windows Network Connections and that the Network Connection control panel is blank. You can verify this by opening the Network Connections control panel to see if the network connections are listed:

Although the article is intended for Windows XP and Server 2003, information in here can also be pertinent to Windows Vista and 7. The best option at this point is to contact technical support team of the manufacturer of the device with this problem and request assistance with the reparation of this issue. VIPRE will not be able to install if this problem is present.

This Error indicates a problem with Permissions regarding the referenced folder. The easiest way to fix a problem with these folders is to reset permissions on the directories in question. This can be done manually by comparing the permissions on the folder to another installation of Windows with the correct permissions set on the folder in question. An easier way of doing this would be to just reset the permissions to that of the parent folder. A quick and easy tool can be used to achieve this is Inherit.exe, which can be found attached to the bottom of this article.

Download this application and place it on your desktop. You can then drag and drop the file or folder you intend to reset permissions on over the top of this application in order to reset the permissions for it. If done correctly, a prompt displaying the text OK will pop up. this indicates successful execution of the application. Folders that are particularly susceptible to permissions corruption are listed below.

In this case, resetting the permissions for each folder is the best solution; starting with the C:\ProgramData folder first and working through the rest of the folders, attempting to install VIPRE again after the permission of each folder have been successfully reset.