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The Lab’s Break Dance program is designed to introduce students to dance using basic Breakin’ techniques and skills. Instructors will teach basic Breakin’ to develop strength, coordination and gross motor skills (skipping, hopping, leaping, etc). electricity storage association They will encourage physical activity, teamwork and confidence through rhythm based activities in a fun and exciting class setting.

Taught by Aidan’s own Andy Hurwitz, Math After School is not a test prep class, but will look at math problems from standardized tests and will work with students to solve them in a whole class and small groups setting.The goal of Math After School is to demonstrate how various math problems might be presented in a test format. Mr. Hurwitz will create a unique curriculum for each student based on the current math skill and level. Students will be solving problems using whiteboards, pencil, paper, and will reinforce skills through computer quizzes and games.

Let your children explore a mind/body connection through yoga and yoga games. In this non-competitive setting, children of all ages and experience levels can learn new poses, practice ones they know and experiment with creative ways to use their yoga knowledge. Classes will focus on expanding the children’s ideas about what it is to move, to feel, to be thoughtful of others and themselves and to explore having fun in a mindful way. With yoga as the core of this class, there are a million fun ways to play and laugh in this setting. electricity prices per kwh 2013 Tuesdays

Back by popular demand, these classes with Aidan’s Ms. astrid y gaston lima menu english Caihuara will give your child a significant boost in their comprehension and familiarity of the Spanish language. Children will work on vocabulary through hands-on lessons that will feature labeling, singing, and even baking! Although this is closer to a beginner-level class, experienced Spanish speakers may register.

What would your favorite song taste like? How can you cheer up a bird who is afraid of heights? Why is everyone suddenly walking backwards? Join Aidan’s own Emily Navarro for this winter Writing Workshop to find and share answers to these and many other important questions. Together we will participate in all aspects of the writing process, from brainstorming and drafting to revising and editing. And, most importantly, we will have fun!

The Knight School Chess welcomes students of all skill levels! We focus on high-energy, super fun chess play and high-level chess tactics and strategies. The class will focus on the importance of good sportsmanship, building excitement about chess, and developing critical thinking and problem solving skills that will lead to success in school and in life.

Play Tennis with TGA at Aidan! TGA brings the tennis court to you offering a fun introduction to the game for all ages. gas variables pogil answers Students focus on improving fine motor skills and coordination while learning the basic rules & etiquette of tennis. Coaches use teachable moments to promote life skills like honesty and sportsmanship. Modified equipment (provided by TGA) and activities are designed to help each student reach a new level of success in an entertaining and supportive environment.

Tippi Jam is a high-energy dance class designed to keep boys and girls ages 3-6 years engaged in continual motion while they learn the basic elements of dance including positions and terminology. gas news of manipur We incorporate an even mix of the three types of dance over the 45 minute class time in a way that is fun and healthy for active children including exercising their bodies, imagination and singing voices!

The EduTyping, Jr. curriculum introduces new keys by rows where students first learn the middle row, then the top row, and the bottom row of the keyboard. The content is designed with a strong focus on sight and high frequency words. This program is being facilitated using B.E. Publishing’s EduTyping and will be taught by Aidan’s own Jordyn Walker!

Get ready to turn your classroom into a stage and dance like your favorite pop stars! In this high energy, age appropriate class, students will learn popular jazz techniques and hip hop combinations that they see their favorite pop stars doing! Students will focus on a number of elements including musicality, coordination, improvisation, and style, all while listening to their favorite music! Fridays

The ART BRAINS program moves far beyond the average arts and crafts hour, inspiring kids to think independently, creatively problem-solve, and expand on their ideas in an atmosphere of high imagination and empowered experimentation. We know that kids engaged in the arts gain academic and problem-solving ability, confidence, interpersonal skills and empathy, and our creative curricula are designed with these qualities in mind. Students will: create "secret garden" box dioramas viewable through small peepholes, create their own moon rocks, design labyrinths imaginary creatures travel through with magnets, make Valentine candies for storybook characters, collaborate on planning and modeling imaginary cities, and more!

This class will be indoor and outdoor, depending on the weather. This age group will start incorporating team play. electricity and magnetism worksheets 4th grade Players will be encouraged to work together and to share the ball. Kids should be active and creative on the ball. This class will work on socialization skills of teamwork, sharing, and sportsmanship. It will continue developing gross motor skills, ball skills and introduce passing. youtube electricity The class will be fun and will look to build player confidence and spatial awareness through creative games, movement and scrimmaging. gas kinetic energy Players should bring: soccer ball, water, cleats, shin guards, and running shoes/indoor flat shoes. Players should also wear proper athletic attire!

This class will be indoor and outdoor, depending on the weather. This age group will focus on further developing agility, spatial awareness, creativity and ball skills (including: dribbling/ball control, 1v1 moves and passing/receiving). Small sided play may be used to teach basic concepts of soccer. Most of the work will be individual based to help each player reach their potential. Players should bring: soccer ball, water, cleats, shin guards, and running shoes/indoor flat shoes. Players should also wear proper athletic attire!