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Auroth, the Winter Wyvern, is a ranged intelligence hero whose arsenal of spells gives her powerful nuking capabilities. Usually played as a lane support, Winter Wyvern‘s spells allow her to fulfill a myriad of roles depending on what her team needs. Arctic Burn grants her temporarily flying movement, increased attack range as well as night vision while causing her attacks to slow enemies and burn their health over time, allowing her to gank and harass with ease. Splinter Blast is a low-cooldown nuke that, while leaving its target unaffected, slows and deals tremendous damage to all other nearby enemies. Cold Embrace allows Winter Wyvern to encase a target ally within a protective layer of ice, disabling them for the duration of the spell but also rendering them immune to physical damage while healing them for a percentage of their maximum health. Her ultimate, Winter’s Curse, turns the enemies’ own weapons against them by stunning the target enemy while forcing all of their nearby allies to attack them. A fearsome ganker and powerful nuker, Winter Wyvern can chill her foes to the bone and wreak havoc on their ranks.

Like many great poets, Auroth just wants time to write, but the Winter Wyvern‘s life is full of interruptions. The epics of the Eldwurms have a long and colorful history, but some fear that the remaining dragon scholars are not as prolific as they once were, with few lines added to the Eldwurm Eddas since the last age of greatness. Auroth laments: "We forget that there is more to life than triumph and dominion over enemies. We must also live our lives in the pursuit of creative expression." She embarks on research expeditions, collecting books for inspiration. But all this research can be terribly distracting, and she spends less time writing than she should. Although she knows she should be lurking in her lair, adding to the Eddas, she finds herself engaged in epic battles against powerful enemies. She loots castles, raids ancient libraries… and if she happens to heap glory on herself in the process, she tells herself that it’s merely a side effect of her research. The fact is, while her skill and power on the battlefield are legendary, her scholarly travails have thus far hardly been the stuff of literary acclaim. But she is not content to stand as a protagonist of heroic lore. She wishes also to create it.

• Glimmer Cape is a cheap but powerful utility support item in Winter Wyvern’s hands. It can be cast on herself to allow her to invisibly approach the enemy during initiations, or can be targeted on an ally under the effects of Cold Embrace to fortify their magic resistance on top of nullifying physical damage.

• Force Staff is a cheap multipurpose item that greatly increases Winter Wyvern’s utility. The intelligence and health regeneration give her more mana and better roaming capability, and the active can help her to position herself more easily for casting spells, particularly to get Winter’s Curse off on an important target. It can also move allies to safer place during Cold Embrace.

• Sentry Ward is important to purchase regularly on top of Observer Wards. Winter Wyvern is very adept at de-warding due to her increased night vision and flying movement from Arctic Burn, both of which allow her to easily check elevated terrain for enemy wards.

• Soul Ring is a cheap purchase that increases Winter Wyvern’s ability to cast her spells. It provides health and mana regeneration, allowing her to roam more independently. The burst mana allows Winter Wyvern to cast her spells more readily, and the health cost can be recouped through Cold Embrace.

• Solar Crest gives Winter Wyvern may powerful bonuses for a comparatively cheap price. The armor and evasion makes her much tankier, allowing her to take advantage of her respectable strength growth, while the scaling mana regeneration helps keep her mana pool topped up. The active can be cast on a Winter’s Curse target, weakening their armor and increasing the odds of killing them.

• Eul’s Scepter of Divinity is a cheap but very powerful utility item that gives Winter Wyvern many strong benefits. The intelligence and mana regen greatly improve her ability to cast her spells, and the additional base movement speed makes her more mobile and able to position herself for casting her disables. The active can be cast on herself for temporary invulnerability and debuff removal, or used as an additional disable to take an enemy out of the fight or pin down an enemy during a chase/escape.

• Scythe of Vyse greatly improves Winter Wyvern’s intelligence and provides all-around attributes as well as plenty of mana regeneration to fuel her costly spells. The hex is a powerful hard-disable that greatly increases her ability to contribute to ganks and teamfights.

Frustrated with writer’s block, Auroth, the Eldwurm scholar takes flight from her lair to forge a new, heroic narrative—with herself as protagonist. Where most dragons originate fire, the Winter Wyvern stores unfathomable cold. Soaring over the treeline, she breathes a blistering chill, causing painful Arctic Burns. Frozen crystals form inside her gullet, shattering upon impact to Splinter Blast hordes of closely packed foes. Gentle with her companions, she holds them in a Cold Embrace, wrapping them in healing ice. Auroth has no time for would-be dragonslayers. Compelling her attackers to turn against one another, her Winter’s Curse resolves the problem before any intruder ever sets foot in her lair.

• Winter Wyvern made her first official Dota 2 appearance in the New Bloom trailer " The Coming of the Year Beast" which was showcased the first time after the finals of the Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015 on the 9th of February 2015. The trailer video was later posted on the official Dota 2 blog as part 1 of the New Bloom event.

• Her next official appearance was in the comic " The new neighbors", which was posted on the 10th of February 2015 on the official Dota 2 blog. In the comic, she is depicted as an "artistic" dragon with interests in books who does not follow the traditional behavior of dragons razing cities to the ground.

• Winter Wyvern’s response when meeting Axe as an ally, Play " In this world, nothing is certain but ice and axes" is a nod to a quote by Benjamin Franklin, which states: " In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." [3]

• When the hero’s abilities were showcased in The International 2016, Winter’s Curse was cast on a Naga Siren, which caused her team mates, Gyrocopter, Ancient Apparition, Earthshaker and Storm Spirit, to kill her. This is in reference to how Aui_2000, who played Naga during Game 4 in the finals of the previous International against CDEC, was subsequently kicked out of the team.