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The dog lover in you would know how dogs love to run and chase. Unless you place them in an enclosed fence, they tend to run around without worrying about consequences, leaving you worried about their safety. This is especially true if your property is on a busy road or is too large for you to keep track of him. v gashi halil bytyqi For this reason choosing the best invisible dog fence is of vital importance. That’s why we, at ilovedogfriendly , are here to provide you with all the information you need in order to make an educated decision of which product is right for your needs and clear any confusion you may have. You can find the one you need by checking our wireless dog fence reviews.

You could build a large above ground fence around your property but it would block your view and spoil the look of your house. Chain fences are not very reliable as many dogs are able to get through them and they also tend to look unsightly. The market has now changed to “Hidden Fences” which while invisible to the naked eyes, keep your dog within a defined boundary. These help keep your dogs within a defined space without actually putting up physical barriers or an electric fence.

A wireless dog fence consists of two main pieces of equipment – a transmitter and a receiver dog collar. The transmitter is usually a radio wave emitter which plugs into an outlet in your home. It emits a radio signal within a limited range which will vary with each brand and each product. Most of the transmitters have a dial or a switch which will let you set the distance to which the radio signal can travel. This distance is what sets the boundary around the transmitter usually in form of a circle.

The other part is the receiver which is usually in the form of a dog collar. b games unblocked You will need to put this onto your dog and adjust it to his neck and hair type (short or long) so that the contact points are touching his neck. As long as your dog stays within the safety zone of the boundary he is free and the receiver lies dormant. 9gag memes But as he approaches the edge of the boundary the receiver sounds a warning beep. If he continues then he receives a small electric shock or as it is called in the industry static correction. This is very mild and does not harm your dog; it just startles him.

Type of Landscape on the property: Wireless fence works on radio waves which travel in straight lines, which means that if you have large or metal objects blocking this radio transmission you will have a broken fence. Also the radio waves travel flat and parallel to the ground and do not travel upwards and downwards. This means that if you have hills and slopes in your yard, then this may not be the right fencing system for you.

Boundary Wobble: A wireless system’s boundary is not always perfect, depending on the temperature, pressure and humidity in the atmosphere, the range of the radio waves will vary to a certain extent. This is called the boundary wobble. This varies anywhere between 1 feet to 10 feet. gas stoichiometry worksheet The smaller the number the tighter the control and reliability of the transmitter. Do not consider any system which has a boundary wobble greater than 10 feet as it will be an extremely unreliable system.

By buying this product, you can be sure that this is a completely safe and human way to discipline a dog. It doesn’t harm a dog and keeps it away from dangerous areas such as pools, traffic, and off-limit zones like neighbor’s yard or garden. It comes with rechargeable and waterproof collar and there’s a low possibility for chewing a wire since it is heavy and robust (it’s not like other seen wired dog fences). The system has 3 automatic static correction levels, and 10 levels of vibration and correction. Another great thing is that you can switch to tone-only mode whenever you want, while the anti-bark system is controlled only by you.

The Combo Electric dog Fence System comes with a 12-month Warranty and there’s also a possibility to choose a 3 or 4-year protection plan. By using this simple-to-command wired dog fence, you’ll be able to spend your free time playing with your dog rather than disciplining it. Since the collar is rechargeable, you can forget on buying batteries. m gastrocnemius medialis It fits most size dog necks (8-27 in) and is certainly worth of money. Read more on this extraordinary combo product… And Finally

Now that you have carefully read our wireless dog fence reviews we would recommend any of the above invisible fences for you, but we have to admit that our favourite is the PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence. It has enough range and features to satisfy most urban as well as rural dog lovers. It is also priced right for the most discerning customer so we feel that it deserves the title as the best invisible dog fence for 2017.

Whichever e you choose, ensure that you read the manual carefully before installing it. Remember not to install the transmitter very close to other electronic or radio equipment like your washing machine, television etc. as it can interfere with the transmitter and make the boundary unstable. Also install it away from your Wi-Fi system and garage doors. Maintain a minimum of 3 feet from these objects

Once installed take the time to train your dog with the required patience. It will take 1-3 weeks depending on the type of dog you have. Do go online or speak to your vet/ dog trainer to understand what it will take to train your dog. electricity per kwh calculator Ensure the dog is not wearing the collar for more than 12 to 13 hours a day. Also never attach a leash to this collar.