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Tim was first hired in 2009 to write content for the Kidder Broadcast News Resource Center, which is now known as WBA Newsroom. Under his care, the site has grown into an important resource for practicing journalists and anyone interested in learning more about journalism’s role in the gathering and dissemination of information to the public.

The site features relevant and updated information about Wisconsin laws regarding news coverage, quick explanations of how our state’s court system works, pro tips on shooting video and writing, and even a link to a site where every place-name in Wisconsin is accurately pronounced. gas bubble in back It was underwritten by a generous grant from veteran journalist and WBA Hall of Famer R. Perry Kidder.

I hope you had a chance to watch as your WBA Foundation continued our proud nearly 30 year tradition of hosting statewide debates for all general election races for all U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races. This year we brought statewide attention to two key races: The U.S. Senate debate was on Oct. 13 in the Wausau/Rhinelander market and our gubernatorial debate was on Oct. 19 in the Madison market.

It’s been interesting to look back at my notes from when both boards asked us in early 2013 to come up with a new WBA Debate Plan, with a goal of being more inclusive of our membership by encouraging a more market-based approach. electricity billy elliot backing track From the formation of the Debate Committee (with recommendations coming from both boards) to the re-evaluating and refining throughout a 6-month period with the final plan being passed at the Joint Board Meeting in 2014, it’s been a wonderfully rewarding experience to see the final plan put into action. Four years later, we’ve held debates in all five markets.

I think the best part (for me) has been watching how well our markets have worked together…competitors who come together, willingly, respectfully, and gracefully for a common cause and to bring our WBA Foundation mission to light…to better educate and serve the public and to promote the civic and political process. I’m also inspired by the outpouring of support and encouragement from our entire membership.

Make sure to take a look at the recap of this year’s amazing, award-winning (many times over) Broadcasters Clinic! It’s hard to believe but the Clinic Committee, under the leadership of Kent Aschenbrenner (and of course, our own Linda Baun who puts many of her own special touches on the entire 3-day event) put together an event that topped last year’s Clinic. gas density and molar mass Yes, our nationally-recognized Clinic becomes more popular every year! PLEASE make a note to send your engineer next year (and GM’s, we’d love to have you join us on the impressive exhibit floor; a perfect opportunity for you and your engineer). It’s often said that our Broadcasters Clinic is the best event of its kind in the country, drawing in attendees from an average of 20 states per year. thermal electricity how it works And, lucky you, Wisconsin broadcasters…it’s right in your own backyard.

No. 1: A few birds make all the difference. Smithsonian Magazine actually captured these birds on video then slowed the footage down to better understand what was really going on. It turns out that a small group of birds decide, in a nano-second, that it’s time to change direction, and the entire flock follows suit. These “lead birds” have no fancy titles or formal leadership roles. Apparently, they sense opportunity (favorable wind drafts, insects for meals, e.g.) and decide it’s time to change. grade 9 electricity unit review In our state association, our industry, or in your TV or radio stations, is there a small, influential group of people who see opportunity and can change where you’re going?

The next time you see one of those big clouds of darting, speeding starlings, ask yourself if your organization behaves like those winged creatures. Are you built for speed, full of influential team members (regardless of title), who can seize new opportunities? Do we encourage wild individualism even as we ask everyone to go the same direction?