Witherspoon distillery’s spirits pack a welcome punch

Two Saturdays ago, I journeyed to Lewisville native Quentin Witherspoon’s distillery at 225 S. Electricity symbols worksheet Charles Street just off of Old Town’s Main Street to take in a tour of the facility, and partake of samples.

As I paid for the tour, Jason Claeys carded me, explaining that since the distillery is a distilled spirits plant and the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) is “stricter than the FBI.”

Claeys then introduced me to Anna Hartsock, the distillery’s tasting hall manager. Kansas gas service bill pay Though the bar was hopping, Hartsock took the time to welcome me and describe her work. La gasolina daddy yankee mp3 The bar at Witherspoon Distillery teems with happy, chatting customers. Electricity around the world Tasting Hall Manager Anna Hartsock (far left) creates tasty cocktails for Witherspoon’s patrons. Electricity history in india Photo by Dru Murray.

Hartsock, who has progressed in her career for 18 years and is self-taught, told me she was busy testing new cocktail recipes for the summer set to be rolled out “next week.” She said she creates new menus for summer, spring, fall, and winter. Gasoline p “I incorporate a lot of seasonal foods, like strawberries, rhubarb, mint, sage, rosemary,” she enthused.

And then she blew my socks off with samples of her newest creations, all infusions. Electricity merit badge worksheet Anna informed me that she makes an infusion by taking “our star spirits to a higher proof, adding the infusion, straining it, and proofing it down.”

The first was a bacon-infused bourbon she dubbed a Breakfast Old Fashioned. U gas hampton Anna said that to create the drink, she cooks Applewood bacon and strains off the fat while it’s cold before adding it to the distillery’s bourbon. Electricity receiver definition Before sipping a tiny bit, my nostrils definitely whiffed a hint of bacon, that foodstuff few disdain, and upon swilling the liquid mixture down my throat, found the drink lived up to its promise—its bacon flavor enhanced the bourbon’s burn.

But the best was next—the coconut-infused rum. Youtube gas laws Now, I must preface what follows with a confession that I’m not wild about coconut, but wow!—the drink could not be characterized as anything but delicious. Electricity lab activities Anna stated that the coconut drink is “an all-natural plantation style” since she uses real coconut and leaves a lot of fat in the infusion.

Anna, who was hired at the Witherspoon Distillery in September 2015, said the “owners have been amazing. Electricity and magnetism online games For instance, they had me attend a three-day bar conference sponsored by the USBG, or U.S. Gas out game commercial Bartenders’ Guild, to learn new things.”

Others obviously enjoy Anna’s creations as patrons at the large bar were buzzing like bees around a hive brimming with scrumptious, irresistible honey. Electricity omd Lewisville’s Witherspoon Distillery not only produces spirits for its visitors but also offers them fun. 935 gas block Photo courtesy of Witherspoon Distillery.

The distillery tours cost $10 and are worth every penny. Current electricity definition physics Mine was conducted by Founder and Master Distiller Quentin Witherspoon who delivered a font of information about distilling spirits, plus great gobs of merriment. Electricity 2015 Witherspoon Distillery Cofounder and Master Distiller Quentin Witherspoon offers tours chock full of hilarity and information. No electricity jokes Photo by Dru Murray.

Witherspoon started the tour with the words, “We are federally compliant since we are a hazardous materials chemical plant.” Then added, “Now as many of you know, when you grow up in a smaller town, it cramps your style so I joined the U.S. Gas mask art Marine Corps, which enabled me to travel to over 40 countries. Electricity gif There I visited communities that lacked the amenities of electricity, AC, refrigeration, and fresh water. Online electricity bill payment We were close to diplomats who graciously supplied us with beer, which we started stockpiling. Gas zone pricing We had a water distillation unit and the first thing we did was put a lot of beer and wine into it to turn it into really bad vodka, which was popular at parties.” Witherspoon continued, “I made it my objective to learn how locals produced alcohol.”

Other founders of the distillery include Witherspoon’s friend and fellow Marine Ryan DeHart and Ryan’s wife Natasha. M gastrocnemius medialis Ryan serves as the distillery’s chief financial officer, while Natasha is its chief revenue officer. La gasolina Pointing to the two stills on his left, Witherspoon said, “These two stills are fractionated stills named Porgy & Bess. 9gag tv They produce 1,000 cases per month. Gas meter in spanish The new ones right here behind me distill via steam. Monroe la gas prices They don’t have a name yet; we may have a contest to name them. Electricity powerpoint template The three cylinders you see outside I valiantly rescued from Canada and will produce one million gallons of whisky in a year.”

“Our distillery was formerly a Piggly Wiggly store that burned down in the ’80s but we still have the sign and since I didn’t know what to do with it, I decided to keep it and hang it on the wall,” Witherspoon said.

Witherspoon’s great humor that elicited tons of laughs from the 36 tour participants was accompanied by copious amounts of information his audience appreciated. Gas ks He explained how his interest in distilling came about when he served in Central Africa. Electricity office near me He said that distilling evolved in Northern Africa where fermented liquids were heated up in a container with a neck that looped down. Types of electricity generation methods It was in the neck from which a separate vapor of alcohol or “magical spirit” was captured to create what we still call today “spirits.”

Upon his return to Charleston, South Carolina, Witherspoon immersed himself in learning the art of creating mountain whisky. Gas in babies how to get rid of it Witherspoon said that when the liquid from fermented grain undergoes distillation, the first liquid to emerge is a bluish-grey and tastes like vomit, but after the distilled liquid reaches the aziotropic limit, the outcome is a liquid with good color, flavor, and aroma. Static electricity diagram The resulting industrial-grade alcohol is then filtered through charcoal to produce 182-proof vodka. Gas finder “We don’t make vodka on purpose on the way to rum or whisky,” stated Witherspoon. Gas x tablets himalaya “Vodka may be made from any fermentable resource on earth.”

According to Witherspoon, brandy is derived from bad wine. Gas works park fireworks “In France,” he noted, “distilleries produce Cognac and Armagnac. Electricity generation by country Cognac is actually brandy that has been distilled twice.”

“Mexico, I love that place,” said Witherspoon. E gaskell “They have the agave plants that have the sugar used to make mescal and tequila. Gas utility worker But beware that when a bartender pours your drink while low behind the bar, it’s a red flag as he’s probably giving you vodka, not tequila.” The charred white oak barrels so important in the aging of spirits stand ready to perform their duty in the Witherspoon Distillery’s barrel room. Static electricity vocabulary words Photo by Dru Murray.

“Whisky may be made from lots of types of grains—wheat, barley, corn, or rye. Electricity history timeline France and Great Britain produce whiskies. Npower gas price reduction Malting in Scotland consists of adding water to grain, which then germinates,” Witherspoon stated. Bp gas prices nj “Once that happens, it’s mashed down in a process called mashing, which activates the sugar to produce a 7% alcohol called distiller’s beer. Grade 6 electricity unit test The white whiskey is then loaded into a barrel. Kd 7 electricity socks The whisky’s flavor may come from smoke generated by peat moss that’s set on fire. Electricity freedom system Scotch whisky is extremely refined and delicate and one of the most refined.”

Witherspoon related how he entered his whisky in the International Whisky Competition held in San Francisco in 2015. Gas unlimited houston texas He said that though the whisky garnering the competition’s top honors was Yamasaki, a Japanese distiller, his whisky did well and he was “consoled by the fact that our whisky was only 12 months old.”

“Everyone’s heard the term ‘single-malt whisky,’ Witherspoon said. K gas constant “That means the whisky was distilled at a single distillery. Gas monkey live Many distilleries have few roads and many products. 93 gas near me A single malt may cost a lot.” Witherspoon added: “A blended Scotch whisky gives you a better value. Electricity vs gasoline ‘Blended’ means the whisky is a blend of whiskies from at least two distilleries. 3 main gas laws But, you should drink what you like to drink.”

Witherspoon warned that blended American whiskey is undesirable because “it is anything but whiskey. Electricity how it works Its ingredients are vodka, beet juice, carrot juice, glycerin, maybe vanilla extract, and propylene glycol, which is antifreeze and toxic. K electric company There’s a government warning on the bottles.” To elicit more warm laughter, he opined, “Death has long been a health problem.”

“Ireland ages its bourbons in oak barrels that come from the U.S. Bad gas 6 weeks pregnant and we import the Irish to drink it, so it’s a fair trade,” said Witherspoon, a statement that drew raucous laughter from his rapt audience.

“The U.S. C gastronomie traiteur avis and Canada produce rye whiskey, with half a percent thinking it’s better tasting than water while many think it tastes like pesticides. Electricity water analogy animation Whiskeys are ranked and are made from a dominant grain—wheat, barley, corn, or rye—but may have other ingredients that affect the taste like maple or cherry.” J. Gas cap light and Meredith Sims of Plano enjoyed their tour of the Witherspoon Distillery, with J. Gas key staking tool saying, “It turned out great. 76 gas station jobs We’ve never done this before.” and Meredith declaring, “I thought it was so informative and entertaining and tasty. Electricity song omd It was hot, hilarious, well-informed.” Photo by Dru Murray.

After learning all about the distilling of mountain whiskies, Witherspoon traveled to Puerto Rico to learn how to make rum from molasses and sugarcane grown in the Caribbean. Gas leak los angeles The yeast resident on the sugar cane ferments the combination for one and a half weeks to make alcohol the stills capture. Gas prices in texas 2015 “Our rum is 90 proof. Gas natural fenosa The tannic acid gives the rum its brown color,” said Witherspoon. M gasol “Every Friday night, I enjoy River Rum Reserve at home.”

We moved from the distillation room to the barrel room, home to brand-new charred white oak barrels so important in the aging of whisky. Gas hydrates are used Our tour guide said that some Scotch whiskies are aged for 27 years but “our Straight bourbon is aged two years or more. Gas prices going up to 5 dollars Age is not an indication of maturity or wisdom.”

“Though we load each barrel with 53 gallons, we never know how much bourbon concentrate will come out. Electricity lesson plans year 6 Some leaks out through evaporation—that is called ‘the angel’s share,’” explained Witherspoon.

Said Witherspoon, “You may have noticed the barrel room is warm since there is no air conditioning in it. Electricity edison Texas is the perfect place to age whisky since our temperature changes produce better whisky. Thitima electricity sound effect When there is no air conditioning in here, the temperature opens the barrels’ pores more intensely and a better whisky is produced. Electricity jokes riddles In fact, we can produce whisky one-half to three-quarters faster than any other place. Gas vs electric stove cost While all bourbon must be at a minimum of 80 proof, ours is 100 proof or higher. Eon gas card top up The whisky differs from barrel to barrel. Hp gas online booking hyderabad I chose the range of oak barrels. Was electricity invented during the industrial revolution If you want a single-barrel experience, we can give it to you.”

Witherspoon concluded the tour by saying the distillery uses “the finest ingredients to make the finest spirits.” Tour participants, some of whom came from as far away as Washington State, expressing heartfelt laughs and appreciative smiles. Shale gas in spanish Photo by Dru Murray.

Then we tour attendees moved to the tasting area under the capable stewardship of Felix Cordova. Gas tax in texas There, we tasted with gusto Witherspoon’s River Rum that has a natural vanilla flavor, River Rum Reserve, Texas Straight Bourbon, red Bonfire Rum whose name came from its history of being the culprit in a fire at the distillery and whose distinctiveness is attributable to the strong cinnamon flavor derived from the addition of cinnamon sticks, and delicious rum cake made with River Rum. J gastroenterol After the fire involving the Bonfire Rum, the Lewisville Fire Department subsequently requested that the rum be diluted down below flammable level.

The distillery tour was well worth its entry fee. Z gas guatemala When asked for her reaction to the tour, attendee Sarah Jones of Frisco unhesitatingly proclaimed: “Enlightening, exciting, entertaining.”

Witherspoon Distillery doesn’t just distill spirits—it offers locals a venue for a variety of entertaining events. Gas pain Tours run Fridays and Saturdays and cost $10. O goshi judo Check the website at www.witherspoondistillery.com for times and to make reservations. Electricity units of measurement Come early and make sure you have a government-issued ID with you, no matter your age. Gas after eating bread Guests may buy products on or off premise. Gas x strips after gastric sleeve Witherspoon Distillery’s rooftop solar panels generate electricity. Gas mask drawing A green-energy gauge displayed near its entrance displays how much energy those panels produce and the distillery’s usage of that energy. Electricity projects for class 12 At times, the distillery produces more than it consumes. Gas laws worksheet with answers Photo by Dru Murray.

Sunday, June 19, Witherspoon Distillery will host a Father’s Day event called “Oaked & Smoked, A Celebration of Dad” that’s surefire to be fun and memorable Its description promises participants will be able “Spend the Day at the Distillery with Dad.” The event will include master distiller’s tours, cask-strength tastings of exclusive distillery-only bottle releases, barbeque, live music, whiskey desserts, and cigar pairings. Gas pain in shoulder Tickets will cost $15 for children and $25 for adults.