Withings steel hr sport smartwatch review gas 99 cents


If you haven’t heard about Withings in the past, you are missing something! The French consumer electronics company has been founded in the late 2000s by two brilliant executives from the technology and telecommunications industry, who first created the first Wi-Fi body scale ( launched in 2009) with the ability to tweet your own weight loss. electricity cost by state After reacquiring his brand name from the giant, Nokia Corporation in 2016, Whitings comes back with a new wearable that focuses on connected health and : The Steel HR Sport smartwatch, a multisport hybrid smartwatch with awesome battery life for the sport fanatic.

Made with 316L stainless steel and 40 mm case, the watch is available in black or white face color. Both colors looks beautiful on the wrist and can be wear on different types of occasions. You will look classy during an important meeting or sporty when stepping at the gym due to the leather (2 models) and silicon (5 models) straps available to fit your personality.

Withings kept the same type of display has the Steel HR model to show health and sports data: a small circular OLED display on top of the watch that shows steps, distance, calories, activities phone notifications and alarm settings. The bottom display (called sub dial) give you in percentage (%) the progress so far of your daily activity goal.

That being said, we can confirm that the watch has even exceeded his battery life expectations by far. 2015 electricity increase For what I know, there’s no other smartwatch that can live up for a month with a single charge. By example, if you have read my post about the Fossil Sport Smartwatch, you know that battery last only 24 hours (operation mode) and 2-3 days in battery saving mode. This is truly a great advancement for the Steel HR Sport.

You will go beyond a month if you activate the power reserve mode (time and activity tracking only). If you plan to use the watch intensively for workouts, it will give you around 5 days of operation. gas definition wikipedia This is great for people who love to stay active most of the time and hate to charge his wearable too often (count me in!). Finally, Some GPS Connectivity

The Steel HR Sport is the first device from Withings that allows GPS connectivity once paired with smartphone. We would love to have a built-in GPS module but I am sure that the batter life would be decreased by half (if not more). At least, the ability to connect to your Android/iOS phone let you track your pace and distance and map out your course after a walking, running or cycling session using the Health Mate app.

The Steel HR Sport comes with a sophisticated sleep tracker that detects sleeping patterns when you are sleeping like a baby. gas house edwards co Having your sleep quality and the length of your sleep it will generate you a Sleep Score in the app. You can also see if you woke up during your sleep and if you were in deep or light sleep. This will help the user see if the body has recovered enough or not. e gaskell Not having enough sleep will tarnish your fitness results long term. 100+ Compatible Apps And Great Companion App

The Health Mate app (available for iOS and Android) is where you’ll find all your data, extra motivation, and personalized programs. You can also set your own goals within the app and also check your Fitness Level. The Fitness Level is calculated by using different factors (pace, heart rate, age, weight and gender), that will motivate you to get better and fitter.