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Wizards are masters of channeling mana into powerful spells. [1] They are ubiquitous throughout the known multiverse and are known to nearly every race. [2] Wizards come by their powers in different ways: [3] Some study for years on end to unlock the secrets of magic, while others are just born with the knack. Some wizards come together in huge schools or guilds to pool their resources and train neophytes. Wizards range across all five colors but are concentrated in blue, the color of knowledge. In the game, the color blue contains nearly twice as many wizards as any other two colors combined. The distant second color for the most wizards is black followed closely by white. In the Grand Creature Type Update the subtypes Mage ( Musician), Sorcerer ( Ovinomancer), Sorceress ( Sorceress Queen) and Witch ( Cuombajj Witches [4]) were incorporated into the Wizard class. On Kamigawa, wizards are known as jushi.

In contrast to shamans or druids, wizards take a methodical approach to magic. And while priests and clerics power their spells with their faith, wizards need years of practice to master their spells. Wizards are more versatile than simple spellshapers.

Dementia casters (also called dementia summoners) are members of the Cabal. [6] These mages have the unique ability to summon horrors from their personal " dementia space," a place populated with the caster’s greatest fears and all the beings he or she has killed. Later Dementia casters could also summon horrors from other people’s minds.

• Illusionists specialize in deception, using their magical abilities to create false images to confuse opponents and trick them into dangerous situations. The greatest illusionists have the ability to bring their images to life, blurring the line between illusion and reality.

• Lawmages (aka Advokists) are a specialized mage under the employ of the Azorius Senate and Orzhov Syndicate. They draw upon the binding power of the Guildpact to restrain criminals and then serve as lawyers once those criminals are taken to court. Azorius lawmages are typically the prosecution, while Orzhov lawmages are the defense.

• Necromancers are mages specializing in death magic, including the creation of undead. On Ravnica, the Golgari Swarm is known for utilizing necromancers while House Dimir is suspected of doing so by those who know of its existence. On Innistrad, Necromancers are divided into ghoulcallers, who summon the dead directly from their graves, and Stitchers, who sew various body parts together to create monstrous amalgations. An older form, practiced by Wakedancers, relies instead on trances and rituals more akin to shamans.

• Taskmages are mercenary spellcasters. They do not have the devotion to studying magic that other spellcasters have, instead learning a few useful, relatively simple spells to earn money. They are typically looked down upon by more scholarly mages.

• Thaumaturges, are mages found on Theros who are adept at weaving their magic into their surroundings. Therosian Thaumaturges are considered fully trained when they receive an omen of the gods. Stonewise thaumaturges are adept at using their magic to raise buildings and other edifices. [10]