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This is an absolutely wonderful visitor attraction. Unfortunately the weather was not great when we visited so we didn’t get to enjoy much of the grounds but the immaculately kept natural park has lots of interesting wildlife to look at (lots of different types of ducks in the duck pond, flamingoes and more). There are also lots of points of interest such as garden sculptures. Then there are the play areas. Oh, the play areas. The indoor one is just fantastic, like a series of little tree houses connected by rope bridges, tunnels, ladders and more. There is a trip, mega fast slide that is so much fun. The toddler area has lots to stimulate their interest and is fun for ages 1-5 (and older gas estimator if I’m honest…). The stand out feature in this area is the plastic ball room – press the green button on the wall and you can feed the balls up the plastic pipes at the side of the room. Once the suction has finished, they all fall from the roof. Genius, and the kids all loved it (and the adults!!!). The outdoor play area is just as spectacular – perhaps even more so – and has an absolutely gigantic spiral slide – we didn’t get to sample z gas guatemala it owing to the weather, which was such a shame! We didn’t eat here but the menu looked interesting and I imagine the food would be very good. The gift shop is huge and has a wonderful choice of keepsakes and treats. It is a little pricey (£11 kids, £12 adults) but you could literally spend a whole day here in good weather and no-one would get bored. Can’t wait to return!

Pensthorpe is a beautiful nature reserve – that’s undeniable. And for older children and adults there is a lot to do here. But when electricity distribution losses we visited with our three year old and baby, we felt what was on offer was limited. It’s great to see flamingos and cranes and our son enjoyed the sculpture garden, but walking through the nature reserve section only took about 45 mins before he was bored. We then headed to the adventure playground and indoor play area. The adventure playground is impressive but, apart from a small section at the end, it is geared up for children 5 years or over I would say. Again, the indoor play area is great, but the area for under 6 year olds is tiny. There is so much mor you could do for them. It’s a good thing our little boy enjoyed the ball machine – otherwise he’d have been bored after 15 mins. There is more why could do to engage little children. A craft area for example, more hands on activities, a bigger area in the play section. We would have gone on the ‘explorer’ but it would have cost us about £15 to do this, and the price is already steep without the extra charge gas mask bong nfl. This is a great place for nature lovers but I think it should be free (or reduced) for under 4s. We want to get our kids into nature but we drove quite a long way and founds things a bit limited and found the tickets too expensive for what’s on offer.

Thank you for your review. We take on board your comments about limited activities for younger children. During the school holidays, when we put on events, we include craft making activities and additional trails for the children, which we hope families can enjoy together. We also put on extra talks and activities such as talks regarding our red squirrels, meet the owl, build-a-den and exploring bug hotels. For children under 5 it is a great way to introduce them to nature – as a family. There’s also a mirror trail z gas ensenada, bug trail and stamp trail – all things that with very little ones you can encourage them and explore the park together. With regard to prices, under 3’s are free to visit Pensthorpe and we regard our prices as very fair when comparing us to other Norfolk days out (attractions) – our 700 acres includes multiple lakes, 4 very different gardens including one designed by world renowned plantsman Piet Oudolf. There are 6 bird hides you can pop into to have a peek and learn more about what you see – including 2 hides looking over our Wader Scrape, we also have a Wader Aviary where you can get really close to some fantastic (and rare) birds v gashi 2012. There’s also a 4pm bird feed (3pm in winter) which is a warden talk, introducing you to the variety of birds that flock to our Mill Pond. We do hope this sheds light on all the things we believe families can do together here to make a good day of it and that this response gives readers an opportunity to make up their own minds.