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My husband and I had the pleasure of going with Jerry to tour Chichen Itza on Monday March 18, 2013. He picked us up at our hotel promptly at 0700. We started the day early but this allowed us to beat all of the traffic and tourists at each destination. First off was Chichen Itza. This was about a 2 ½ hour drive. On the way there he enthusiastically taught us about the history of the Yucatan peninsula and the Mayan civilization. He is very knowledgeable and taught us so much about the surrounding area, even stopping to point out landmarks along the way. We stopped about half emitra electricity bill payment way there for a bathroom break at a truck stop that had hot food, snacks, beverages, and souvenirs along the way (which were much cheaper than electricity 80s song in the hotel zone BTW so bring your pesos). We then continued into Chichen Itza and it was almost deserted, we beat the crowds and the heat. I did not realize that there were so many outlying structures and a cenote around Chicen Itza. He took us to each structure and explained everything in detail about its purpose and design. After a couple hours at Chichen Itza we then proceeded to a nearby cenote where were able to swim in its crystal clear waters (we decided not to swim). Swimmers were able to dive off of two different level platforms into the water and float around under a small waterfall. We then had lunch on site at a buffet. They served all types of delicious Mexican food and had excellent service (and great local beer!). After lunch and a few pictures we headed to the small Mayan town of Valloidad (sp?) where we explored city hall and the town square. Inside city hall are these huge beautiful murals the depicted everything we had p gasol stats learned about on the trip so far. After a short stop in the city we headed to a Tequila distillery where we were able to observe how Tequila is traditionally made, no fancy equipment or even power needed. We had a taste of fresh Agave before it is made into Tequila and then tasted the three kinds of finished product, Silver, Resosado, and Anejo. The workers inside the gift shop even gave us some carrots to feed the donkeys out front before we left! On the way back we had a chance to close our eyes for a little bit during the drive and also flip through some books about the Mayans ideal gas kinetic energy that Jerry had in the van. Jerry made my husband and I feel like VIP’s. It was so nice to have him all to ourselves! If at first you think it is too expensive please consider this; the cost of the trip includes gas in a cold AC van, toll fees (which I estimated to be about $70 USD), entrance fees and lunch (easily another $100 USD), and the best history lesson you will ever receive!! Also do not worry about your things you bring along and having to lug them around. Umberto the driver stays in the van at all times and is a great security guard ; ) I would and will recommend Jerry k gas station jobs to anyone and everyone who visits the Cancun area. Like Jerry said to my husband and I, now we have a friend in Cancun.

My husband and I had the joy of being with Jerry last week Friday, March 22, 2013. From the moment he and his driver, Umberto, picked us up promptly at 7am until they dropped us off in the late afternoon, we were well cared for. Every detail–tickets, food, a cold bottle of water and fresh cool cloth, great information, and even the music on his ipod had been chosen to give his guests the best possible experience 7 cases movie. We learned so much about the Yucatan peninsula, the Mayans, modern Mexico, agriculture, history, plants, animals….it was great! Getting to Chichen Itza early ensured us a great visit before the throngs of tour buses arrived. Jerry was able to teach us all about the buildings and the history of the site. Then we were off to swim in the cenote, which was amazing and refreshing. We recommend jumping from the ledge for a memorable experience! The tour of the Mexican town that was built in the Spanish style kite electricity generation was also very interesting. Jerry is a great teacher, warm, funny, and easy to be with. If you can splurge on this adventure, you will not forget it! My husband says this was his favorite part of our trip to Cancun. THANK YOU, JERRY!

We came back from Puerto Aventuras March 16th. I came to tripadvisor looking for advice for a private tour of Chichen Itza. We had visited Tulum two electricity quiz ks2 years ago, but did so using the hotel service. We travelled with a big group and did not want to do it again. I spent several weeks looking for and reading reviews before finding Jerry. My wife and I travelled with our four kids and my in-laws. I am Mexican, my wife American and we live in San Antonio TX. It was very important for me to find a tour guide that would make the twelve hour trip enjoyable and informative. In reading some reviews I came across one of Jerry Ham, www.chichenitzawithjerry.com . I found his background very interesting and decided to contact him through his website. I got a response the electricity notes physics same day and in a couple more I had made my reservation for our group of 8. My wife and I are in our 40s, our kids are 12, 10, 8 and 3. Both my in-laws are in their early 70s. I explain this, just to give you an idea of the group Jerry had to deal with. We began our day early having breakfast at 7:00am and Jerry promptly arrived at 7:30 am to start our trip. It is a 3 hour drive from Puerto Aventuras to Chichen Itza. After introducing ourselves we all got in and started the trip. Jerry began the tour by asking us a few questions, which we got right. Then the information and stories started pouring out. Next thing we new, it had been two hours of history questions and jokes. He gave us an hour to ourselves, which we used to look at and read the books he brings along for the tour. We arrived around 10:30 am to the site. Well ahead of any big tour group gas after eating bread, as they have to pick up a lot of people and arrive here around 12:30pm. By this time my kids were asking Jerry all sorts of questions, he had them really engaged. Even the 3 year old, who became the tour guide upon Jerry’s invitation. She was thrilled to be in front of the group! Total time in Chichen was about three ours and we enjoyed it very much. For lunch we went to a nearby cenote (sink hole). After lunch we had the opportunity to swim in the cenote along with the catfish. It was beautiful, a little cold on the way in, but great overall. It was not gas after eating for everybody, only two of my kids, 10 and 8 wanted to swim so I also went in. I rented a lifevest for the 8 year old, but my 10 year old and I went in without one. In retrospect, we would have been able to stay longer in had I got lifevests for all of us. After the great swim, we headed back and stopped by in Valladolid. A small town a long the way back to Puerto Aventuras. It was electricity 4th grade worksheet a nice break for the drive back. During the drive back we went over more history on the Mayas and had a chance to ask Jerry more questions. We arrived back at our hotel a little past 7pm. We all loved the tour and learned so much about the Mayas and the Yucatan penninsula. I greatly appreciate the reviews I read about Jerry before this trip. This is why we all, family and in-laws, felt a review for Jerry was inorder. As we were walking back to our hotel room, after Jerry said his goodbyes, my kids started asking where Jerry was. Especially the 3 year old, she actually expected Jerry to stay with us! She cried all the way back to the room as she already missed him. Our tour was on tuesday, but my kids talked 76 gas station credit card login about it all week. They kept asking what was Jerry doing. He really made the tour memorable for us all.