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Instead of getting the sleep I desperately needed upon arrival in Siem Riep I came across a spiritual healing center. I had no clue what I was going for, but I knew I needed to go. I called and said I’ll do whatever you offer. I’m taking full advantage of my time away. So what did it entail? A personality questionnaire, reflexology, and full energy “audit” done by a Pneumatherapist named Jean. His main purpose was to test my chakras, aura, meridians, and discuss my energy synchronicity on physical, mental, emotional spiritual levels. It was professional, clean, and a beautiful environment. He says electricity wikipedia simple english my root (foundation) chakra is so grounded, powerful and strong. He had his assistant Billie feel it too and they were both moved by my energy levels.. My heart chakra is also very open and accepting, which is what connects the physical and spiritual chakras. A sense of confirmation, happiness and reassurance was what I felt. I am very new to all this spirituality talk but I felt like I was in the right place the second I arrived. It was a great start to my month in Asia- and even though I was fresh off gas 93 travel and lacking zzz’s my chakras were surprisingly balanced. It was a super cool experience and they were wonderful people. Thank you! More Show less

For a long time going to siem reap has been high on my bucket list of places I had to go , it is such a special place I thought where better to do a retreat, but I wanted to do something more than just yoga /meditation ( which u can find everywhere worldwide) , I wanted something that worked with energy and spiritually too. I was looking a few months b4 my planned trip, I kept getting drawn to Wayism Centre , which although wasn’t the cheapest going it seemed to pack a lot of diffent things into the week , so I took a leap of faith and booked it . Best decision I ever made , it was a life changing experience , I could not fault the staff at the centre in both there friendly/ relaxed attitude but also in the level of their various expertise. There was also gas monkey monster truck a lot of hidden extras included in the package and having finished the week I view it as very good value for money, the food provided during the day was beautiful and the accomadation included close by was better than I expected . There knowledge of the temples and the area around is astounding and they were extremely helpful in organising outside trips and giving advice electricity distribution costs . Also the whole ethos of the centre is very relaxed , go enjoyed yourself in the evening and u don’t have to stick to any diet for the week (which I assumed it wouldn’t be ), Just do it !!!

I just completed the Spiritual Energy Retreat program at the Wayist Center in Siem Reap Cambodia couple days ago. A blissful journey for the heart and the soul with outstanding people! I found the retreat through a retreat booking engine. I always wanted to visit Cambodia and I wanted to have a self growing experience at the same time, no need to say that finding the Wayist retreat was just perfectly what I needed and even more! I was traveling alone to Siem Reap to attend this retreat, a long way from my hometown (Montreal, Canada) and upon arrival I realized that unfortunately, my checked bag didn’t follow me to my final destination. Tired and a little bit annoyed by the situation, I wasn’t feeling like my vacation were starting well… but luckily gas news uk I had more or less 24 hours on my own before starting the retreat. The hotel where I was staying was taking care by Wayist as part of my retreat. The room was decent and clean and the staff very accommodating to help me follow-up on my bag situation with the airport everyday. On the first day of the retreat, the minute I entered the center i’ve been welcomed by Billie with a hug and a genuine smile, I felt home right away! The meeting with the other girls attending was also very warm as well as the first introduction with Adele. Adele who even before meeting me had been really nice all the way from getting the info needed on the retreat and the booking. I knew at that moment I had made the right choice by choosing this retreat and youtube gas station karaoke I was already excited to start! From morning Karman meditation and mantra meditation, to workshops on the chakras with Adele or teaching about the wayist philosophy and religions to help understand where everything is coming from with Jean, we also had energy healing and energy sessions and even more! The visits at the silk farm, the lotus farm and, most important, the Siem reap ancien temples where absolutely outstanding! Some of my highlights of the week were for me to discover myself trough the chakras definition and role as well as through mp electricity bill pay indore my own energy. I had questions i needed answers to or confirmations since deep down inside, I knew the answers, and I got everything I was looking for this week and even more. The funeral ceremony on the last day of the retreat where we do burn the things we want to leave behind was definitely a strongly meaningful act of closure for me. Adele and Jean are amazing souls that came into my life at the perfect time! Life always give you what you need at the moment you need it, or when its the right time and you are ready. I was ready for the teaching I’ve received here and I am now excited for what is yet electricity magnetism to come for me on the beautiful journey of this life time. If you are looking for answers or guidance or just a life changing experience, I strongly recommend booking a Spiritual Energy Retreat with Adele and Jean at the Wayist Center. I promise that you will return home completely changed! Thank you Jean and Adele, thanks for taking so much good care of my soul during that week and for seeing light and beauty in all of us attending that retreat and helping us making it shine! Namaste ❤️ Marie

The retreat was just fantastic. I think everyone could benefit from spending time there. Adele, Stephanie and Jean were all really great to learn from, and work with – big hearts and just very sweet and kind. I learned so much about myself, meditation, chakras, Cambodia and just general life philosophy. A big thing is that h gas l gas brennwert I was able to let go of some of the stuff I had carrying around and that just feels like a miracle. The things I learned, I’m going to be practicing for the rest of my life. So I highly highly recommend this retreat. I already want to go back! Adele booked a hotel near the retreat that I could walk to easily. The accommodations were great. Clean, modern washroom, good breakfast and cheap laundry at the hotel to have them do it for you. Very easy to get a cheap tuktuk to the electricity lesson plans year 6 main center of town. The center is a great space. Large, lots of nature, clean and has great energy. The lunches were vegetarian and delicious! We visited a silk farm which was fascinating to see. A day at the temples was magical. One of my most vivid memories has been meditating there.