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Due to the growing number of aid organisations and campaigns requiring support for the recent and widespread earthquake devastation in Lombok and the Gili Islands, the following overview was created to streamline the process of choosing a reputable and trustworthy organisation, therefore making it more likely the right support and donations will reach those who need it most. The purpose is to centralise the information regarding the ways one can help because currently information is scattered and confusing, and to organise it in such a way that you can make an informed decision. la gastronomie We are not endorsing particular organisations, nor are we liable for their actions – good or bad!

Update 8/8/18 7pm – The situation on the ground is quite hectic. Government boots finally landed today, a welcome reprieve for current organisations and victims who, for the past 3 days bravely faced the terrible and heartbreaking situation together. Assistance was provided as best possible to the thousands of victims with limited resources, no electricity or wifi and distribution of survival basics like shelter, water, food, medical and SO MUCH MORE was a desperate, sleep-deprived, indescribable effort. The government should have been clapping the moment they landed. The area has yet to be declared a natural disaster which means Lombok is not receiving international aid….and is dependent on other forms of support.

The most effective form of donation if you want to help is giving money because it’s the fuel that drives the engine; specifically, teams on the ground can execute faster and more accurately. Another option is to mix it up, such as attend a local evening fundraiser with friends, make a donation to an organisation, and make some space by donating stuff you don’t use – this can be a much more impactful and rewarding experience.

**^Pituq Community Foundation — is a non-profit charity located in North Lombok which helps less fortunate people to better their lives through sustainable methods such as education, by creating jobs, building houses and by providing the basic daily needs for those who most need it. They have done amazing work the last few years and know how to reach the people who need it most in the forgotten places. Currently they are desperate for funds to distribute basic necessities and rebuild for the victims in their region. Updates available on FB page.

**^Lombok Forgotten Children and Endris Yayasan — Lombok Forgotten Children foundation homebase is located at the epicentre of where the earthquakes struck, making this mission a high priority. They have 50 to 100 active LFC EF volunteers and serve North Lombok. electricity experiments for high school Endri knows every village, village leader, govt leaders etc…which helps to coordinate the team quickly and effectively – especially in the places that need it most. Endri is also Red Cross (Red Crescent) CEO for North Lombok Region so they are able to meet the needs across both effectively and they have a long term distribution plan for the funds.

**^JMS for Lombok (Jaringan Masyarakat Sipil) — an NGO on ground delivering aid. Jaringan Masyarakat Sipil (JMS) is working with locals from villages most affected and assessing what is needed and providing support in the form of water, blankets, food, baby needs (like nappies) and first aid items. There are many NGO’s helping here and they are forming partnerships to divide up the work. They are covering West Lombok, East Lombok, Central Lombok and North Lombok.

**^Harupan Baru Lombok Foundation — Currently this charity’s efforts are helping to mobilise and coordinate logistics for a large area; they have created 8 regions based on the villages in the region and there are more than 50 camps in their region. They are organised and able to accurately assess and meet the needs of the people in their reach. They helped with the earthquake in North East Lombok at the end of July. Now their efforts are directed in the Medas Pintu district, close to their base in Mataram, West Lombok and it is thought that no organizations help them yet.

LombokCare have mobilised their staff and are raising funds to provide aid for the victims in the Kerandangan area. electricity for kids Current activities related to earthquake aid: supplying meals for about 1,000 people living in shelters, making assessments and surveys of those in need of rehabilitation, purchasing supplies to meet the basic needs of several villages. For a full update check FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Lombokcare/

^Gili Eco Trust – is an NGO with a focus on environmental conservation restoring coral reefs around the Gilis. They are based on Gili Trawangan and the funds are being used to support those in need, particularly providing medical aid and rebuilding damaged buildings as well as care of the animals on the island (horses, cats, cows and goats).

**^Rotary Club Bali – are currently on the ground in Lombok assessing the situation and have set up a camp in Mataram, North Lombok. Five Rotarians from Bali have been working together with five from Jakarta and ten from Lombok. This team of Rotarians are coordinating with local police to assess urgent needs, particularly for those areas that have yet to receive assistance from the government’s ongoing efforts. gas numbers stove temperature A financial donations through the Rotary Disaster Relief will go to the victims and as the volunteers are all self-funded.

**^Kopernik Solutions – is a non-profit organization headquartered in Indonesia that distributes low-cost technologies to recipients in less-developed countries using crowdfunding. Highly effective in disaster situations, Kopernik is raising funds to set up temporary shelters for those evacuated and homeless from the earthquake. The aim is to distribute 500 Shelter Kits to two villages in East Lombok (Sembalun Lawang and Sembalun Bumbung – around 20k population).

**^I.am.angel. Foundation – has worked previously with natural disaster victims, specifically refugees from the Mt Agung recent evacuation efforts. Currently on the ground distributing resources in the North of Lombok. The i. am. angel foundation, founded by musician will.i.am, administers charitable activities and programs targeted towards providing college scholarships, college preparation, and many others.

**^IDEP Foundation — is an experienced non profit that has been assisting on disaster emergency response since the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia. IDEP will assist 3 evacuation posts in North Lombok by distributing Family Buckets for each family in the evacuation camp. electricity word search answers The Family Bucket is a system used by IDEP in emergency response because each bucket can sustain a family for 2 weeks with the basics.

**^Project Karma & **^Yayasan Team Action Amed – Project Karma is a registered charity with the Australian Charity and Not-for- Profits Commission (ACNC). Project Karma’s focus is to combat child sex exploitation. Currently they are on the ground in Lombok and working in conjunction with Yayasan Team Action Amed (bali based) to provide supplies and help the people in North Lombok with food, water and clothing. Team Action Amed was formed in September 2017 to assist evacuees that relocated from the red zone due to the impending eruption of Mt Agung.

**^Agung Siaga Charity- was originally formed in 2017 to assist evacuees displaced by the ongoing volcanic activity of Mt Agung, Bali. They have partnered with local charities (Mentigi Bay Relief Effort) to provide relief for 1000 local villagers in Mentigi (North Lombok) whose 800 homes have all been flattened. Their team is on the ground, providing aid and distributing clean food & water, earthquake-resistant shelters, post-trauma workshops. They require funding to build sustainable living conditions such as toilets, showers, kitchens and shelters. Food and water needs are met but not using sustainable methods.

^Help the Lombok Earthquake Victims — A campaign to raise money for distribution of basic supplies water, food, medical supplies, blankets and clothing for those living in the emergency shelters that have been erected. The money collected will be used to support those most in need over a 6 month period. 12 deliveries of aid, 2 weeks apart, to the families of North and East Lombok that are rebuilding their lives.

Lombok Strong — a trauma nurse and a Dr (PhD), both experienced in disaster relief set up this gofundme because they were the first to arrive at a local village in the north. They are partnering with a local disaster relief team, Berugak Lombok. They have been working with local officials to deliver food, water and shelter to those affected by the earthquake. electricity generation by source They have short and long term objectives.

URGENT ITEMS: Tents, tarps, baby formula, warm clothes, warm blankets, rice and other dry foods, water filters or sterilising tablets (hard to find in Lombok and so much more useful than taking fresh water – it can make their abundant well water drinkable), medicine and medical supplies (non-penicillin antibiotics if possible), sleeping bags, torches, lanterns, headlamps (pref solar or rechargeable or bring batteries), Walkie Talkie sets, rope

You can help the victims of the recent earthquake in Lombok by donating the following items to us here at the James Cook Sports Bar. We are a drop off point for Yayasan Team Action Amed who will collect your donations and deliver them directly to Project Karma who will distribute to those most in need. Glen and his team from Project Karma were one of the first on the ground after Sunday’s earthquake and need our help.