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Have you ever had an experience where your boss asks you to take on a new project and your first thought is “There is just no way I have the time or energy to do this! Do they not know that I am already overworked with about five other projects going on at the same time?" I had these feelings when I was asked to help with the Cam Newton United as One Program. I knew it was a great program and it would be a great learning experience for our kids but my selfish focus was only on the time it would take to do this. The kids were instructed to answer seven open-ended questions using no more than 200 words per question. I am not a great writer, I am an even worse reader, and assessor of writing…remember, I teach Algebra! My idea was to pawn the project off on an English teacher. After all, they are paid to teach writing, so to get the job done, I could get someone else to do it! After approaching one of my favorite English teachers with my request they immediately replied, “Are you kidding me? I have 70 essays on my desk waiting to be graded!” I slowly backed out of the room. In my own belligerent way, I started reading the responses the kids had submitted. electricity physics definition The thought and effort most of them put into answering their questions amazed me. They obviously have had some excellent instruction on how to write. Their writing style was simple but not simplistic. They all shared a common passion for wanting to be a positive leader in our school and our world. They are all determined to work hard to improve themselves so they can better serve others. gas vs electric stove safety What a gift! Here is an example of a student’s writing. Enjoy the read and the ride!

1. I want to be a part of this program because I feel like we (people of all races) should come together as one, talk about race openly and honestly, learning about everyone’s personal experiences. I want to be able to talk about race knowledgeably with all types of people I come in contact with. In order to do this, I must be willing to talk about the hard stuff that makes us uncomfortable. I am willing and able to and I think this program would better equip me to do so. As an athlete, I encounter people of many different races and can influence kids my age, older and younger. To be a good role model, I need training and good instruction. I believe this program would help me accomplish this.

2. Leadership means the ability to show the right way to do things to other people by actions, not just words. At times, you can speak out against something and if you have been a good role model, people will listen to what you have to say. Leadership isn’t about being popular; it’s about doing the right thing, at the right time. electricity test physics Leadership also means being willing to tackle a problem to be part of the answer.

3. My strong qualities are being able to make friends with many different types of people and being able to lead and influence others. One example was last year, I was in the courtyard (playground) at school and this kid was getting picked on constantly and I was talking to him and trying to get him too walk away but he would not stop trying to defend himself. So, I told him to stay where he was and I walked over to the guys picking on him and said, “How would you like it if this happened to you. Would you like it if you got pushed around and had balls thrown at you?” After that day, they stopped picking on that kid. Another time, a kid in my grade made fun of my brother with a disability. I asked him several times to stop using the “R” word because it reflects negatively on people with disabilities. Until I explained it and repeatedly asked him to stop, he didn’t understand.

5. I would say that I am influential and have friends of many races. I can talk to many different people from wealthy to those who are poor. 10 gases and their uses I feel like race can be an uncomfortable thing to talk about with another person and I want to be able to discuss it with people no matter their skin tone, black or white. I have some interesting goals in baseball and I want to use that platform to be a good leader.

7. I am different because I am comfortable talking about difficult topics, willing to listen but also share my opinion. I am proud of my baseball abilities, not just talent but also the hard work I am putting in to improve. I am unique in that I can hang out and talk about ethnicity or race. I have experience doing this with the LEAD Ambassadors and members of my WA football, basketball and baseball teams.

The Social Studies Club held its annual “Holidays Around the World Party” on Thursday, Dec. 6. Members brought in food that reflects their heritage. Students feasted on Jamaican patties – meat and vegetarian, Korean seaweed and shrimp crackers, Scottish shortbread, Banana chips, Japanese candy, French eclairs, American “pigs in blankets” and ice cream, and so much more. Thank you to all who worked so hard to prepare the wonderful food! Everything was delicious, and the members enjoyed trying new dishes and socializing with their friends. All I want for Christmas is…WAMS uniform wear!

Parents, if you need a gift idea for your Middle School student, we suggest WA uniform wear, outer wear, and formal wear. It is getting cold outside. Remember, on January 8, all students will be required to wear their formal uniforms everyday. grade 6 science electricity test Please check those blazers to be sure they fit correctly. Be sure you have oxford shirts and ties for boys (tie optional for girls). gas vs electric dryer Most of our MS young ladies have correct length skort/skirts so no worries, but a few have gone through a growth spurt and are in need of longer skirts. Remember, the uniform skirt/skort should be no more than four inches above the knee. Lets keep them looking super sharp! Thanks for your help as we try to keep the uniform, uniform. Counselor Corner

Even though exams are right around the corner, we have been working hard to remind students that their priorities for the next several days will be to focus on their current class work and materials. While they can certainly begin to mentally and organizationally prepare for their exams, we want to make sure that they aren’t missing current assignments and new material that is still being taught. Exam review packets will be made available on Power School Learning by this Friday, December 7. Some teachers may elect to also give hard copies, but each class’ packet will be on PSL. We want to remind parents that the purpose of these packets is not to have students complete them immediately. Teachers will guide them through these packets over the course of the next week, and for many… part of the packets may be done in classes. We are helping to teach students to pace themselves and work strategically so that they do not feel tempted to cram the day before their exams. December 12 and 13 will be regular school days, but they will be dedicated exclusively to exam review.

It is important to remember that in the Middle School our focus for exams is the process and not the product. Of course, we want to see all of our students find success and get high grades, but we are much more concerned that they learn, sometimes through trial and error, how to student and organize their time and materials for a cumulative exam process. gaslighting If you would like to help your student in structuring their time and study time, please utilize the following Exam Review Guide: Fall 2018

Middle School is a critical time for students to develop effective approaches to academic management. To enable them to refine their skills in this area, the Middle School is hosting W3 Connections to offer the Be A More Effective Student workshop on Tuesdays after school starting January 15. The class will be held for six consecutive Tuesdays from 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. so students can take late transportation home.

I pray that you had a restful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and moments of gratitude. I remain thankful for our Woodward Academy students as we move into a month filled with student religious leadership. In December, Woodward Academy students are leading assemblies on Hanukkah and Advent as we share this special time of year with one another. As both of these celebrations focus on light in our world, I pray that your holiday season is filled with light, hope, and joy.

• December 26-January 1 – Kwanzaa is celebrated by many North Americans of West African descent in recognition of their African heritage. The candles of a seven-branched candelabrum, representing attributes such as unity, self-determination, responsibility, and cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith, are successively lit over the seven days of the festival.

Have you ever wondered about any of your child’s Woodward Academy experiences? Have you had any ideas or comments you wanted to share but no idea where to send them? We’ve created an “I Wonder” form in the Parent Portal to provide you with an opportunity to stay engaged throughout the year, rather than just at parent meetings. We invite you to share thoughts, reflections, and questions. Input can be anonymous, or you can include your email address if you would like a reply.