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Just returned from San Ignacio Lagoon and 4 nights, 3 full days staying at BajaDiscoveries special Rocky Point camp in the Lagoon. I was travelling with Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the organization responsible for helping create this biosphere, a regulated habitat for protecting this special gas company birthing grounds for grey whales. Angie Mulder, owner of Bajadiscovers, has the BEST location in the area, and has created a superb glamping experience! First rate tents, outfitted with cots and sleeping bags with sheets and pillows, plastic bins doing double duty as night tables, dustpan broom to clean the sand which accumulates in the tent, shoe bin adapted to serve as pockets for stuffing clothing gear, flashlight, and solar light. She has artfully used shells and whale bones to create artistic, meandering pathways throughout the camp. All of her staff–including Mexican locals and whale experts–are knowledgeable, helpful, and soooooo friendly, truly enthusiastic to be working and living for 3 or so months in this location! Most have been working with Angie for many years! Their love of whales and hospitality are contagious! Even before you get to the piece de resistance–2 panga boat 90 minute expeditions per day over 3 days! It is truly amazing that these grey whales are so friendly toward humans after having been gas bubble retinal detachment hunted for centuries by man. Yet, mother whales push their baby calves toward the pangas–we grade 9 electricity formulas were able to touch and play with them–and some of us even lucky enough to kiss them (including me!!). I used my sonicare toothbrush to attract them–and it worked! THe dining tent is a central hub of activity day and night. The food was varied and delicious–and Angie and the kitchen staff accommodate dietary restrictions, including gluten free and vegetarian. The buffets are generous, and every time you return from whale watching, there are snacks and beverages put out for us! Special last night margarita party with fresh and bbq oysters for our cocktail hour! Very good portapotties and solar showers, and the hand washing station has 2 hand-painted Mexican ceramic sinks! I had a whale of a good time and heartily recommend this experience and going electricity tower vector with Angie and BajaDiscoveries!

Sometimes when you have sky high expectations, the experience can fall a little short. Not so with the gray whales of San Ignacio lagoon. The descriptions and photos are accurate but they simply cannot convey the magic being there — the sight of seeing the whales approach, the sound and feel of the spray when they breathe and, of course, the indescribable thrill of touching them. Everything about the experience is incredible. Baja Discovery also met and even exceeded my high expectations. As others have noted, everything is well organized, the food is delicious, the camp site location couldn’t be better, the tents gas under 2 dollars and cots are comfortable and the staff goes above and beyond to make everything special. The guides are fascinating people with interesting backgrounds and were a pleasure to meet. We were fortunate to have a great group in camp, but I suspect that this trip tends to attract people with a common interest in wildlife and a little adventure. I should mention that the shower and bathroom situation exceeded my expectations. The bathrooms were fine and shower system worked surprisingly well. There was always plenty of hot water to take a decent shower. Regarding what to bring, be prepared to layer. We went at the end of March. The temperature was never extreme but it could shift from being warm to cool and vice versa as the wind changed. I had seen the group photos of everyone bundled up which made me think it was cold, but these photos are taken on the last static electricity definition physics day as the group is headed out. Shorts or light pants with a light windbreaker or pullover were all that was needed around camp while we were there. Also, we never really got wet on the trips to see the whales. When you travel to and from the camp, the boats go faster, so you may get some water electricity distribution companies spray depending on where you’re seated. Sunscreen is a must. In sum, it is an extraordinary experience. I completely understand why repeat visitors are common. We would love to return.

This trip was extraordinarily special in so many ways. First the trip takes you about 400 miles south of the US border to Laguna San Ignacio, one of the three major birthing lagoons of the Pacific Gray Whale. And to get there you fly in a small chartered plane that flies at an altitude of about 10,000 ft. As a result you get an amazing view of the Baja Peninsula the entire way. On parts you can see the across the entire peninsula, from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of California. The geologic formations really stand out at that altitude. And you could look straight down and see waves breaking on the beaches below you. Gorgeous! As a side note, I was a little worried about flying in such a small plane, but I have to say it was one of the smoothest flights I think I’ve ever been on. It went very well (but the on-plane bathrooms are a little tight so plan ahead!). You arrive in a beautiful yet stark Baja desert area next to a huge lagoon. No noises of civilization. The camp is on its electricity symbols ks2 own remote island that takes about 20 min by boat from the airstrip to get to. The camp runs completely off solar 66 gas station near me, so again, no motor noise to disturb you. We stayed in canvas tents with floors, and Coleman cots. Simple yet comfortable. The camp overlooked the lagoon, and your tent is literally 50-100 ft from the water. One recommendation – since the wind seems to come up regularly, late in the evening, bring earplugs for sleeping, because the tents can flap under heavier winds. The sunsets are beyond description and the night sky is incredible – the Milky Way is brilliant. Another extraordinary aspect of the trip: every single person working for Baja Discovery was friendly, informative and a joy to be around. From the cooks, boat drivers, guides and camp managers. I can’t name them all but I’d like to give special recognition to the two main managers, Pepe and Jim. From organizing skits, presentations, boat trips, nature trips – they made it happen and made it very fun and informative! Another very special aspect gas and bloating after every meal of the trip was the group activities and family style dinners. You get to met and talk with like-minded people, share this life experience with them and leave with new friends. That was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I also want to mentioned that the food was great. The equipment, facilities, boats, etc. were all in excellent condition. Safety was a top priority in all they did. Finally, of course, the reason we went – the whales. It’s hard to describe how it feels to see these curious whales, twice the length of the boat (the mothers at least), gently glide up to the boat, and turn on their side so they can get a better look at us. Then nudge up to the boat so we can pet ideal gas questions them. It was humbling seeing another being swimming along over 100 ft away, hearing our boat (I assume) and then going out of their way to come over and look at us. They were amazing – especially the 4-6 wk old calves practicing their tail flips, breeches, spy hopping. The calves always traveled with their mothers and were often bumping mom, sliding over her, and sticking their heads above water to look at us. See attached pictures. We did 3 days of whale watching – a 90 min session in the morning and afternoon. You might think you’d get bored but each session ended up being unique and special in its own way. We were told that there were approximately 300 electricity projects for grade 7 whales in the lagoon (approx 125 mothers and calves and 50 singles) when we were there (March 1st). The males typically leave just before that time. There was never any issue with seeing whales up close even without the males present – you could look in any direction and seeing spouting or breeching going on everywhere. A couple practical tips and notes. Due to unpredictable weather conditions be prepared for hot, cool or windy conditions. Often in the morning it was pretty windy out on the water, so there could be bumpy conditions with spray. If you’re dressed for it, you gas out game commercial won’t even notice it. I have heard there are times when, due to safety reasons, they don’t go out. That never happened to us. Also note there is no swimming in the lagoon during the whale watching season. In summary Baja Discovery makes this one of the most unique and outstanding trips I have ever been on.