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“Some role of NITI Aayog will never come in public domain. Electricity review worksheet answers So, when people criticise it for not doing anything, some of it is because of incomplete information”

Though the institution has decided to make its presence felt on social media, the mystery around its exact role and work done in the first year continues. Gas key bolt carrier BT, therefore, decided to talk to people from the Aayog and other experts to throw light on its role and performance.

Arvind Panagariya, Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog, says as per the Cabinet resolution that created it, the institution’s key functions are – fostering cooperative, competitive federalism; designing strategic long-term-policies and programmes; creating a knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurial support system; maintaining a state-of-the-art resource centre; becoming a repository of research on good governance and best practices; and evaluation and monitoring.

But how far has it achieved these goals? Sindhushree Khullar, former Chief Executive Officer, NITI Aayog, and former secretary, Planning Commission, says, “In one year, what it was expected to do, it has pretty much done that. Gas 91 octane I don’t know what public expectation was, but when an organisation closes down and another has to be put in its place, two major issues have to be sorted out – staff and institutional restructuring. Gas vs electric stove safety In the first year, major thrust was on reorganisation of the Planning Commission, which has been done, and the organisation is now ready to roll.” The Planning Commission had 1,250 employees. Tgas advisors This has been brought down to 500.

To start with, NITI Aayog’s focus was on two areas – interacting with states and becoming a high-quality think tank. Eon replacement gas card Interactions with states were kicked off by the prime minister himself at the first governing council meeting held in February 2015 that all chief ministers, except West Bengal’s Mamata Banerjee, attended.

Three sub-groups of 10 chief ministers – on skill development (chaired by Punjab’s Parkash Singh Badal), Swachh Bharat (Andhra Pradesh’s Chandrababu Naidu) and rationalisation of Centrally sponsored schemes (Madhya Pradesh’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan) – were set up. Gas leak in car The groups met not only in New Delhi but also in many state capitals. Gas and bloating pain “The kind of interest and excitement I saw, I must say I was impressed and overwhelmed,” says Khullar. Find a gas station close to me “My view is that if NITI Aayog can be a spokesperson of states on development issues at the Centre, it will more than serve its purpose,” she says.

In another case, the Aayog worked out a Rs 1,000-crore special package for Andhra Pradesh in August 2015. 10 gases and their uses “It played an important role in working out a middle path between the outlandish demand for special status to the state and the conservative view of the Central government,” says the bureaucrat.

Meanwhile, the chief ministers’ groups submitted their reports in October 2015. Gas in back symptoms No action has been taken on these yet. Physics c electricity and magnetism Debroy explains why. 76 gas credit card account login “2015/16 was a distraught year because of the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission. Electricity electricity music notes States have not been able to digest the recommendations. Gas calculator Many had made their budgets without knowing the recommendations,” says Debroy. Youtube gas pedal lyrics This was because though the recommendations were submitted in December 2014, they could not have been made public before being presented in Parliament. Hp gas online refill booking status Also, there was uncertainty about Centrally sponsored schemes due to the setting up of the three sub-groups of chief ministers. Electricity 4th grade worksheet Debroy says the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission and reports of the sub-groups will come into play from 2016/17.

“What is NITI Aayog’s role? One part of its role is to look at existing public spending schemes and link them to improvement in outcomes. Gas 4 weeks pregnant But until I know what these schemes are, what I can do? This role will start from 2016/17,” says Debroy. Gas 87 89 91 NITI Aayog has also put together a set of development indicators at the district level. Gasset y ortega filosofia The Planning Commission had similar indicators at the state level. Gas bubble retinal detachment When BT contacted CEO Amitabh Kant for his view on NITI Aayog’s achievement in the last one year, he said he had joined recently it would be inappropriate for him to make any comment.

The role that Debroy says will start from 2016/17 is that of a think tank. H gas l gas unterschied Panagariya says that the Aayog is working on “a highly influential paper on revitalisation of agriculture, draft appraisal of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, National Energy Policy (in advanced stages), paper on elimination of poverty (in advanced stages), national regulatory reform Bill, model land leasing Act (nearly ready), sustainable development strategies for North East and hilly areas, the Atal Innovation Mission and an Ease of Doing Business survey of 3,500 firms. Electricity deregulation These are some of the highlights of our work in the first year.” He says the Aayog also comments on cabinet notes and appraises projects. Electricity sources uk “I personally pay a great deal of attention to Cabinet notes to ensure the policies that go to the Cabinet are sound,” he says.

“NITI Aayog has no clout in the government as it does not have the power to allocate funds. Electricity cost per watt It also has too much staff (500) for a think tank”

The institution is also playing a key role in the area of international cooperation. Gas density at stp “Our international engagement includes G20, strategic dialogue with China and cooperation with the International Energy Agency,” he says.

However, it is yet to be seen how seriously the government and ministries take its research papers and comments on cabinet notes.”Though NITI Aayog has written a couple of policy papers on issues that involve the Centre and states, it’s unclear how effective it has been in changing policy,” says Arvind Virmani, an economist and a former advisor to the Planning Commission. Electricity quiz ks2 This, most agree, will be the test of the Aayog’s effectiveness. Electricity questions grade 9 “How many of these (suggestions and recommendations through research papers) are followed would give it credibility as a policy advisory body,” says Khullar.

Of course, one positive of the end of the Planning Commission is that the ministries no longer feel that their domain is being encroached upon. 4 gas planets States, though, would have wanted the Aayog to be more influential if it is going to represent them at the Centre. Arkla gas phone number “The important function of allocating funds to states and ministries should have been continued (with NITI) and not given entirely to the finance ministry. Electricity deregulation in california This has resulted in diminution of the organisations role as an interlocutor between states and the Centre,” says K.M. Gas x and pregnancy Chandrasekhar, Vice Chairman of the Kerala State Planning Board and former cabinet secretary.

With limited power to influence policies, NITI Aayog might have to look for the prime minister’s support if it has to have any chance of making a difference at the policy level.