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Shot dead in June, the rapper has since stormed charts worldwide. This posthumous album reveals a maverick talent – and a grim contribution from Kanye West Ever since the day in May 1958 when Jerry Lee Lewis fetched up for a British tour in the company of a 13-year-old girl who turned out to be his wife, rock and pop music has offered fans ample opportunity to consider the wisdom or otherwise of separating the art from the artist. electricity prices going up Music’s history comes liberally sprinkled with paedophiles, murderers, racists, domestic abusers, homophobes and violent criminals, among them some figures of pivotal artistic importance. gas vs electric oven efficiency The question of how the listener deals with their personal lives hangs heavy. Ignore it entirely? Pursue a music collection entirely comprised of stuff made by people whose moral integrity matches your own? Take the fingers-in-the-ears approach and assume innocence? Develop a personal sliding scale, in which some terrible transgressions are more terrible than others? Like Reply

As the director and playwright reunite to stage The Cane at the Royal Court, they talk about their friendship and the passion and pain behind their plays An artistic director has no secrets from the writer who once helped her clamber out of a skip on a boozy night out. electricity use in the us It’s not surprising that Vicky Featherstone and Mark Ravenhill have such rapport. Then twentysomething compadres, now they enter their 50s as artistic director of the Royal Court and a leading playwright respectively. tgask They still itch to raze British theatre’s entrenched power structures to the ground. Shared history produces the kind of trust that means Featherstone didn’t hesitate when Ravenhill asked her for a commission, even though all he knew was that he was intrigued by the long-buried history of corporal punishment. power kinetic energy His own memories hadn’t been repressed through trauma, but had sunk into the background as an antiquated remnant of a previous age. “It was one of those anomalies I’d forgotten about – every week, somebody was caned,” he marvels. “How weird.” Was he among them? “No, I was a very good liar!” Like Reply

As a book of the singer-songwriter’s lyrics is released, the Cloud Atlas author reflects on the songs that have been the soundtrack to his life and work I’ve been a fan of Kate Bush for nearly 40 years. Being a fan, like being in love, is giddying, it’s as personal as skin, it connects you with others in a particular way, and it sets you up for a fall. u gas hampton Being a fan puts you on one-way first name terms with the object of your fan-ness, even if he, she, they or “Kate” don’t know you exist – as is almost always the case. Over time, the “fan state” may change in expression but not in essence. “Fan” as a label is a slur on your critical objectivity and even your maturity, but if you weren’t a fan of something or someone, wouldn’t life be a little bland? You don’t learn much about Kate Bush from her songs. She’s fond of masks and costumes – lyrically and literally – and of yarns, fabulations and atypical narrative viewpoints. gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to Yet, these fiercely singular pieces, which nobody else could have authored, are also maps of the heart, the psyche, the imagination. In other words, art. Like Reply

After seven seasons the surreal and sharp show draws to a close having begun in a more easy going era of television It’s strange to think that, like Game of Thrones and Black Mirror, New Girl only started in 2011. While the former two series have come to feel right at home in our fraught and fractured times, perfect on-screen reflections of the chaos around us, New Girl is a relic of a mythical land, an easier and breezier era in which television could be warm and silly without the need for a harrowing back story and laughter so stretched and tight that cosmetic surgeons could pack it and sell it. The series ended for good in the US in May, but, as with chlorinated chicken, we have had a period of grace before confronting the inevitable. So here we are, seven months later, giving British audiences the chance to see off the one-time flatmates and look into their futures, Friends-style. gas vs electric oven for baking cakes I always thought that the reputation of New Girl was slightly hamstrung by its twee theme song – try to sing “Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!” more than once without wanting to break something – and Zooey Deschanel’s image as the epitome of the manic pixie dream girl (as captured best in the endearing Saturday Night Live sketch Bein’ Quirky With Zooey Deschanel, in which Deschanel appears and which involves Like Reply