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Hi honey! I am 28, and since I was in my early 20’s have been experiencing symptoms wich to this day all my doctors have told me were caused by anxiety, or panic attacks. My most frequent gasco abu dhabi careers trips to the er were for chest and shoulder pain that spread down one or both my arms. All my ekg’s were always normal, and I even had a stress test ( where they hook you up and you run on a treadmill and then they ultrasound your heart) and normal too.

I would tell you if you are worried, get a second opinion, and tests done to rule out your heart, but it is probably from anxiety. To this day I have not found a solid cure for any of my symptoms wich also include annoying dizziness. Most meds just have awful side effects. I have just leanred to deal with the annoyance of the symptoms. Getting more worried about them and thinking they are from a heart attack or other disease makes the anxiety worse, and causes them to happen more. Get checked out, and releive your mond, and hopefully it will reduce the frequency.

I feel for all of you. Will be 40 on the 31st. I am in the same boat. I’m a worrier and I have electricity storage cost per kwh 4 children and tend to worry about them alot – so, I’ve had anxiety for a long time – never really thought of my worrying as anxiety, but it was form of it. Now it’s different. 3 years ago my blood pressure and cholesterol was up and I was 45 lbs heavier than I am now. My doctor wanted to put me on bp meds and I decided to lose the weight and my bp was down within the first 10 lbs I lost. I experienced such anxiety everyday and was afraid to be left alone. I didn’t experience arm or chest pain, but I was always afraid of something bad happening. Like you, I had every test ran on me, ekg, echo cardiogram, stress test and mammogram. With that all coming back normal, I felt better and I managed my anxiety through exercise and I did well with it until 3 or 4 months ago gas city indiana car show when I started experiencing Panic Attacks in the middle of the night where I felt I couldn’t breathe for a second and then the constant worry. I went to the doctor after a couple of weeks of the attacks and she gave me xanax and zoloft. I haven’t taken them yet. Knowing that I have the xanax itself, helps me . I started taking Omega 3, Vit. 3, b12 and I felt better. Recently I haven’t been taking all the vitamins and i’ve been experiencing anxiety all day long – I’ve been reading that meditation is the key. Try meditating with 4 kids! I keep telling myself that I am ok and will be okay gas apple pay. My annual physical came back good – cholesterol and bp were perfect. I tell myself not to worry that I am healthy, yet lately it’s been bad. Yesterday, my arm was bothering me when that’s all I could think of. Once I got busy my arm felt fine. Before I started writing this my arm was bothering me and now it’s gone. Today I started the ag gaston birmingham 120 Omega 3 and other vitamins. Also, I drink calming teas which help. I’ve read that anxiety and panic attacks are your brains way of not being able to handle the stress you are under. I also use a product called Rescue Remedy (it’s actually my bf!) That has helped through moments of anxiety and works fast. You are not alone and stress can do some crazy things to our bodies. I am trying my hardest not to let this get the best of me. Breathe through your nose – it helps too. I wish you all the best.

I am a 25 year old male who is in excellent shape most of the time (those long leaves can put on a few pounds). I had my first anxiety attack in 2003. I have been on 25 mg’s of Zoloft for about 2 years now, it helps keep the attacks from being quite as bad, but no one wants to be on meds. I have found that my diet and exercise routines affect my anxiety just electricity vs magnetism venn diagram as much as other stressful things in my life. I lift weights 4 days a week, but even that does not seem to help when I start to gain weight and eat a poor diet. When I am getting a lot of cardio type exercise and eating healthy most of the time, my anixety levels go way down. I have also noticed that when I have a bad hangover, my anxiety is through the roof.

Obviously if you think it might be something more serious you might want to get it checked out, but generally speaking if you are not in the heart attack category (eg a smoker, over weight, over 40, all that stuff), I would say it is anxiety. I know that when my levels rise in the winter (lack of sunlight), I can almost instantly notice a difference in my chest. It becomes tighter, I can feel my heart arkansas gas association beats and pulse more frequently, and my mind instantly begins to race.

Anixety can bring a grown man to his knees. I am in an area of the specials forces for the us military, I have been in some sticky pictures electricity pylons situations, but I have never had anything as bad as my first panic attack. I remember one line from a doctor I had one time, he told me this, it is hard to do, but a great idea. He said, the next time you are about to have an attack, try to tell yourself that you can beat it, tell yourself what is the worst that is going to happen, your heart will get a little workout, and you will get a little bit of a buzz, but you will come out okay, so get the mentality that you can beat the attack, and they will dissipate. Easier said then done, and when I asked him if he has ever had one, he said no, haha, but that is a good mentality to have.