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I and 4 other friends had 6 gases a good time snorkeling, eating, and boating with Safari Blue. The booking was extremely easy and I was impressed by the speed of email correspondence. A transfer was also arranged for us at the last minute. It was a bit more crowded that we expected for the off-season month of April. Safari Blue had 2 boats of 12 people each going out, and other companies sent additional boats to the same areas. We never made it to the sandbank (not sure if that was because the last car of tourists showed up late and we were behind schedule, or because there were just too many people already on the sandbank, or because our captain was mindful of the weather), and on the return trip, we didn’t shut down the engine to enjoy the peacefulness of the dhow sail (due to rain), and we didn’t see any dolphins (again, due to rain). However, we got to go snorkeling, swam in a mangrove lagoon, and tried all kinds of food – coconut, cachata, seafood, fruit, amarula. Pros: The food was pretty good, especially the fruit tasting session. The snorkeling equipment was top notch. The team handled the foul weather admirably, setting up a tarp on the boat and rearranging the itinerary once it became clear the rain wasn’t going to stop. Cons: I wouldn’t say it feels like a super exclusive or unique experience. The beach is not pristine, the coral is largely dead. The guides have clearly gas in oil pressure washer done the routine many times, which is great for experience, but I can’t say they exuded enthusiasm. Then again, we paid only $65/person, so I suppose I shouldn’t expect that. 🙂 Overall, I have no real complaints. I would recommend this to other people who have never been on a dhow before and haven’t already done a ton of snorkeling in other sties along the Indian Ocean.

Hi all. We went on Safari Blue with our 11 year old son and had wholesale electricity prices by state a fantastic time – highly recommended!!! Before I get into details about our perfect day, I want to strongly recommend you only go with the *original* Safari Blue. Other guests at our hotel went with a ‘different one’ and told us we overpaid (we paid $20 more a person)….they came back to the hotel that evening having one of the worst nightmares of their lives (as they put it). They were placed in a cramped boat with 12 others.There were NO lifejackets on board. This family was with 3 children, including a 5 year old who didn’t know how to swim. (Even my son who is a decent swimmer used a lifejacket during snorkeling as it’s easier to enjoy the fish while floating.) Soon it began to rain very hard. Before they got to enjoy any snorkeling their boat broke down. Crazy. (All the boats have small motors on them.) A ‘rescue’ boat was called, and when it finally arrived, it could only hold 4 people at a time. So they had to wait hours in rain, on the broken boat….And if things seriously couldn’t get any worse, when the family finally got on the small rescue boat, it rocked and tipped, and their expensive telephone and $6,000 camera both fell in the water and got ruined. I’m only sharing this because Zanzibar is really a trip of a lifetime – once 2015 electricity prices in a lifetime for most people. Holiday time is limited, so it’s a real pity that not only did this family not get to experience the beautiful fish/corals/etc, they truly had a nightmare and a wasted day. So I advise the original Safari Blue! The official cost for 2017 is $65 per adult, $35 per child. If an agency or hotel tries to charge more, book directly via Safari Blue (website and email above). If someone charges a lot less, it’s not the real thing. So about our day. We met at the starting point with about 60 other people who had booked Safari Blue for the day. They were *extremely organized*, calling out our names and quickly organizing us into boats of 12 people. The boats were beautiful, big and it was fun to meet others from around the world. The crew was great. From the beginning, non-stop freshly sliced fruits and cold drinks. And of course we felt very safe. We stopped at the first reef for snorkeling. The crew gave my son good instruction, as he hasn’t really been before gas examples with proper equipment (all good equipment provided, you don’t need to bring anything but a towel). The fish were beautiful! There weren’t huge schools of fish, but we saw lots of beautiful different fish, sea life and plants. The boat then sailed for a while (which was so beautiful and relaxing) and we stopped at the second reef. Then we sail to an island where everybody who was gas zone on Safari Bluelue met for lunch. Again it was extremely organized and tables were set under shade, and each table had the name of your boat on it to you ate with the 12 people that are on your boat. There was also a great (and yummy!) fruit demonstration after lunch. Something that I didn’t know about the trip, so I will share here, is that on the island where lunch is served, local villagers have lots of stands set up, selling all the typical Zanzibar souviners – paintings, wood carvings, clothing, jewelry, etc. I went over to have a look and was very pleasantly surprised to see the prices were the lowest I have seen in Zanzibar. And the sellers were very friendly too. So definitely worth it to bring some small money, we got some great things here. After we sailed to a ‘natural swimming pool’ in mangroves to enjoy the warm and wonderful waters. The day ended as we sailed back to our starting point. It was so beautiful and relaxing to glide along the blue waters. Just wow gas approximation. All in all, a perfect day. Oh, oh, we saw dolphins too! From the boat, not chasing them…We saw them in a very ecological-sound way (unlike dolphin viewing in other areas of Zanzibar). Enjoy! Note, the Safari Blue trip starts from Fumba Village, located in the South West of the island. Our hotel was located about an hour away. Safari Blue offered roundtrip transport (for extra money) but kindly said we were free to organize our our transport too. I checked with a few places taxi services and everyone wanted more money than Safari Blue offered – so another great service if needed. Asante Sana to Eleanor and the staff and crew of Safari Blue!

No trip to Zanzibar is complete without embarking on this tour with Safari Blue! Although it is crucial to note that many local and unlicensed tour operators adopt this name but the only unique and fulfilling experience can be done with the Safari Blue team! A full day tour, you embark on this adventure electricity sources usa with your professional and friendly guide as you set off on their sturdy dhow boat for a chance at glimpsing dolphins in their natural habitat. After which you get a more in depth experience with ocean life by snorkeling amidst the best spots specifically located by the guide and Captain. Depending on the tide, they would also take you in the midst of a mangrove lagoon where you would be able to swim in crystal clear waters. After these invigorating activities, the fresh BBQ seafood (vegetarian options are also available) lunch is served under a cool tent on Kwale Island served by the Safari Blue team. The fact that they have Rock Lobster grilled and served fresh really makes the trip worthwhile! The highlight of the lunch is the Fruit Tour as I call it. Where each table is treated to an explain of various fruits before being served electricity news australia them. Absolutely delicious and educational at the same time! Heading back you will find yourself satisfactorily exhausted after such a fulfilling experience. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and to keep yourself protected by sun block as it is a full day under the sun! Definitely an experience I will try time and time again.