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The trend now is for smaller but much more accurate weapons. Still horrendously powerful even at say, 100 kilotons, but they would not ‘pound the rubble’ or put so much smoke dust into the atmosphere as the ‘monster megaton nukes’ of the Cold War days. The aim of a nuclear war would be to ‘win’ it by doing enough damage to the other side. Unless insane, no world leader really wants to destroy all life on the planet for many decades render the planet totally uninhabitable, even if such a thing was possible.

The theoretical ‘nuclear winter gas or electricity more expensive’ may occur, but statements that it would last more than 25 years are pure speculation. Some respected scientists have said there are too many unknowns variables to calculate how long such a nuclear winter might last. There have been about 2056 nuclear bombs detonated on earth, including the 50 megaton Tsar Bomba of 1961. None produced a nuclear winter,though to be fair, they were not detonated over a huge amount of combustibles such as would be the case in cities.

My ‘best guess’, is that nuclear winter, if it did happen, would not last more than 1 year or a few at most. I see some people are now saying a few score nukes will render the skies dark for over 100 years. Skeptoid.com (Article : Nuclear War Nuclear Winter) is a good unbiased appraisal in my opinion. It does not say that nuclear winter is all a myth, but that in order to justify these really dire 100 year type predictions lots of worst case assumptions are made which are not likely to really happen.

I don’t know exactly how many people would survive all out WW3 in the long term. My ‘best guess’ would be probably less than 50% killed. (Still horrendous of course circle k gas station locations.) It all has to be based on assumed things scenarios. Weapons used on what targets of what power, killing how many, in what countries, causing how many deaths from disease,no sanitation starvation. Deaths from lack of medications such as insulin, cancers etc. How many deaths due to the breakdown of law c gastronomie order, with shootings plus the strong stealing food etc. from the old weak? Elderly deaths due to the cold. How many suicides? So many unknowns.

My friend, the late Bruce Sibley, was a scientist. (You Tube, Panorama : ‘If The Bomb Drops,) He wrote the book ‘Surviving Doomsday’. His mission was to educate people how to protect themselves from fallout survive WW3. He was greatly infuriated that our government just advised people to do the sometimes inadequate measures in ‘Protect Survive’.(Doors off hinges is not ideal nuclear shelter!)

Most people don’t realise fallout dies down by 100 in just 2 days. Good protection is crucial for at least 2 days, or death is certain if the fallout is even moderately high. 2 weeks in a shelter is ideal, as by then the outside radiation should have died down by a factor of 1000. Preparations need not be that expensive to do. A modified basement strengthened with adjustable steel ‘Acrow’ props to support sandbags (full of earth) or heavy items on it’s wooden roof could be O.K. (Wood does not block radiation well, as it isn’t that dense (heavy). 3 feet of earth gas near me app is cheap cuts radiation down by about 1000 for underground fallout shelters.

The fallout that is blown by the wind might arrive say,20 minutes after the bomb went off, could easily reach 300 or more units (centigreys) per hour. A dose of 350 centigreys will directly kill 50% of people receiving it. So out in the open, at this level 50% of people could get this what’s called LD50 lethal dose, in a bit over 1 hour later, even with a dust mask to prevent breathing fallout in. Virtually everybody dies if they get a total dose of 600 centigreys, so everyone would die if they were outside for about 3 hours or so in this fallout. (Radiation dies down as time goes on, so it wouldn’t stay at exactly 300 cGy’s per hour, but would reduce over the hours.) Some heavy fallout areas could get a lot higher levels than 300 cGy’s per hour.

Smaller nukes grade 9 electricity unit review means lower radiation levels than would have been the case back in the Cold War.A good shelter could stop people being ill, since radiation doses are cumulative, if you received a very low initial fallout radiation dose you’d be in a better position to survive the radiation you’d accrue over the years due to the increased background radiation from the long lived isotopes. Things such as damaged nuclear power stations could result in this long lived radiation. You’d just have to accept the greater risk of getting cancers in future years.

Most people say they’d rather die than experience gas 78 industries a nuclear war. That’s fair enough. The frequent phrase is ‘put your head between your legs kiss your ass goodbye’. Great if you live next to a prime military target could be assured an instant death by being vaporized. I’d like to go that way!! Sadly it is most unlikely to be the way most people would actually have their lives ended. Peter Watkins’ early film ‘The War Game,’ depicts a doctor in the U.K. with a family hurriedly running around making a last minute lean- to fallout shelter. Suddenly people are holding their eyes as the bright white flash blinds them. A gruesome situation.Not easy to take an overdose when you everyone else is blind disorientated.

Spending as much time as possible in a proper shelter in a crisis, or even a converted basement, would allow many people to ‘suss out the situation’ in such a time.If many nukes really had fallen, an EMP protected radio later stated that fact, then people might decide to ‘gulp down the tablets’ end it all peacefully. Would people want to commit suicide because they were just EXPECTING a nuclear attack? Tom Butler said ‘talk is cheap in peacetime’. I think he’s right. I just can’t envisage loads of millions overdosing on tablets ‘just in case’ the nukes landed.It didn’t happen in the Cuba Missile Crisis.

In this current N.Korean crisis, Pyongyang has a metro 320 feet below ground specifically designed with huge blast doors to act as a bomb shelter. There are 19,000 electricity distribution network bomb shelters for the people of S.Korea, 3,200 in Seoul alone. The Swiss have 1 ton blast doors in every ordinary house, or ALL their people have access to other underground bunkers. There are loads of underground hospitals. The Sonnenberg Tunnel has huge bombproof doors is a bunker for 20,000 people.

One guy on You Tube called ‘Superdaddy,’ says he’s not got much money, but shows how he’s strengthening his basement with props a thicker roof for a fallout shelter. He’s got some supplies etc. His shelter isn’t perfect some people criticise him, but he’d probably be better off than many if the U.S. had a nuclear or say, an EMP emergency. He has battery lighting etc. A good idea is a home made Faraday Cage with a radio inside . It’s a cardboard lined metal tin with more cardboard inside a metal trash can with an aluminium taped metal lid on, in case of EMP gas density of air. (An EMP from a very high altitude nuke might destroy electronics, even some cars may not work.) They’re not 100% sure about the effects on modern cars. Tests showed most pre – 2002 cars started again after a simulated EMP attack. But newer cars have lots of electronics. A nuclear war could well start with an EMP attack just before all the nukes landed.