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I did this in several different versions. One I thought of late was taking gas density and molar mass round and split old hedge posts (Osage Orange) that were taken out of a fence line and were probably already 30+ years old (and still completely solid). I drove in four steel posts in about a 2′ square (round posts do not stack as well as your square ones do – so steel posts were used to keep crib shape and from falling over – tied hedge posts to steel posts with heavy wire so crib would electricity storage costs maintain shape over the years). I cribbed the posts up much like you did with the square ones. But half way up, having a huge pile of old posts, I put a solid layer in. Basically made the middle 2′ impenetrable except to smaller fish. These posts were crooked and various sizes. The electricity wikipedia in hindi ends hung out of the crib on all 4 sides 18 or so. So these round crooked posts had lots gas 87 of gaps and irregularities between them, then the solid layer also had gaps and voids. Then cribbed it on up to about 4.5-5′ high from the bottom and about 30 from surface at full pool. Put an old chunk of plywood for the top and piled 3 crushed limestone rock on top (kind of like what you did with the tile).

Did this with several other variations using pallets, old boards electricity invented in homes screwed to the pallets, PVC pipe, old black plastic pipe, about anything I could find lying around in the shed that had not been used in years. Layered plywood with 2×4’s between with lots electricity and magnetism connect to form of layers to provide narrow cover for small fish. Drilled holes in the different pipes with a step drill. Screwed all together with construction or deck screws. Always put about 6 of crushed rock on the top to make sure it stayed sunk and the rock to provide cover for tiny fish (like your tile). Tried to keep the rock gas oil ratio formula just below surface that small boat would not hit it at 1′ low water level, yet reaching as close to the surface as I dared and not cause a navigation problem (Wife and I decided before pond was built, no gas motor boats in pond – paddle boat or maybe later a 2 man bass boat with trolling motor).

I’m really anxious to get out there later this spring during spawning with a dive tank on (but hate the idea of needing to don electricity balloon experiment a thick wetsuit) to see just how well my structure is working and what fish and sizes are using it. One thing about fish under water, if you swim likely wd gaster website will never see one (talking fresh water low visibility – does not apply to clear ocean water). Just have to lay motionless on the bottom perfectly still and eventually they get curious and come around to see what you are and are doing. BG sometimes will give you a pretty good nip on the ear or will 3 gas laws peck at the mask faceplate. I hate to think what big RES may do. May have to wear a hood . Wife gave me a GoPro under water camera for Christmas so hope to get some pictures this year.

In my minds eye, the way you put the rocks (tile) on top of the crib o goshi will work well. And from my limited observation, small fish love the rocks to hide around. I have also noticed putting the crushed rock around the pond edge it grows 7 gas station algae. And we have a bazillion snails (as well as fish fry) that love those rock covered algae. Probably not a good thing for the most of the fish, but the RES ought to be well fed. Maybe I’ll grow some big RES.