Wow – review of chez batista villas, takamaka, seychelles – tripadvisor n gas price


The Hotel is situated on a beautiful beach, the rooms are nice and spacious and the restaurant has an amazing view. Firstly we were really happy to have picked this place. We welcome was nice, welcome drinks and so on. We had booked 3 nights – during the second evening we experienced electricity problems in our room- the lights were flickering, the Airconditioning stopped working as well as the fan at the ceiling. Additionally my boyfriend got a little electric shock when he was touching the water tap and shower amature. Immediately we told that someone from the staff in the evening and they said they would send someone. Nothing happened. On the next day we went to the reception and asked when the issue would be fixed. They knew nothing and said that they would send somebody again. In the evening we came back to our room and realized that the electricity problem was solved but the AC was still blowing hot air from the outside into the room. As expected nobody was at the reception anymore. So the second night we were sleeping in a room in which it was hotter than outside, which was even harder for our 2 year old daughter. On the next morning – we were supposed to leave on that day in the evening- we went to the reception again and complained. After my suggestion they offered us to have the room until we leave in the evening, to which I agreed and she said she would talk to the manager. A few hours later we went back to the reception and asked what the manager has suggested. She seemed surprised to see me again and said that the solution was the room for the day. I responded that that was a lousy compensation for two nights with almost no sleep, and they offered us a free dinner (without drinks- we had to fight for the juices and water as well). Our conclusion: – we experienced thr staff (with two exeptions) very unfriendly – the staff seemed to be avoiding us and our problems at any time, they never came towards us, we had to find them and fight for any sort of solution and compensation – the hotel manager was always there but never talked to us directly even when we were in the same room (only at the very end) – we never heard an excuse from him or his staff to this day – the only nice people were two young servants at the restaurant, who had no say ina any of this unfotunately – the hotel has security issues as well, as the reception is mostly unattended and all the left room keys are there for anyone to take It is as pity that the staff of such a beatiful hotel does not bother to take the problems of their guests seriously.

Were greeted by a lovely lady in reception, Shannon who made the welcome warm giving us some culinary tips on how to cook the perfect grilled fish. I will be trying this as it sounded brilliant. We upgraded to a superior room which was fantastic, so spacious with lovely art work of the local area on the two of the walls. The room was a villa with tall ceilings, lovely balcony and brilliant fridge and air con. Location was exceptional. Only criticism is the restaurant which is not actually to do with the hotel, it was grossly expensive and also had random closing times. We didn’t eat here as thankfully we had a car and there are some rest creole take away a nearby plus surfers which do takeaway pizza. We do recommend you have a car here, otherwise you are very restricted and I don’t think we would have enjoyed it quite as much with out a car to pop to the shop and stock up on beer, water and food. Also some amazing beaches all only a drive away and not walkable. Petite Anse, Anse Soleil and port Launy are a must from here. Thank you for hospitality chez Batista.

Apon arrival to this restaurant/ hotel, you drive straight into a parking lot with a TINY cage in it. Crammed into the estimated 26 x 25m cage are around 15-20 GIANT tortoises. These tortoises have almost no room to roam around. Their cage is a muddy area, and you are discouraged from feeding them as they are "dangerous". These poor tortoises are kept in bad conditions, and when you come closer to the cage, try to get out of it by shoving their legs through the bars. It’s horrible to see, especially considering the amazing freedom that can be given to these tortoises such as the care that is taken for them on Curiese island. The small cage could EASILY be extended to a much larger cage, allowing the tortoises to roam around in more than a tiny, muddy square. The property is large and can very easily accommodate a MUCH bigger cage. This already upset me and I did not want to support the restaurant from then on. As we travelled quite far to have lunch, we had to eat there and to top it off the staff were SO incredibly unfriendly and made it seem as if the smallest request for a drink was such an issue. I urge the management to please increase the size of the tortoises cage, or relocate them somewhere else if this is not possible. Animal cruelty at your doorstep will drive customers away before they even enter your business.

I confess, I have not been to the Seychelles since my last visit, and that this review may well be viewed as inappropriate as a result, but the public seem so ignorant, that it seems truth is widely ignored. The amount of cows that live in the Seychelles is tiny, so tiny in fact that less than one per day is slaughtered. In the same period, 650 tourists arrive on the island, all of them seeming to want want Hamburgers, and fresh milk for a few pennies. You do the maths people…..for a hotel to even be able to provide you with Fresh Milk means they are doing you a huge favour, and when I was there only UHT milk was generally available and that has to be flown in from South Africa, so before you moan and groan about how basic the breakfast is, or how expensive the prices are, remember you are on an island where, even before the native population are taken into account, over 700 people are in line for the only cow slaughtered that day, and that even milk has to be imported, and the prices of such commodities need to be taken into account before it is fair to moan about the selection, or the prices charged, and get real…..then do without, and enjoy the beaches instead of complaining about the prices. It was my great privillage to stay at this hotel, and to enjoy the closest thing to paradise I have ever encountered, and to hear whinging foreign tourists moan about the food is just too much for me to hear without responding. For goodness sake, if food is all you are interested in, try going to Benidorm, where you will have no reason to complain, and leave the Seychelles for the rest of us….you might even succeed in reducing the demand on fresh milk, so a win-win situation for all.