Wwe smackdown results – december 11, 2018 gas stoichiometry problems


Daniel says last week he came out here and called all of you people sheep. The first thing he wants to do is come out and apologize. Daniel says he wants to apologize to sheep for being compared to you idiots. They are not the ones mindlessly destroying the Earth with their actions. There is no carbon hoofprint. You are not sheep, you are more like parasites.

Daniel calls everyone fickle and says that they are parasites because you take and take and take but give nothing back. Daniel says he is not surprised because you people latched on to the old Daniel Bryan and lived through his success. You lived vicariously through the old Daniel Bryan. Daniel says the old Daniel Bryan is dead and the Yes Movement is Dead. You have moved on to the next fickle field. You are now on the couch in the house that AJ Styles built.

Daniel invites Mustafa to come into the ring with him. Daniel says that Mustafa is the heart of 205 Live. He is an incredible performer. You are an incredible performer. electricity generation by country Daniel says he sees a lot of Mustafa in himself. Daniel says he has some advice. They don’t need this match tonight. After this match, the people will not care because they are so self-absorbed and xenophobic. These fickle people do not deserve this.

Bryan asks Ali what kind of car he drives. Ali says he drives a SUV. Bryan calls him a small, little man and asks why he would drive in a SUV. Ali says he has a wife and two small children. Bryan interrupts with a slap to the face, sending Ali to the mat. Bryan calls him ignorant and keeps hitting him. Ali fights back and gets the upperhand. Ali knocks Bryan out of the ring and dropkicks him back to the floor. Ali goes to the top and leaps out, taking Bryan back down on the floor. Ali returns to the ring and plays to the crowd for a big pop. We go to commercial.

We are back and the match is joined in progress. Daniel with a knee to the midsection followed by kicks and then he sends Ali into the turnbuckles. Bryan with kicks to the chest. gas mask art Bryan with an Irish whip and Ali floats over but Bryan does not charge into the corner. Bryan with kicks and knee drops. Bryan works on the neck. Bryan with a European uppercut and then he applies a step over toe hold and drops an elbow on the leg. Bryan goes for a surfboard and he pulls at the face.

Bryan with a boot to the back. Bryan with kicks to the chest but he misses a round kick. Ali with a knee and kick followed by a baseball slide. Bryan moves when Ali goes for a pescado and Ali lands on his feet. Bryan sends Ali into the ring post. Ali gets back in before the ten count. Bryan with a butterfly suplex and then he goes up top but Ali wtih a forearm and then Ali with a Spanish Fly for a near fall.

Ali pulls Bryan to the corner and he goes up top but Bryan recovers and pushes Ali to the floor. Bryan brings Ali back into the ring and applies the Yes Lock. Ali tries to fight through the pain and refuses to tap out. Ali tries to get to the ropes. Ali gets to the ropes and Bryan is forced to release the hold. Bryan puts Ali on the turnbuckles and into the tree of woe. Bryan with kicks to the chest. Bryan with a baseball slide to Ali’s head. Bryan puts Ali on the turnbuckles and sets for a belly-to-back superplex but Ali lands on his feet while Bryan lands on the mat. Bryan goes for the drop kick into the corner but Ali moves.

Ali with chops but Bryan with a kick. Ali with an Irish whip and Bryan flips out of the corner but Ali with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Bryan is pulled into position for the inward 450 splash but Bryan moves. Bryan pulls Ali into the corner and wrings the leg into the ring post. Bryan clips Ali and then applies a heel hook and grapevines the leg to force Ali to tap out.

The New Day mention how they will become champions again at TLC on Sunday. Big E says for some ungodly reason The Bar requested this battle, so they are up first. The Bar channels their inner Vanilla Ice with their own version of his "Ice Ice Baby" hit. It’s horrible. The Uso are up next. They take shots at the champions but their bars aren’t much better. This leads to a "you look stupid!" chant at Sheamus.

The Usos’ rap goes long and they go to make a threat for Sunday but The Bar attacks. The Usos avoid the attack, causing The Bar to hit the floor. The New Day faces off with The Usos in the middle of the ring. The Bar attacks from behind. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on Big E and then they double team Jimmy. Sheamus and Cesaro raise the titles in the middle of the ring while standing over Uso.

Back from the break and The Miz is in the ring with the World Cup trophy. He says this week he has custody of the trophy but he wants SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon to come out so Miz can get some things off his chest. Miz say don’t make me beg. He gives in and begs, dropping to one knee. Miz says this is about life choices and so much more than Shane knows. He asks Shane to please come out. The money music hits and Shane makes his way out.

Fans chant for Shane and he gives a shout-out to Las Vegas. Shane asks Miz why he’s out here. Miz mentions how Shane hasn’t returned his calls or texts, then goes on about how they could be something big together in WWE. Miz says they could be the best tag team in the world. Shane says this whole thing with the trophy is getting a little weird. Miz says this isn’t about the trophy, it’s about so much more. Miz says he’s going to do something he’s never told anyone before. He calls for a referee to come out.

Randy says Rey knows he hsa a Chairs match on Sunday and he is okay with that. Rey has probably seen what Randy has done to opponents throughout his career. Rey still wants this match? Rey must think he is going to get his revenge. Rey is a victim. Rey is his victim. Victims never get revenge. gas news in hindi The boys in the locker room will be worried about three letters, T… L… C… Rey only has to deal with three other letters: R… K… Rey hits Randy in the back with a chair out of nowhere and then Rey tosses the chair to Orton and drop kicks the chair and hits a 619!

Becky Lynch walks in the back and she is asked about Asuka and Charlotte wrestling tonight giving her an advantage on Sunday. Becky asks if that is an advantage. Becky says in her first match back on Sunday, she has to road test her face and head in one of the most dangerous matches in WWE. She has to do it against two opponents. The advantage is not hers, but Becky says she loves it. Fighting against the odds is what this champ does. Becky says she will be at ringside to scout her opponents. She will show how much chaos can happen when The Man comes around. Back to commercial.

Nakamura kicks Hardy and applies a front face lock before connecting with knees to the head and a boot to the back. Joe tags in and he connects with an elbow to the back of the head. Hardy with punches and Joe pulls Hardy to the floor and sends Hardy into the ringside barrier. Nakamura tags in and he kicks Hardy. Nakamura with a cravate and snap mare followed by a knee drop for a near fall. Joe tags in and he keeps Jeff from making the tag.

Joe with a kick and an elbows to the collarbone. gas relief while pregnant Hardy with elbows but Joe with a back elbow for a near fall. Joe with jabs to Hardy in the corner. Hardy with punches but Joe with an Irish whip and elbow followed by an enzuigiri for a near fall. Nakamura tags in and he kicks Hardy. Nakamura with a front face lock and knees. Nakamura puts Hardy on the turnbuckles and connects with a running knee and gets a near fall. Joe tags in and he kicks Hardy in the back. Joe stretches Hardy. Hardy with a kick and punches but Joe avoids a Twist of Fate. Joe runs into an elbow from Hardy and Jeff with Whisper in the Wind and both men are down.

Rusev and Nakamura tag in and Rusev with a clothesline and punches followed by an elbow. Rusev with knees to the ribs followed by a fallaway slam. Rusev with an elbow into the corner and a running heel kick. Rusev sets for the Accolade but Nakamura with elbows. Nakamura lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex. Rusev with a round kick and Joe breaks up the cover. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Joe and Joe goes to the floor. Hardy with a clothesline off the apron to Joe.

Shane McMahon walks in the back and he sees Miz and takes the trophy. Shane yells at Miz for paying people to attack him and getting referees to do matches. Shane says Miz went over the line. Miz says he did go over the line. Miz says he has never been considered best in the world until Shane came along. Miz offers his hand and Shane refuses. We go to commercial.

AJ Styles is in the back and he is asked about whether he is ready to take his title back on Sunday. AJ says he is biding his time because no one else wants to beat up Daniel more than him. If he does anything before the match, Daniel will not be able to compete. This new Daniel Bryan is not ‘new’. electricity in india first time This is the real Daniel Bryan. There can only be one AJ Styles. He will win his title back.

Charlotte misses a boot and Asuka with a waist lock. Asuka with a single leg take down and Asuka with a knee bar. Charlotte picks up Asuka and slams her. Charlotte with chops but Asuka with a German suplex. Charlotte with a knee to Asuka. Charlotte goes to the turnbuckles for a moonsault but Asuka gets her knees up and Asuka tries for the Asuka Lock. Charlotte keeps the hold from being applied and Charlotte gets Asuka on her back and drops Asuka to the mat. Asuka with the Asuka Lock.

We are back and Charlotte and Asuka exchange forearms. Asuka has a back fist blocked but Asuka with an octopus. Charlotte gets Asuka on her back but Asuka with a crucifix bomb for a near fall. Asuka with a Fujiwara arm bar. Asuka with a triangle but Charlotte gets a near fall when she gets Asuka’s shoulders on the mat. Charlotte picks up Asuka for a one arm sit out power bomb for a near fall.

Charlotte slaps Asuka and Asuka with a double leg take down. Charlotte with a figure four leg lock and she slaps Asuka. Asuka tries to roll over to reverse the hold and she does it. Asuka gets to the ropes and the hold has to be released. Charlotte works on the knee and she connects with elbows to the head. Charlotte with a knee drop to the leg. Charlotte with forearms to Asuka and she gets a near fall. Charlotte pulls Asuka into the corner and wrings the leg into the ring post.

Charlotte gets a near fall. Asuka with an inside cradle for a near fall. Charlotte with chops but Asuka blocks one and takes Charlotte down with a fireman’s carry and a kick to the back. Asuka counters a spear with a Codebreaker for a near fall. Asuka with kicks to the chest followed by a back heel kick. Asuka with forearms to Charlotte followed by kicks to the head. Asuka with another kick and she goes for a Hip Attack but Charlotte with a spear for a near fall.

After the bell, Flair keeps swinging the stick at Asuka while she’s down. Becky stands up from her chair, clutching the title, looking down at Flair. Becky walks away but turns around as Flair charges with a kendo stick shot to the knee. Becky goes down. Flair goes back to working on Asuka with the stick but Becky comes from behind and attacks her. Becky sends Flair into the steel ring steps. Becky grabs the kendo stick and unloads on Flair with it now. Becky turns back around and Asuka kicks her in the gut. Asuka tosses Becky over the announce table. Asuka grabs the stick and raises it in the air. Asuka unloads on Flair with the kendo stick now. Asuka hits Becky with the stick while she’s on top of the announce table. electricity water analogy Asuka with more kendo stick shots to Flair and Lynch. SmackDown goes off the air with Asuka standing tall.