Wyoming highway patrol issues more tickets to drivers from other states wyoming news trib.com 9gag


Kool Kat, I am not a fan of pot nor Colorado’s law. With all respect, to use the statistics quoted within this article to support your hypothesis against pot smokers from that state doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. First and foremost, the data presented predates the pot laws. That is enough right there. Secondly, their is no corroborative data to show that a traffic stop for a moving violation resulted in a pot arrest. To be honest, it sounds mostly like speculation on something that annoys you. But we can’t just take random data about a group who annoys us and claim that has something to do with the trait of the group that annoys you and produce an oh gotcha moment.

The WHP has already said it will not target extra enforcement along the southern border but will proceed as business as usual. The statistics presented seem to support nothing at all beyond the per capita amount of license plates you would see on a drive along I-80 or Casper to Laramie if you just pay attention. Texas has a large diaspora everywhere and Colorado is close with a larger population than any other state bordering Wyoming.

Attn Campbell, please don’t misconstrue my intended meaning. I’m elated to see a clear message [right or wrong] sent to Colorado, "what happens in Colorado, does not stay in Colorado", beware while in Wyoming. And since I equated drinking and driving to getting high and driving as one in the same. This new [and unnecessary] law only encourages bad behavior to spill over our southern border. Even though other states have to deal with the same issue with Colorado, "what happens in Wyoming, is in Wyoming and effects me". Like anything else, do what you want to do, but just don’t let it effect me or else. The stats, whether true or not is meaningless. What is meaningful is, real impaired drivers and those that would attempt commerce in Wyoming of an illegal substance effects all of us, whether you agree or not.

I guess I’ve developed a bias with Colorado residents traveling through Wyoming, which I readily admit. But I also have an Amendment X Bill of Right to stand on that as well, I’m part of the Wyoming masses that chooses to live in Wyoming free of controlled substances, don’t tread on me. 🙂

In explaining the vast discrepancy between speeding tickets issued by the WYSP to residents versus out-of-state drivers, it has been suggested that the WYSP deliberately targets foreign plates in their enforcement efforts. However, it is equally possible that a kinder, more subtle bias is at work when extra leniency is afforded to WY residents, either by applying a higher threshold when stopping a vehicle or issuing a citation (e.g., 5mph over for foreign plates, and 8mph over for residents), or by preferentially issuing a warning instead of a citation to residents compared to foreigners.

The statistics cited in the article are not enough to distinguish between these two causes (the statistics are also otherwise unfortunately incomplete, as the actual number and percentage of freeway drivers who are residents or aliens is not given). However, the leniency bias hypothesis could be proven or dissproven by a further detailed study of the individual citations issued . For example, an examination of the lower limit of speeds for which citations were issued would reveal if a resident versus out-of-state driver bias exists, as would a comparison of the number of warnings issued to in-state versus foreign drivers. It is not clear if such data is available for public examination, either because it is difficult or expensive to retrieve, or because various legal and privacy issues stand in the way. Perhaps some enthusiastic social studies or poly sci student at UW could pursue this issue. (Mind you, if successful, you might cause school revenues to decrease as corrective measures, fines, and – heaven forbid – refunds to unfairly wronged populations are implemented.)

I personally like driving through WY on my way to Seattle every few months to visit family, and really love the wide open sky and landscapes, especially in winter. But if your life is too calm or serene, just come to Denver some Friday afternoon for an extra jolt of careless, wild, and rude driving, which would be good preparation for a Friday evening or Saturday morning slugfest in the weekend ski traffic going up to the slopes. Even CO drivers dislike this. We are not all bad.

Attn Steve Denver, if you’re not a pot smoker? Then I would hope you wouldn’t take this personal. But since Colorado decided to start smoking recreation pot, your state forced states like Wyoming to keep our highways safe. We not only have impaired drivers that drink beyond their ability drive. But we now have to deal with the social ills that ooze out of our southern border. This forced our law enforcement to step up their spot-checks for impaired drivers and now illegal substance.

Wyoming still like Colorado and prefers to remain friendly with Colorado. But, it is apparent that Colorado has too many radicals that seem to effect other states with ill advised laws. Once again, its not personal but, Wyoming does have to protect its very own sovereignty from laws outside Wyoming. In this case here, what’s legal in Colorado remains illegal in Wyoming and most states that surround Colorado. . Please do drive safely and enjoy Wyoming – as Wyoming likes to keep its state like its people, CLEAN. Clean living, clean thinking, clean driving.

I think every out of state driver from The Greenie now Smokie State should be stopped at the border and given a citation automatically. I personally drive Wyo Highways over 50,000 miles per year because of my job. Because of which I have had more than my fair share of speeding tickets. I can assure you I deserved every one. But I can also attest beyond a shadow of a doubt I get passed by more Greenie drivers’ than any other state by far Utah is second and they are the worst up my butt drivers I have ever witnessed. So I would say the numbers are accurate and don’t lie. I wish it were true that WYO Hp’s look for out of staters and target them more but I have to say I’m sure they do not. Although once stopped you may be more likely to allowed to pass with a warning while any Greenie will probably be ticketed. I think that is very fair. You come and use our resources then you should pay a fee. Simple. Oh and JJolo Wyoming does not use a point system like other states. Insurance companies use their own point system that they create on their own . But Wyoming simply uses a quantity of moving violations system. Any Three in one 12 month period you will receive a warning letter. The 4th moving violation will get your license suspended and require a hearing to get it back in the form of a work permit until one moving violation drops off. Mr. Goetz is correct you are not. Oh yes I know this for a fact… Been there done that…