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The Munich-based company was founded in 2015 by Markus Bohl (formerly Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and founder of two successful eCommerce platforms) and Markus Feigelbinder (most recently in senior management of international tech consultancies, Amazon and Westwing Home & Living). The company currently employs a team of 50 and also PhD experts in machine learning and data engineering.

Bots have become the new weather apps. Many companies click together simple NLP-based bots as a marketing show case. but Fineway semantic Travel Bot leaves the NLP problems to others and focuses on the important topic: The conversation. electricity names superheroes Thanks to deep neural networks and self-learning algorithms, their interface agnostic conversational service creates a unique & personalized conversation for each customer to deliver trips that match your unique style & intents.

Data Science at Fineway isn’t just a gimmick to look attractive – Fineway data mine runs deep. Their Data Scientists apply advanced statistics & deep learning methods to their existing customer & content data to decode the customer as well as the content. electricity dance moms episode Of course Fineway don’t just crunch numbers with excel, but use state of the art tools to buildtheir models, visualize & share them.

Shipping a top notch product requires top notch technology stack behind it. Fineway’s stack ranges from latest React.js in their front-ends to Python 3.6 & Go in their back-ends, all deployed automatically in Docker containers. Fineway is serious about professional development: code reviews & automated tests ensure the quality of their products and allow them to move fast without breaking things. Serious Community Building

You can play fetch with a frog-cat, fend off a ferocious beast with a flashlight and steal a lost pearl from a vengeful temple guardian. Listing off such “where else could you do these?” sorts of experiences feels like a trope when talking about virtual reality, but, seriously, where else could you do these outside of the boundless, ever-evolving worlds of Dreamscape Immersive?

Dreamscape, which opens its first storefront today, creates grand virtual reality encounters that allow visitors to literally step into the narrative. The Westfield Century City space debuts with three 12-minute productions running ( Alien Zoo, Lavan’s Magic Projector: The Lost Pearland The Blu: Deep Rescue), and plans to add a fourth by next spring. Virtual Reality vs Dreamscape

Unlike VR arcades, Dreamscape aims to set itself apart with its cinematic ambitions: Cofounder Walter Parkes has produced sci-fi standards like Men in Black and Minority Reportand held top positions at Amblin and DreamWorks; Hans Zimmer’s production studio composed the music; and AMC has partnered with the company to host storefronts at movie theaters around the country. electricity dance moms full episode Dreamscape also brings a bit of theme park magic to its DNA, as CEO Bruce Vaughn previously served as Walt Disney Imagineering’s chief creative officer.

While its creative pedigree is impressive, ticket-buying Angelenos will be more interested in the end result to justify their $20 purchase: an immersive attraction (which accommodates up to six guests) that puts the agency of advancing the storytelling directly into visitors hands—and feet and over their eyes. As Vaughn puts it, the use of VR at Dreamscape is similar to scuba diving; the equipment is simply a means to transport you. Tech is downplayed in favor of that transportive theme, which comes front and center at its travel agency-themed storefront. electricity grid australia You check in at a departures counter and receive a ticket with a three-letter code for your destination, and then you await your journey in a lounge dotted with display cases and detailed curiosities that tie into the three experiences. Alien Zoo is live now

A Jurassic Park-like tour of a Pandora-esque planet opens on a plain with ponderous, horse-like creatures, and its resemblance to the dinosaur blockbuster—down to a dramatic “Welcome… to Alien Zoo” greeting—is no coincidence. “Stephen Spielberg is an investor in this,” says Parkes. “We used to talk about how smart he was that at that first time you saw dinosaurs [in Jurassic Park] all you heard was [Richard] Attenborough say, ‘Welcome… to Jurassic Park.’ And you’re just going, oh my lord, there are dinosaurs here. So we in fact originally had more things you did in the beginning of Alien Zoo, and it distracted people from the sheer wonder of buying into the reality.”

You rarely shuffle more than a few inches at a time on Alien Zoo’s virtual, hovering platform, yet the world feels vast, limitless and full of possibilities. You can pet a tame otherworldly equine, and we mean literally pet: Reach out to the virtual creature with your real-life hand and also you’ll come into contact with the soft touch of its snout. When a playful frog-cat nudges a ball your way, you can astonishingly reach down to grip a ball and throw it back at it. gas engine efficiency And wielding a flashlight you pick up inside a luminescent cave feels good; pointing its conical glow onto darkened rock walls is like a virtual equivalent of popping bubble wrap.

When it’s about acquisition no firm will stop thinking about to swallow another firm because it may take them to the top of the list. gas tax in texas Lincoln Electric Holdings also thought the same way. From the official press release it’s clear that they are on a pursuit of acquisitions. Lincoln Electric Holdings is a multinational & global Manufactures of Welding equipment as well as welding consumables. About Lincoln Electric

The company reported over $2.9 billion sales in 2013, and also sales from North America accounting for 50% of it. Lincoln has over 8500+ employees globally and 3000 in the United States alone. Among Lincoln Electric’s subsidiaries is The Harris Products Group, which is a manufacturer of Welding Consumables, Gas Apparatus, and other Specialty Products. The Harris Products Group has manufacturing facilities in Georgia, Ohio, California, Poland, Mexico, Brazil and Italy. The firm invested a capital investment of $200 so far.

Coldwater Machine Company develops and delivers turnkey, automated solutions for OEM and Tier suppliers. electricity khan academy Their major sectors include automotive, aerospace energy, appliance. The firm’s strength lies in their ability to transfer technology and know-how developed in solving specific challenges for one market to other industries. From tight tolerance tooling and fixtures through custom-designed, highly automated assembly lines, Coldwater has the experience to develop a solution that will improve your production operations.