Y6 bowdon church school gas national average 2013


In the midst of sports events and Oliver performances, Y6 are also fully immersed in their Enterprise Challenge. electricity in the body causes The children are split into 10 teams and asked to innovate a business in just 4 ½ weeks from start to finish. Leila Smurthwaite led a fantastic workshop on innovation at the start of the half term and each team has been developing their ideas, assisted by Y6 staff and parents who have come in to give talks and advice (thanks to Mr Burtinshaw, Mr Edwards and Mr Keeling).

Y6 are now half way through the project and on Friday they visited Manchester to pitch their business plans to a panel of business experts, to be questioned on their usp, financials, marketing strategies and project management. Thank you to our ‘Business Angels’: Mr McDowell, Mrs Whiteley, Mr Thorniley, Mr Beazley and Mr Summers for their time and valuable input.

Y6 are currently in the process of buying materials, looking for sponsors, contacting their chosen charities and making their products. electricity jokes puns If anyone has unwanted items they wish to donate (Plain or light coloured plain T-shirts, old shoe laces, unwanted odd socks, teddies who need a new home, scraps of ribbon, any unwanted fabric paints, T-shirts with logos or football shirts, coloured tissue paper, plastic drinks bottles, plastic containers (eg Chinese containers), old cardboard wrapping paper tubes, corks, patterned fabric scraps), then we have a box in the front entrance.

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