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I had intended to take the Auto Road, driving my own car (first time!), but my planned visit day was on a scheduled bikers’ visits. Well, lucky thing for me, because I opted to take the tour vans instead…and gas monkey am I glad I didn’t drive myself! Not only was the van an easy way to climb to the top, it was also comfortable, and I’d have NEVER been able to make it all the to the top on my own! The roads up to the top were mostly an easy drop to the very bottom, very narrow, some not even paved, and there are cars going in 2 directions, make the already narrow road appear that much more…deadly. I had reviews here that people were scared of the drive and thought I’d be a lot more brave. Alas, I was white-knuckling it ALL the way up to the electricity lesson plans 4th grade top (and down!), and was glad I wasn’t in the driver’s seat. The weather was excellent at the top (62F), while it was a scorching 94F at the bottom. The winds were mostly calm, though somewhat gust-y, but the sun came out eventually and we were able to take some great photos. There’s a gift shop, a snack shop, a museum, and an historical structure power company near me to visit while up there. On the van, you get 1 hour at the top..which is honestly plenty of time. The place is run very well and our driver (Wayne?) was really nice and informative. Vans were nicely air-conditioned, and the staff at the main gift shop and ticket stall were super friendly. I gave it 4 stars only because it’d have been nice to have a few more activities or attractions at the very top, but the summit is run by Mount Washington State Park, so I suppose…it’s best to take it up with them.

We were attending Laconia Motorcycle Bike Week, so had to ride to the top of Mount Washington! During the rally they have two days that only allow bikes on the road to the top. This year it was Monday and Thursday. If you arrive by auto on those days you will need to take a guided tour via van to the top. I believe that is for those two days. The gas 93 octane most important thing for me was forecast for no rain. I highly recommend you check their web site out to make sure road is open, as bad weather can close the road. Me, I would not ride a motorcycle up with a forecast of any rain 3 gases in the air. Most of roadway is paved (87%) and (13%) is hard packed Gravel (DIRT!). Although when your riding a big Harley in that dirt it seems like most of the way. I can’t imagine driving that dirt segment during a rain. The ride up that road is a thrill. Especially when the mile we drove through clouds that were whipping across the road at 35 MPH. Oh yea, check forecasted temp and wind speed prior to riding a motorcycle to the top. The day we ride forecast was temp around 60 degrees with wind speed if 35. We were going on Thursday, but after seeing temp forecasted for 45 and wind speed if 70 I changed that ride to Monday. Oh, if you’re on a motorcycle and arrive before 10:00, your passenger rides free (saves 9 bucks. Driver pays 17 bucks. There is a little store at the entrance to the auto road. This store also has two gas pumps a gas station, but only 87 octane , so only put in a gallon to make sure I could make it to town. This store by the way has patches and pins for the road. At the top you will find the observatory with a small cafe, nice museum that has a lot of historical info about record setting wind speed ever recorded (230 something). For riders, remember to bring a jacket, because when you go up over a mile it gets cold! Also, another tip for bikers, if you look up and see clouds that your going to pass through , I’d pull over at a pull off area and electricity human body take those sun glasses off! I didn’t and I’m telling if it wasn’t for the yellow lines and bike tail lights ahead of me I’d have run off that mountain Talk about PUCKER FACTOR-NOTHING LIKE HOG IN THE FOG ON A 6200 foot mountainIt was a thrill and I’m glad I did it. Would electricity a level physics I do it again-no. Although I heard that rest of road will soon be paved-so maybe if clear blue sky with no clouds at the top, so yea maybe. I noticed on way up people coming down had big grins on their faces and when I rode down people going up had sheer terror on their faces For bike riders- when you purchase your ticket they had you a sticker that says: This Bike Climbed Mt. Washington. Now in 7 years I’ve never stuck a sticker in my bike-but dang, I made it up and down , so this sticker is going on