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I have found that many younger people in my state of North Carolina don’t know what a scab is (somebody who works while the union is on strike). gas bike alley They hardly know what a union is. The Republicans destroyed the unions here, we are now what is called a right-to-work state, which really means right-to-fire-you-for-no-reason-at-all and right-to-pay-the-barest-minimum-wages. Republicans busted the unions because union people tended to vote against them. Now there is no job security, jobs don’t pay a living wage, and people think unions are the devil. But back when this song was written, unions were brave people putting their lives and livelihoods on the line for each other. The struggle got brutal but we had unions to thank for shorter work days, higher wages, and benefits. Jobs like that hardly exist any more. electricity magnetism and electromagnetic theory pdf Oh well.

Let’s talk a little about the original singer, Bernard Bernstein. He was born around 1860 in Warsaw. His father traded in geese. It’s written that he was a funny, jolly singer and dancer and people called him Berele Hotske. He worked in a cigarette factory and sang on the side. electricity invented or discovered He wanted to be an opera singer, but ended up touring with as a quartet in which everybody’s name ended with "stein". At 17 he was in London, a comic, then to Paris and then to Lemberg where he acted with Gimpel. Adler brought him to America, where he became very popular. He was a first-class burlesque comic with many charms and had a fine career, but later in life his kind of comedy went out of style. gas and water He died in 1922.

The song was composed by David Meyerowitz (pictured), who was notorious in his early days for not caring enough about his hundreds of songs to copyright them. He’d sell them for $10 each and the buyers reaped the profits. In this case, years later in 1922 the publisher Albert Teres added just enough to the song so he could claim the copyright. It was ever thus.

I don’t think I’ve talked about David Meyerowitz, but he was composer of many of the penny songs. online electricity bill payment He was born in 1867 in Dinaburg, Latvia, to poor parents. In 1888 his father left for America and at the age of 11 David had to support the family working in a match factory. gas up shawty He worked in a shop but made more money singing songs. He could not read or write in any language. Two years later his father brought him to America, and they worked in a rag shop, though he kept writing songs at night. He entered Louis Gilrod’s Yiddish vaudeville theater as a singer and songwriter. gas chamber His breakout hit was Gott un zayn mishpot iz gerekht, but you’ll find many other songs of his on this blog if you put his name in the search box.

In 1911 he was the subject of a newspaper article with this headline: THE MAN WHO WRITES AN OPERA A WEEK — Yet Does Not Know a Note of Music! He Plays His Own Leading Roles, Gets a $40 Salary and Found Time to Write The "Jewish National Hymn" He was 30 at the time and had written thirty-six complete operettas and several hundred songs. His contract was with the Grand Music Hall. The article says Meyerowitz didn’t read music – he composed in his head and sang the music to the conductor, who would write it down.