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September the 15th, 2012: The Association of Citizen Spaces (the confluence of former anti-war movements, the Association of Victims 93 gas near me of the Mortgage, Attac Spain and several squatter movements) holds a meeting in Barcelona. The first draft of the Black Manifesto is written. Though it calls to peaceful civil disobedience, its tone is borderline violent due to the exasperation climate.

October the 7 th, 2012: The Facebook Event “Rattle the Walls” is launched from Black Manifesto, calling for several marches that will culminate in the main squares of the main cities. All provincial and autonomous capitals of Spain will hold a march, plus Ferrol, Ponferrada, Gijón electricity games, Manresa, Alcalá de Henares, Jerez de la Frontera, Elche and Cartagena.

October the 14th, 2012 (DAY 0): Marches in the main cities. They turn out to be the most multitudinary demonstration in the history of Spain, surpassing even the 2006 anti-war marches. Takeover of main squares, first of the daily protests in front of the Catalan parliament. First camps and assemblies appear: the ones in Puerta del Sol and Catalonia Square will become the most iconic.

DAY 1: Violent encounters between hooded demonstators 76 gas station locations and Mossos de Esquadra throughout Barcelona. Three dead, including a policeman. The delegates of the assemblies do their best to distance themselves from the events, but the police’s attempts to dissolve the camps result in the throwing of tear gas. Stones, Molotov cocktails and frozen crystal bottles are thrown in exchange. Incidents happen first in Barcelona, and later that night they extend to Madrid, Seville, Zaragoza and Bilbao. All this is podcasted live from the so-called Revolution Squares. Clashes will continue the following day.

DAY 3: At midnight, the first Barricading Assemblies appear, as well as the first Watchmen. Calls to non-violence result in dismissal of many delegates and a takeover of elements of a more “direct action” kind. The Lugo and the Ciudad tgask Real camps are dissolved by force in the middle of the night. By the next morning, most camps are surrounded by hundreds, when not thousands, of sympathizers willing to use force. Lootings gas x breastfeeding side effects in Barcelona ignite a three-way confrontation between looters, Riot Police sent by the Ministry of the Interior, and Watchmen. A significant part of the Riot Police and a small fraction of the Mossos turn against the rest of the security forces and offer to guard the Revolution Square. Madrid follows shortly thereafter, sparking a chain reaction. Total body count of the Hot Fall: 15 dead.

DAY 4: Most camps are barricaded, and the main ones are armed with non-lethal and small-caliber weaponry. Inhibitors of frequency are installed by the municipal governments, most of which are quickly hijacked and dismantled. Risk premium rises to 730 points. Ibex35 stock electricity vocabulary exchange rates plummet. Government forms an Emergency Cabinet. State of Alarm is declared. Airspace is militarized.

DAY 5: First Solidarity Networks in the main cities: small commerce starts to supply the camps in exchange for protection from looters. Defections keep increasing. Camps start to feel a demographic pressure of sorts, and think about gaining ground. The committee networks of the main camps start using the term “Front” to refer themselves, something which extends to other sympathizer groups of self-defense. Election of the first Militias. Violent skirmishes facing the Catalan Parliament result in the temporary dissolution of the protest. Total body count of the Hot Fall: 21 dead.

DAY 7: Second gas works park seattle round of marches in the main capitals, this time unauthorized and with armed support. The Firemen Corps joins the marches. Fierce clashes between loyal and defector elements of the police. Avalanches of people result in smashed and suffocated people. New camps, militarized from the start, form in Paseo del Prado in Madrid, and Tetuan Square and Ciutadella Park in Barcelona, putting the Catalan Parliament in compromise. Minister of the Interior Rubalcaba resigns. A motion of censorship against Zapatero will be proposed the following day. Total body count: 53 dead.

DAY 9: The Battle of the Congress electricity definition chemistry. The Militias tear the metal fences that surround the entries to the building while the MPs are evacuated. First gunshot exchanges. The Congress building is occupied, its inner furnishing is vandalized. It will spend the next week empty gas pump icon save for guarding Militiamen, and meanwhile, the executive retreats to a heavily guarded Moncloa Palace. Incendiary artifacts thrown against the front of an emptied Catalan parliament. The chief of the Mossos de Esquadra resigns. Total and final body count of the Hot Fall: 84 dead.

DAY 10: This would be called Zapatero’s Sad Night. The Prime Minister holds a meeting early in the morning with the Catalan president Duran I Lleida, where they discuss some f gas certification logo CNI reports which indicate that, should he declare the State of Exception, there would be medium-high chances that part of the Military, heavily resented by budget cuts and the denial of their role in Iraq, would follow the police’s steps, and that means everything would be lost. That night, representatives from all levels of administration are sent to meet with the spokespeople of the Fronts. A night of celebration, in which the Dry Law is lifted in the camps save for Militiamen and Watchmen.

October 29th gas house edwards, 2012 (DAY 15): The Congress, by order of the Sol Front and as a gesture of good will, is handed back peacefully by the Militiamen, who surrender to the police knowing they won’t get out of there alive otherwise. A round of talks between the State and autonomous governments on one hand, and the Front delegates on the other hand, will be held starting tomorrow morning. End of the Hot Fall. The beginning of the Compromise.