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Let me start off by saying that I met Don Carey and his wife when they purchased their new location from my landlord. Over the next 5 months I watched them take a run down building and turn it into a first class facility! Don spares no expense when it comes to quality period. One day we were talking and I asked him what he thought about Traeger smokers as I had just bought one a few months before and was very disappointed in my purchase. Don explained that Traegers have their place and grilling steaks and chops is not really possible on them. gas out game commercial HUH that feature is why I bought the thing and my salesperson went on and on about the Traeger and how well it would smoke and GRILL meat. The fact is it will not so im stuck with a 700.00 piece of patio art. Don said he designed his YODER line of pellet smoker/grill and overseas every aspect of the manufacturing process which is done at his plant in Hutchinson KS. One day I strolled over to his showroom and took a look at the Yoder and knew right away this thing was choice!! The thing is built like a tank and well thought out. Worth every penny they have it priced at. The Traeger is made in china and is a tin can compared to the Yoder. I wanted one BAD so I worked a deal with Don and soon I had this baby on my patio and the Traeger on cl. gas cap light After I set it up and ran it for an hour as per instructions I was ready to see if it would grill just like a charcoal cooker. I put the direct grill kit in and fired it up. The kit does cost a little extra but its well worth it as it built like the rest of the unit and man does it work great. j gastroenterol impact factor The chicken qtrs. were perfect and the next night the steak was grilled to perfection with the best grill marks a guy can ask for. I’m going to test it on a big brisket this week and i’m sure it will be perfect. The Yoder YS480 holds its temp consistent a critical thing when you are smoking and is user friendly and built to last. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants the best all around cooker on the market. Go check them out in Delano at their new location and take a look at all the goodies they have. They are proof that a mom and pop shop can still make it in todays made in china economy…Thanks guys for quality product!!!!

After living with my YS480 for about a month (7 cooks) I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait (and cost) to step up to this beast. I moved up from a cheap Traeger after I became convinced that pellet cooking was the way to go. electricity sources Like all grills it’s important to familiarize yourself with the idiosyncrasies of each in order that you can achieve consistent results. I’ve done that with the Yoder and am very happy with the results. The build quality, ease of cleanup and ruggedness are apparent as soon as you open the carton. I do however have two quibbles. Specifically, the digital display is VERY difficult to read in bright sunlight. Not sure if better LEDs would help but it can be a bear to make adjustments without bending down and shielding the display while doing so. electricity song billy elliot More annoying; mine consistently runs about 25 degrees below set point once the maintenance point is attained even accounting for the variable feeding system. I know I’m correct because I’ve measured surface temp with three different devices made by Tel-True and Maverick. Seems to occur mostly at temps below 300 degrees and can be accounted for but I think for the price it should be able to hold temp at typical smoking temps for which it was designed. In any case, I drove from Las Vegas to southern California to pick mine up and don’t regret it for a minute. I’m sure it will outlast me and perform for many years to come.

After months of research like many of you reading this I can proudly say you are at the right place. I logged at least a couple hundred hours on various forums and watching YouTube videos. My deciding factor was the quality of the smoker and peace of mind knowing I was contributing to an American made product. gas definition wikipedia I feel it’s important to support us here on the home front and regardless of your political stance, we became the greatest country and a super power a few decades ago because we produced amazing things right here and we exported more than we imported. We have gotten far away from that but you can make an impact by choosing Yoder. As far as the grill/smoker, it is a tank and you have nothing to assemble. It arrived securely in its pallet ready to roll. Solid steel construction and effortless operation time and time again. industrial electricity prices by state My wife was skeptical due to the price but the first meal I made she quickly saw the benefit and loves what it can do. The one thing I kept seeing is the "cry once" mentality on the price and there are a staggering number of people that wish they would have purchased a quality smoker instead of bargain hunting on cheaper imported items. In the end they would have saved money getting a Yoder. They took care of me from the minute I submitted the order and they stand behind their line of amazing products with some of the best customer service in the industry. If you read all this just pull the trigger and feel confident knowing you bought an amazing US made product that will most likely outlast you. It will be delivered before you know it!