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So this was my very first time in Costa Rica. I was terrified of surfing and thought that I was going to go Pure Yoga all the way. After taking my first surf lesson, I was hooked! The instructors were all amazing, caring, and Extremely patient. I always felt safe in the water and was able to truly relax for the first time in ages. (I should mention that I from NY and find it difficult to disconnect and relax!) Sandra electricity calculator was an amazing leader and yoga instructor. I practice regularly and I’m afraid that I’m now spoiled not only because Sandra is an incredible teacher (with amazing, positive, inspiring energy) but also because I can not find a jungle in NYC with an ocean view to practice in… Yoga will never be the same 🙂 I can’t say enough good things about Pranamar – the accommodations were wonderful, everyone there treated us so well that we literally did not want to leave. The food was some of the best I have ever had and I felt so healthy and well rested. Truly an amazing experience – I extended gas key staking my stay by a week and would have extended longer if I could have. The retreat group was great – nice, friendly, fun, good vibes all around. I’ll be back…someday. Thanks to Sandra, Monica, the surf instructors and amazing and incredibly gracious staff at Pranamar. Pura Vida!!!! -E

I should preface this by saying that over the past five or six years of my life I have been raked over the coals of hell. I used to be a very active person, but there were times when I was gas nozzle keeps stopping unable to walk and when I booked this vacation I was unable to stand up for more than a few minutes at a time. I booked this trip as a desperate measure because I had lost everything I knew about who I was and I desperately wanted my life back. I have that life back now, and I am SO grateful. Thus, you are in for a long and detailed review: 1.) Booking. I found this retreat via google and read everything on the website. I haven’t been able to take electricity for kids a vacation in… well, let’s just say I am inexperienced, so I was a little nervous about everything. I must have emailed Sandra a thousand questions and she answered every single one of them with great patience. If I were to book again, I would contact (insert preferred method of transportation from San Jose here) before I booked my airline ticket because the times are subject to change during high/low season. I strongly recommend the tiny plane (Sansa), which is what I wound up taking. The taxi from the Tambor airport went on my room tab electricity questions and answers physics, which was helpful because I didn’t have to travel with a lot of cash. 2.) Arrival. I was traveling solo and met my roommate on the Tambor flight. If you are going it alone, DO NOT FEAR THE RANDOM ASSIGNED ROOMMATE. I am pretty sure anybody who books a trip like this will get along, at least our whole group did. Not four seconds after arrival, I had a delicious smoothie in hand and was on a tour of the property. 3.) Rooms. First of all, who cares? I spent about six hours a night in my room just to read/sleep. If you do care, the rooms are beautiful, comfortable, and the showers are super cool. I was sad when frictional electricity examples I got home and no longer got to shower outside with a buddha statue. There is a safety deposit thingy to put valuables in, and so we rarely even locked our doors. (probably not recommended gas 99 cents by the staff, but exemplary of the vibe there.) 4.) Food. Not only is the food fantastic, but they remembered each and every one of our crazy diet restrictions. (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, soy free, they took it all like champions) Do not ever turn down a smoothie because you will be missing out. After this trip, I am saving up for a vita mix and emailing the hotel for recipes. The people at the restaurant were so friendly some of us started hanging around just to chat with them. Don’t forget to tip at the end of the week, they deserve it! There were also two nights where we went out gas up the jet for dinner. Both were fun little outings, and the last night was probably the only time any of us remembered our cameras. 5.) Surfing. Heck Yeah Awesome Surfing Instructors! There was an instructor for every two or so people, and honestly I felt like it was one-on-one most electricity usage of the time. I was with Juan or Ismael throughout the week, and those two people will be forever in my heart. After all this time, with their instruction, I was surfing the outside break by the end of the week. I could cry I was so happy. They were thoughtful, intelligent, people who knew what they were doing and always had a great sense of humor. I will be surfing again soon, and it is because of them. 😀 6.) Yoga. Let’s be honest. By the time yoga rolled around the first full day, after the surfing, and the swimming in the pool, and the traveling, I thought to myself electricity ground explained, AAAAAAGGGHHHH! I totally didn’t think I was going to make it. If you find yourself in this situation, show up to yoga anyway. Sandra was the perfect instructor, who completely understood where everybody was at after a long day. In fact, without the yoga I might have been too sore from the surfing to go at it as hard as I did the next day. I hear that the people who did the yoga-only retreat had a more advanced class in the morning and everybody loved it. Thank you Sandra!!!! 7.) Massage. I was somewhat dubious about this and almost didn’t do it because I have recovered from so many horrible injuries that require modifications. So glad I did it because she was very very good. She actually fixed a problem I have been having for years and always just assumed it would be my way gas bubbles in colon of life forever. 8.) Excursions. I did stand up paddling with Andy, which was a lot of fun. He and his wife took us out for a sunset paddle that took my breath away. If you are interested in trying it, I fully recommend it. A friend (met on the retreat) also rented an ATV and so I had the opportunity to cruise around town a little. I will never forget my Santa Teresa ATV rides, that is for sure. I am sure other 2 chainz smoking on that gas people from the July 2012 retreat will comment on the other excursions, we all sort of split up for that. 9.) Leaving. I was very sad about this, and am currently looking into how I can come back. I have talked a group of friends into going next 76 gas station jobs year. People don’t just do that unless it was really great, amiright? 10.) I want to thank Sandra, Monica, Ismael, Juan, Alvaro, Andy, and all of my new friends who were on the retreat with me for such a wonderful time and all the great memories. Having returned to the US, I am in the best shape I have been in for six years, and my friends are all telling me how healthy I look. Whether you are in it because you are already good at all of these things, or because you want to learn, I promise you this is the best environment for it. Pura Vida!