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With respect to owning an EV, the phrase "meet my needs" is important. For example, an EV may not make sense to someone with only one car who cannot charge at home. For someone or a couple with two cars kept in a warm garage, one EV probably makes a lot of sense. electricity notes Home charging is a big deal – every morning you drive off with a full tank. In our case, a free tank since we have a 16kW PV system. This time of year it’s especially nice not to have to stand outside at a pump, shivering, back to the wind. Will I be standing outside plugging in at a charging station? Just a few times a year, carefully chosen.

I have a friend with traditionalist (luddite) tendencies. gas in back and chest He makes up a lot of reasons that EV’s are bad. The brakes wear down quickly because the cars are so heavy (regenerative braking actually means you hardly touch the real brakes). He’s told me I’ll get brain cancer from the electrical fields (remember the cell phone scares?). year 6 electricity They randomly burst into flames (occasionally, but not as often as gasoline cars – no injector clips!). It’s just a silly fad (in terms of revenue, Tesla is now the #1 seller of cars in the US – it’s no joke). EVs are not visceral (true, but you can whoosh! beat some punk in a Subaru WRX across an intersection before he’s got his clutch engaged). Elon Musk is a lunatic (yes, but a lunatic engineer).

Someone is probably already at work transplanting a Tesla drive unit into the back of a 928. I’ve taken a look – remove the gas tank and the muffler, relocate the 12V battery, and it should slip right in with the half-shaft attachment points in the right spot. Some subframe cutting and welding might be required. electricity cost calculator People have already hacked the Tesla control software. It’s being done so often that wrecked Teslas are not cheap, though.

My first drive in a Tesla was over five years ago and I knew immediately that the ICE cars were doomed to extinction like the horse and buggy. The Tesla was smooth, silent and the linear torque curve truly wowed me. Now, after having driven a bunch of EV’s (including a P100 S in ludicrous mode) I simply can’t wait for the next generation of automobiles.

I stand by my statement that the vast majority of us will be buying/driving EV’s in the next 5-10 years. electricity 2pm We will be able to discuss that evolution here in this forum and on this very thread, because even though I’ll be driving an EV for daily use on the streets, a select few 928’s will be meticulously maintained and kept beautiful in my collection of toys.

Porsche has been so successful with their Hybrid racing technologies (think 919) that they are changing their entire business model from ICE to EV… Porsche is NOT investing $6 billion Euros in race cars … Porsche IS investing $6 billion Euros in electric mobility for the street because that is where Porsche sees the future of road based transportation heading.

I have no interest in owning an electric vehicle or hybrid. None. electricity around the world Also, What are their legitimate cradle to grave environmental costs, in actuality?I’m going to specifically address carbon because that is the single most pressing environmental factor right now (and for the next few decades). There are other things involved in producing batteries that are environmentally dangerous, but those are localized concerns, not global.

Let’s say that it costs, on average, the exact same amount of carbon over the lifetime of a car to produce and drive an electric car as it does a gasoline car of the same size. year 6 electricity worksheets The biggest difference between the two is obviously the battery, so producing the battery produces the biggest carbon footprint. For this exercise we’re saying that the carbon cost of producing and powering the battery is identical to the carbon cost of burning gasoline for the same number of miles driven (There’s no way that’s the case, but okay.).

The point is that even a tiny incremental improvement in battery production technology immediately improves the carbon footprint for every car produced from that point forward. That’s also true for every incremental change in battery efficiency, where my battery stores and delivers power more efficiently for a longer time for the same production cost. It’s like every car produced going from carburetion to fuel injection in a single model year. And even better: As more and more electricity is produced with renewables, every electric car becomes more efficient. Not just every new electric car, but every electric car. Imaging if someone waved a magic wand and all your cars instantly got 10% better gas mileage. Having that battery in common is a huge advantage to electrics over IC.

However, I can imagine owning one with a motor swap. I’m a couple years from retiring, which will give me more time to travel, and I like to drive. That’s what the 928 was meant to do: cross-continental touring. However, even if I did a full engine bay and drive line tear-down and rebuild, I don’t want to rely upon 40 year-old fuel injection electronics. I’m not wedded to V8s; modern V6s produce plenty of smooth power. gsa 2016 calendar But the LS road is well defined and the motors (and their electronics!) are widely available, completely modern, and rock solid.absolutely agree! the early 928, in it’s simplest form, is a gorgeous design and one of my all-time favorites. i wish all the time i had my euro ’78 5spd back in the garage. that said, the idea of a transplant comes to mind just about as often as the 928 itself does. if you can take that design, that experience, make it more dependable, faster, and easier to maintain, that’s not a bad option. i will own another 928.

to the original question – what’s a good replacement to the 928 – i have to say that i view my ’13 panamera turbo as pretty much a 4-dr 928. if you go back to some of the original 4-dr 928 concepts, the first-gen Pan isn’t far off. i wasn’t a fan initially, but if you want a fast 4-seater, porsche dynamics, and a great driver’s car, the Pan is hard to beat. the fact that both my 928 and Pan were/are white just helps the comparison. the panamera makes total sense to me as a progression from the 928.