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1) More playing than fishing, a few of us were jumping around on rocks in the Broad River in Columbia, SC. We came to a patch of rock that formed a natural water slide. I was the first to "give it a go". It was fun. But standing at the bottom, waiting for the next person to go, I could feel something on my legs. Trying to see the back of my legs and butt, I couldn’t make out what I was feeling. One of the girls saw it though, and screamed. My shorts and legs were covered with 1" long leeches. I stripped off my shorts, used sand and gravel to clean off the ones on my skin. A bit … yucky … if you know what I mean.

2) Wading in a small creek on Camp Lejuene. Summer, no waders, just shoes and shorts, not that it would’ve mattered. This creek runs through forest and is rarely, if ever, fished. The bottom is soft. I was moving shallow, knee deep, when a HUGE volume of trapped gas erupted under me. I was suddenly chest deep with muck covering my legs from waist down. It took me almost 1/2 an hour to get myself free. The whole time, I was thinking, if this hole had been two feet deeper, I’d have drowned right there, and I may never have been found.

3) Sheldon Reservoir, Houston TX. Wading the area above Garrett Road. I would go there right from work. Still had on my work pants, I’d put on wading shoes and go fishing. Caught TONS of fish. But this particular trip, I was pushing through mats of Hydrilla/Milfoil. Something had crawled up inside my pant leg, I guess. I never felt it until it stung/bit me. I got my pants pulled down (underwear still on), but never saw whatever it was. It left a hole, and a welt, that lasted for almost two months.

I can’t say that I have any wademares…which would imply being very fearful of something that COULD happen. Sure, lots of bad things could happen while wading, but most of them are easily avoidable. I’ve had some strange things happen while wading, though.

My beaver story…I was wading along in waist deep water alongside an undercut bank when a beaver surged out from under the bank, apparently scared that I was so close, and crashed into my legs, knocking me over. Glad it didn’t bite me. It would have been like those Duluth Trading Post ads on TV where the beaver bites the guy’s legs off because his jeans are not tough enough.

Worst snake story…I was going to take a break from fishing the West Boulder River in Montana and watch my buddy fish a nice run. I sat down on a convenient rock, and as soon as I did a rattlesnake crawled out from under the rock, between my feet, and away. It actually crawled into the water next to my buddy and scared him about as much as it did me.

Worst snake story while along a river, though not wading…I was a teenager, squirrel hunting along an Ozark stream. I was slowly stalking along a bluff, at the top of the tree-covered talus slope and the bottom of a rock ledge that ranged from 6 to 15 feet high, with trees atop it. I shot a squirrel that fell on top of the ledge and out of sight, so I needed to get on top of the ledge. I could have walked another 30 feet and found a gap in the ledge that would have allowed me to walk up it, but instead, I picked a spot where the ledge was about 7 feet high, reached up and laid my .22 atop the flat rock (that I couldn’t see because it was just a bit too high), jumped up and grabbed the edge of the ledge with my fingers, and did a pull up to clamber up it. As my face rose above the edge of the ledge, there, 6 inches in front of my eyes, was a copperhead, loosely coiled and watching me. Needless to say, I let go and dropped! Then I went around the way I should have done, and walked up to see the snake still there, next to my rifle. I shooed it away and grabbed my gun.