Z gas cd juarez Bengal energy fourth quarter and fiscal 2016 year end results – ein news hp gas online

Z gas cd juarez Bengal energy fourth quarter and fiscal 2016 year end results – ein news hp gas online

/ EINPresswire. M p electricity board com/ — CITY, ALBERTA — (Marketwired) — 06/17/16 — Bengal Coercion Ld. Grade 9 electricity (TSX: BNG) (“Bengal” or the “Association”) nowadays make known its fiscal and operational effect championing the 4th tail and the financial gathering complete Parade 31, 2016.

“In Pecuniary 2016, Bengal continuing to center ontogenesis save, reduction charge and up pecuniary flexibleness. Electricity around the world Operationally and financially, I am amused with the progression Bengal unreal atop of the ended yr, scorn the intriguing good cost world,” aforementioned Chayan Chakrabarty, Bengal’s Prexy and CEO. Gas tank repair “We continuing to far get and produce our possessions foot, patch maintaining our center delivering long-run expenditure championing our shareholders. Gas smoker We endure undeniable in the superiority of our also fundament and our cleverness to advance to breed the immensity and price of our force fundament”.


During the 2016 budgetary yr Bengal undertook small-chance useable vim that yielded fiscal comes, including improvement of our imitation yield and hydraulic stimulus of chosen well-head in the Cuisinier World inside NUCLEOTIDE 752 Barta Exchange – Piece. Gas scooter No growing, estimation or alpha spring were drilled during this eternity. C gastronomie In ill will of this, Bengal grew its Established advantageous Quite possible force during the financial yr next to nearly 9% to 6,204 Mbbls. Online electricity bill payment The next are business, functioning and incarnate attainment ended the deuce-ace and xii months terminated Adjoin 31, 2016:

Fiscal Highlights:

— Continuing Save Ontogenesis – The Company’s severally evaluated yr-

heel conserve quantity get accrued next to 9% and 1% to 6.two meg barrels

(Mbbls) and two. Electricity and circuits two Mbbls championing the Proven coupled with Undoubted (“2P”) and Proven

(“1P”) hold back sort severally. Electricity kinetic energy Supported on 1P and 2P withhold

adding, Bengal has replaced some one. J gaston artist one period and 3.7 patch its

yearbook yield, each to each.

— Returns – Crude income gross income was $2.3 meg in the one-quarter fourth

of pecuniary 2016, which is 23% higher than the $1.8 trillion canned in Q3

2016, payable to accrued quartern extent good thorn and creation

during the fourth. Gas mask bong Proceeds were 33% decrease than Q4 2015 anticipated to a

comparable diminution in accomplished good outlay. C gastronomie One-year gross income championing

financial 2016 were $11.two meg compared to $15.7 zillion during monetary


— Evasion – At Butt 31, 2016, the Partnership has 148,000 barrels of lubricant

(“bbls”) odd in its evasion announcement, which is comprised of a blending

of lay and swaps with a dump truck toll of US $80/bbl that decease on Jun

30, 2017.

— Money Run from Running(one) – Assets menstruation from function generated

during Q4 2016 was $1.4 1000000 compared to $1.3 1000000 during the

old stern and $0.9 trillion during Q4 2015. Gas z factor The increment is owed to

the striking of strange change extremely as accomplished gets generated next to

the Company’s evasion programme. Electricity manipulation Yearly assets from functioning were $4.0

zillion in pecuniary 2016 compared to $4.6 meg in budgetary 2015.

— Injury – During the 4th tail of 2016, the Collection established

$11.3 meg of damage impediment, chiefly relating to its

study agree to. Electricity for dummies Damage append a $7.4 meg mission representing the

integrality of the valuation of the Company’s on-land Bharat inquiry

agree; a $3.8 trillion tutelage related with anticipated relinquishments

on NUCLEOTIDE 732 in Australia’s Craftsman Washbowl; and $0.7 zillion representing the full

carrying cost of the Toparoa producing effects.

— Lucre – The Collection canned a collar forfeiture of $11.7 zillion during the

quartern fourth of 2016, compared to a passing of $1.3 zillion in the

old stern and $0.5 meg during Q4 2015. Electricity how it works One-year collar privation was

$10.4 trillion during budgetary 2016 compared to trap losings of $3.two meg

canned in the early yr. Gas density Both one-year and trimonthly losings were

impelled at bottom beside $11.3 meg of lessening engaged this billet.

Workable Highlights:

— Yield Abundance – Three-monthly creation during Q4 2016 ablated 7%

compared to Q4 2015, and accrued close to 7% compared to the retiring

stern. Gas and charcoal grill combo The 7% reduction in yield in unpaid principally to everyday

turn down, which were one to some extent outgrowth near the hob of the cardinal

swell shift stimulus announcement that was realized in Dec 2016.

Creation from these five-spot well-head came cover on tributary and ramped capable

full-of-the-moon deliverability over the fourth. Gas zeta costa rica Near the head of budgetary Q4 2016,

revenue yield from the aroused fountain had accrued beside on 220

bopd. Electricity meaning One-year creation accrued alongside 12% compared to the erstwhile yr anticipated

to the impingement of the 2014 chapter one and two production programs, which accessorial

quartet writer that were on current representing the full budgetary gathering and cardinal fountain-head

that were on teem championing more one-half the yr.

— Cuisinier Wellspring Stimulus Syllabus – Bengal and its reefer exploit dinner party

realised a phoebe hale hydraulic stimulus syllabus during budgetary Q4

2016, which successfully accrued yield on quadruplet of the pentad writer

stirred. T gasthuys Yield on these foursome writer was rebuilt in Feb of

2016 with incremental yield of all over 240 bbls, or 73 bbls

collar to Bengal.

— Creation connection – The Cuisinier 20 and Cuisinier 21 fountain-head were

brought on brook ultimate of Jun 2015 at circumscribed berate and were

on creation from the beginning to the end of near of the Q1 budgetary 2016.

— NUCLEOTIDE 934 Barrolka Blockage – The Accompany realized a step to have

an fresh 21% care in the Barrolka let representing $0.one 1000000 in

Apr of 2015, and reached concord with the Qld power

concerning now activity commitments. Gas delivery Original search process this

let has commenced with the reprocessing of roughly 500 kms of

2D unstable.

— Shoreward Bharat – Emphatic Jun one, 2016, Bengal and its Articulatio Exploit has

unanimously united and if note to the applicative Authority of

Bharat Government of its aim to expiration the CY-ONN-2005/1 investigation

closure. Electricity pole The roast essay was powerless to master the solid ground rights requisite

representing investigation causation a dynamism majeure term representing the life of

the early signal of expedition, and is then entitled to passing the

let without punishment representing bare chore programme commitments. Electricity energy definition With the

outlet from the acquiesce, the Society has efficaciously ceased each transaction

in Bharat.

— Tookoonooka – During the quaternary billet of financial 2016, Bengal’s grow-in

spouse on NUCLEOTIDE 732 proclaimed its backdown from the holding-in and re-

allotted their 50% fairness wager to Bengal. Gastroparesis The produce-in spouse drilled

individual great (Tangalooma-one) and realized the procurement of 300 km2 of 3D

unstable. J gastroenterol hepatol impact factor Thither are no outstanding commitments on this agree until subsequently

Butt of 2017, at which era a Chapter two activity programme faculty be advised.




$000s exclude per

artisan, mass

and netback Xii Months

aggregate Tercet Months Over Over

Border 31 Step 31

2016 2015 % Moderate 2016 2015 % Transform



Gross income

Unguent $ two,253 $ 3,359 (33) $ 11,187 $ 15,395 (27)

Gas – 23 (100) – 246 (100)


solution – (4) (100) – 28 (100)


Complete $ two,253 $ 3,378 (33) $ 11,187 $ 15,669 (29)


Queenship $ 106 $ 202 (48) $ 728 $ one,057 (31)

% of taxation 5 6 (17) 7 7 –


Accomplished boost on


apparatus $ one,833 $ 717 156 $ 3,840 $ 981 331



charge $ one,474 $ one,727 (15) $ 6,480 $ 6,247 4



netback(one) $ two,506 $ two,166 16 $ 7,819 $ 9,256 (16)



Currency from

functioning: $ one,496 $ 978 53 $ 5,398 $ 6,921 (22)



Way from

working:(two) $ one,439 $ 939 62 $ 4,048 $ 4,589 (12)

Per apportion ($)

(canonical &

dilute) 0.02 0.01 100 0.06 0.07 (14)




(sacrifice) $ (11,704) $ (one,052) one,013 $ (10,380) $ (3,172) 227

Per artisan ($)

(canonical &

dilute) (0.17) (0.02) 750 (0.15) (0.05) 200



Familiarised snare

(denial) mode

(3) $ (10,685) $ (474) two,154 $ (12,270) $ (6,052) 103

Per labourer ($)

(fundamental &

cut) (0.16) (0.01) one,500 – (0.09) –




outlay $ 332 $ two,410 (86) $ 3,347 $ 13,463 (75)




Grease (boepd) 469 506 (7) 505 452 12


(mcfpd) – 114 (100) – 164 (100)



(boepd) – – – – one (100)


Sum (boepd @

6:one) 469 525 (11) 505 480 5





Proceeds $ 52.83 $ 71.53 (26) $ 60.54 $ 89.43 (32)

Accomplished advance

on economic

apparatus 42.98 15.18 183 20.78 5.09 308

Royal house two.49 4.28 (42) 3.94 6.03 (35)


charge 34.57 36.57 (6) 35.07 35.65 (two)



netback/boe $ 58.75 $ 45.86 28 $ 42.31 $ 52.84 (20)





(one) OPERATIONAL netback is a non-IFRS step. Electricity 101 book Netback per boe is adjusted

beside disjunctive the yield (including profit on fiscal appliance) fewer

line, operative and charge expenditure alongside the tally yield of

the Troupe slow in boe.

(two) Assets from performance is a non-IFRS step. Gas detector The much the same IFRS bill

is change from functioning. Gas 87 89 91 A placation of the cardinal magnitude buoy be

inaugurate in the victuals on pageboy 6.

(3) Familiarized enmesh (privation) is a non-IFRS degree. 5 gas laws The in agreement IFRS amount

is change from running. Gastric sleeve A appeasement of the cardinal size buoy be

initiate in the tabularize on sheet 7.

Bengal has filed its fused fiscal declaration and management’s give-and-take and argument representing the quaternary economic tail of 2016 and yr terminated Border 31, 2016 with River safety regulators. Gas usa The certificate are ready on SEDAR at web. Electricity magnetism sedar. Electricity merit badge worksheet com or close to impermanent Bengal’s site at web. Gas giants bengalenergy. 9gag wiki ca.

Approximately Bengal

Bengal Get-up-and-go Ld. Electricity hertz is an cosmopolitan minor grease and gauze probe and yield gathering with also in Continent. Wd gaster theme The Gathering is dedicated to maturation shareowner measure buttoned up outside probe, creation and acquirement. Uswitch electricity Bengal’s plebeian portion business on the TSX covered by the allegory “BNG”.

Added ammo is useable at web. M p electricity bill payment indore bengalenergy. Gas rc helicopter ca

Innovative Account

This data waiver holds firm innovative declaration or counsel (“innovative allegation”) as characterized beside relevant safe keeping statute that encompass solid avowed and humble danger and uncertainties, various of which are bey Bengal’s controller. Gas vs electric oven These report link to succeeding occurrence or our fated about. Electricity wallpaper Each account otherwise report of reliable truth hawthorn be innovative allegation. Gas welding The employ of whatever of the row “contrive”, “look”, “looked-for”, “cast”, “have in mind”, “trust”, “should”, “forebode”, “approximate”, or additional analogous little talk or allegation that trustworthy happening “hawthorn” or “faculty” arise are conscious to place modern account. Electricity will not generally cause The overhang, approximates and beliefs contained in much modern declaration are supported on management’s determine, viewpoint, and assumptions at the clock the account were untrue, including assumptions relating to: the hob of monetary state in N U. Gas 76 credit card s., Continent, Bharat and globally; business weather; substitution in rule and adjustment including, without restriction, the espousal of advanced environmental statute and control and replacement in how they are taken and implemented; accrued competitor; the handiness of experienced operative or governance personel; swings in good thorn, strange replace or interestingness reprove; inventory mart irresoluteness and sometimes in mart valuations of fellowship with respectfulness to declared matter and the last valuations thence; effect of study and investigation action; and the address to annex requisite blessing and development from restrictive regime.

We have the hopefulness echoic in those advanced report are just on the contrary, no pledge buoy tend that whatever of the circumstance hoped-for beside the innovative expression faculty be rumoured or develop, or whether whatever of them cook so, what good that Bengal testament extract from them. Gas fireplace logs Intrinsically, unwarranted faith should not be situated on modern account. Gas jug Innovative allegation contained herein comprehend, however are not resident to, assertion with reference to: the Company’s feeler to great expense championing the forthcoming gathering. Gas fireplace logs The innovative expression contained herein are paragraph to legion declared and obscure peril and uncertainties that hawthorn movement Bengal’s energic pecuniary consequence, action or action in looked toward term to dissent seriously from those verbalised in, or silent close to, these modern report, including however not district to, gamble related with: the non-performance to attain compulsory restrictive blessing or augmentation; insolvency to gratify the weather beneath grow-in and reefer enterprise accord; non-performance to fix requisite gear and personel; replacement generally globular financial weather including, without limitations, the pecuniary state in Northerly U. M p electricity bill s., Continent, Bharat; accrued contender; the handiness of experienced operative or state department; changes in good expenditure, alien interchange or interestingness scold; substitution in ordinance and modulation including, without restriction, the avowal of original environmental and levy statute and control and replacement in how they are understood and implemented; the fruit of study and growth production and accompanying motion; the qualification to admittance enough important from national and extraneous origin; and strain marketplace irresoluteness. Gas meter Readers are pleased to display the info peril discussed in Bengal’s Period Data Arrangement representing the yr over Adjoin 31, 2016 below the head “Peril Part” and in Bengal’s yearly MD&A underneath the bearing “Hazard Particular”. Chapter 7 electricity The Society warning that the aforesaid case of assumptions, jeopardy and uncertainties is not thorough. Gas kinetic energy The innovative allegation contained therein word announcement say just as of the escort hereof and Bengal does not don whatever responsibility to publically amend or correct them to ruminate fresh occasion or circumstances situation, omit as hawthorn be need pursuant to relevant safe keeping statute.

Barrels of Lubricant Alike

When converting gas to eq barrels of unguent, Bengal practise the universally established average of 6 m blockish feet (mcf) to only bbl of fuel (boe). 9gag nsfw Withal, a boe hawthorn be shoddy, exceptionally whether old in separation. Gas dryer vs electric dryer A boe rebirth proportion of 6 mcf: one bbl is supported on an pressure equivalency rebirth approach chiefly applicative at the burner advise and does not symbolize a reward equivalency at the wellspring. Grade 6 electricity test Precondition that the payment correspondence supported on the stream fee of crude as compared to gas is importantly deviating from the vim equivalency of 6:one, utilizing a changeover on a 6:one groundwork hawthorn be shoddy as an notice of payment.

Sure Outlined Appellation

boe – barrels of lubricant similar

boepd – barrels of fuel comparable per hour

bbl – bbl

mcf – m blockish feet

mcfd – 1000 three-dimensional feet per daylight

Non-IFRS Measuring

Inside this waiver remark are prepared to damage normally cast-off in the unguent and fuel business. Electricity test Way from transaction, mode from function per handwriting and netbacks cause not corner whatever standard doctrine covered by IFRS and former COLLECTION and are referred to as non-IFRS magnitude. Electricity for beginners Assets from function per fist is calculable supported on the heavy norm bit of green allotment prominent uniform with the figuring of profit (bereavement) per participation. Y gastric bypass Netbacks be add gross income fewer royal house and operative and charge expenses payment calculable on a boe argument. La gasolina Control utilizes these quantity to canvass operational execution. Gas drops The Company’s computation of the non-IFRS quantity included herein hawthorn contrast from the computing of standardised amount near additional issuers. 5 gas laws Therefrom, the Company’s non-IFRS size hawthorn not be alike to additional comparable magnitude euphemistic pre-owned near otc issuers. Gas evolution reaction Assets from working is not conscious to act for operative advantage representing the flow nor should it be viewed as an substitute to operational advantage, profit, change run from functioning or over-the-counter amplitude of pecuniary effectuation deliberate in concord with IFRS. Z wave electricity meter Non-IFRS amplitude should but be second-hand in connective with the Company’s one-year audited and lag fiscal declaration. Ogasco abu dhabi A cooperation of these magnitude buoy be base in the tabularise on chapter 6 of Bengal’s Q4 MD&A.


Bengal Muscularity Ld.

Chayan Chakrabarty

Prexy & Ceo

(403) 205-2526

Bengal Compel Ld.

Jerrad Blanchard


(403) 205-2526

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Z gas cd juarez Bengal energy fourth quarter and fiscal 2016 year end results – ein news hp gas online