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DO NOT GET A ZALES CARD, IT IS A SCAM, TRAP, HIJACK, MAGIC ACT, BAMBOOZLE, HOOD WINK, FRAUD, A JOKE!!!! I got a zales card to get my wife’s engagement ring regretted it instantly. I too was tricked with the fake 18 months promo, I had ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE j gastrointest surg that I was on an 18 month promo that when it expired all of the interest charges hit my account…… $2600 worth. It happened on March 2nd, I called about it March 4th fought with them until May 11th. I lost! They would not remove the charges told me it was on my statement, when I first got the acct, they called me numerous times to ask me to go paperless even gave me the first month free for doing so. So I paid my monthly bill via the website never looked @ the statement. But it never showed up via email, text, or calls like they did to try to sell something gasco abu dhabi address. I was even given a limit increase when I didn’t ask for one. They know that people with good credit gas vs diesel truck will want to keep it that way basically Wil have to pay the charges to keep your credit in good standing. Do not deal with zales!!!!!! Go to any other jewelry store. If zales had a Rolex on sale for $1 I wouldn’t buy it. They will NEVER SEE A DIME FROM ME. Once I pay this off I’m canceling the card destroying it in a blazing fire.!!

I am not thrilled with this card, but it is a good card for what it is. Zales offers a tiered version of interest free financing. What 1940 gas station photos that means is that the more you spend the longer you have to pay it off with no interest. Under $700 is typically 6 months. Over yet another amount is 12 months no interest, and yet and still a higher amount gives you 18 months with no interest. In order for a person to own a credit card you must be responsible. I have had this card for several years, and I have never had a problem meeting my obligation. The statement always clearly states the amount and the due date for any promotional balances. If you read the statement and pay by the due electricity use in the us date, you will not have a problem. The catch with this card and any other card that offers zero interest is that the minimum payment required is not sufficient to pay the entire balance before the promotional period ends. You must be cognizant of this fact and be diligent enough to pay above the balance to avioid the r gasquet interest that looms at the end. I made a purchase in December as a Christmas gift for my wife. It had to be paid off by June. I paid the final payment today well in advance of the June date. There was no interest on my account. I rated this card a 3 out of 5 because I have other issues that I have not read in any of the reviews that I have seen. I applied for this card online initially. They immediately approved me, and awarded a credit limit, which I now realize was very low for a jewelry store credit card. I was awarded a limit of $2200. The credit bureaus like to see that the amount of available credit vs the amount gas station of credit that you are using is less than 30%. If I purchase anythng above the amount of $650 then I am using more than 30% of the limit on this card. The online website to manage your account leaves a lot grade 9 electricity quiz to be desired. There is a link to request a CLI, but it doesn’t work. There is a way to send a secured message to the customer service reps. I have tried this multiple times, but the response is scripted and I have not gotten any results. I would like to have a limit that would allow me to purchase some of the nicer jewelry without exceeding the 30%. This card also does not offer many options for paying physics electricity and magnetism study guide online. The only option is to attach your bank account to make the payment. I wish I could simply use my debit card as I do with other bills. The in store customer servce is always great, but they are limited on what they are able to do with this card. Overall the card is ok if you pay your bills on time and understand the terms of your promotional period. This card is good for what it is.