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I’ve called into Zipcar to report services o goshi technique problem when I’ve picked up a car and then when reserving that car a week or two later had the same issue. Not small issues, major, like the passenger seat is unmovable and up close to the dash board which made it impossible to use since we were 5 travelers. There has been animal hair allover the seats that covered our clothing on the way to a wedding (animals are required to be in carriers). We’ve experienced seat belts that were not working, service lights on dashboard that were still there a month later.

There are lots of Zipcars and lots of Zipcar drivers in NYC so to get another Zipcar at the last minute is impossible if there’s something wrong with it. I understand that there will be issues occasionally…but this has become a REGULARLY occurrence. I now call in to ask if the car I’ll be using has any service reports before I use it. I thought this would help but it turns out that the majority of Zipsters can’t be bothered to call in service issues or is it that Customer Service has a policy to not let drivers know that there was an issue reported? Regardless or which it is, this has not work since I have very often this past year gotten to a car that cannot be started, has a broken something or other, service lights on or is filthy, really filthy…food scraps, stained seats and on occasion cigarette ashes (smoking is prohibited).

I have this past month (Feb 2019) called them 5 times to get answer to a question and was told that they would respond within 48 hours…the first response gas urban dictionary came as a form email after 10 days and 2 additional calls to them. The second response has not come but it is now 12 days 2 calls since I called. Is it time to buy a car? I think so. The idea of car sharing is convenience, Zipcar is an inconvenient frustrating service.

I’ve probably used Zipcar like 12 times over the past year and a half, and these are 4/12 examples of when I needed to call their customer service department and have my reservation cancelled. You just never know what’s going to happen or what you’re going to find, it seems like there’s always some issue. Their customer service m gastrocnemius medialis is alright, but if the car isn’t there, and there’s no other Zipcars at the pickup point, you’re SOL. They’ll refund you and sometimes they give you free driving credit, but it’s only like an hour’s worth…not really enough to cover the time and the inconvenience involved with reserving a car that doesn’t exist or won’t start.

Every car that I’ve rented with Zipcar has been absolutely filthy. Stains on the seats, crumbs on the floor, napkins and tissues everywhere, reeking of ** and cigarettes. People leave personal belongings in the car all the time, like house keys, garage door openers, drink cups, even deodorant and body spray. It is strange…it seems like people treat these cars as if they own them, and the customers don’t understand that it’s called “car sharing” for a reason.

Without fail there is always damage to the car. One car I rented looked like it had hail damage, another car had paint peeling off, some cars even have panels missing from the interior. So be vigilant and report everything you see. There’s almost always a tire pressure light on in the dash as well. Thankfully most cars that I’ve rented have had at least 3/4 of a tank of gas, so I don’t usually have to worry about refueling. But one car that I rented was on empty, and the gas card wouldn’t work at the gas station I went to. Had to use my own credit card and send the receipt to Zipcar for reimbursement, and the whole process ate into about 20 minutes of my reservation time.

I’ve also rented cars with mechanical issues. In one car, there was a squealing noise coming from the engine, and in another car, the steering wheel was wobbly and the alignment was way gas exchange in the lungs happens by the process of off. I’ve rented cars that were only a year old with 50,000+ miles on the dash, a traditional rental agency probably would have scrapped them before they hit 40K. It seems like Zipcar doesn’t even check up on their cars. Seriously, how hard would it be to send out a maintenance crew once in a while with a portable vacuum and an air compressor? Take the damaged cars to a body shop, hook up a deodorizer to cars that smell bad, fill the cars that are empty up at a gas station, get the alignment checked at Pep Boys. People literally trash these cars and drive them straight into the ground, but the company doesn’t seem to care.

Finding the car is also difficult. Some of them are easy to find, others are tucked away in really obscure areas that you wouldn’t think to look. All you get is a pinpoint on a map and a brief description of the parking lot. Sometimes even just trying to find the car took up a valuable portion of my reservation time. As for reporting damage, the app makes it pretty easy, but you still have to circle around the car a few times and make sure you get everything, so they don’t randomly deduct 2,000 grade 9 electricity unit test dollars from your account when the next person finds unreported damage. Unlocking the car is easy, usually just hold the card over the scanner and the doors unlock right away…that is, if the scanner is working properly, and if the car you reserved is, you know, actually there. Through all this chaos, you have to hope that the gas tank is full.

Many people complain that Zipcar charges late fees. And to those people, I have to say: plan out how long you’re going to be driving in advance, avoid driving in areas that you aren’t familiar with, give yourself an extra half hour than you would normally give if you’re using the car during rush hour. They allow you to get in the car like 14 minutes early, so get there early if you can. If it seems like you’re going to be late, there’s a number you can text with “ext 30 min” which will usually extend your j gastroenterol impact factor reservation.

I’ve never been charged a late fee, because I usually go on Google Maps beforehand and research how long it will take me to get from point A-B-C and back to the drop off point. There was a time when I dropped the car off about two minutes after my reservation was supposed to end, and I wasn’t charged, so I think they allow like 5 minutes of leeway. I would also avoid renting cars between 3-6 pm on weekdays. You just have to take some extra precautions and really watch your time.

It’s also not cost efficient to use Zipcar if you’re renting the car for longer than 3 hours. Their daily rates exceed $70 per day, for a Honda Fit. I could rent a Cadillac Escalade from Enterprise for the same amount. If you need the car for a day or two, I would go with an actual electricity in india travel rental agency and skip Zipcar entirely. I would also take advantage of the university student discount if you have an EDU email, as that will save you the monthly membership fees. Overall, Zipcar is a good idea in theory, but it runs entirely on an honor system. That would be fine if the customers didn’t completely trash the cars and had some consideration for the next person renting them, and if Zipcar actually checked up on their fleet once in a while.

I call customer service and the first person I talked to put me on hold for about 5 to 10 minutes each time for what was probably a total of 5 times. I had asked the question of why I was being charged TWICE the amount even though I was in the middle of the reservation, AND after the app told me the price wouldn’t change. She gave the response that, you canceled it, therefore you are charged a cancelation fee. If you had just left it there you would not have been charged. So my question was why to give the option to cancel to someone who is in the middle of their ride.

Who would knowingly electricity facts history end their ride earlier in order to just pay more? The app gave no indication of this and went so far as to say, your new price is, when telling me that it would be the same amount. Regardless of this, they did nothing to help out the situation. Then I asked to talk to a manager and they ended up hanging up on me. Luckily they called back but then continued to say that it is my fault that I canceled in the middle of the trip so I was charged. On top of this when asking what department they work for they just said, Zipcar, not even customer service or anything along those lines, which I guess in hindsight was pretty accurate because that experience was the farthest from customer service as you can get.

The representatives were rude, unhelpful, and overall just blamed me for the situation instead of trying to help solve the issue. If I was Zipcar I would make it so that once the trip has started, have an end trip button instead of a cancelation, because giving grade 6 electricity unit test a cancelation button that then gives a new price that isn’t accurate to what the statement says is EXTREMELY misleading and overall just a really poor design meant to gouge its customers of every last cent that they can get.